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Shopping At A Shotengai - Enjoy Local Food And Looking For Souvenirs!

Shopping At A Shotengai - Enjoy Local Food And Looking For Souvenirs!

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A shotengai is a shopping spot that caters to the needs of the nearby local residents. From vegetables, meat and fish to daily use items, you can find almost anything in a shotengai. There are unique foods and souvenirs that can only be found here!

■Shops Specializing in Miscellaneous Goods

Household Items Shops / Daily Necessities Shops / Hardware Stores


For those of you interested in kitchen goods, daily items and other products used in a Japanese home, it's a good idea to visit a household items shop.

You'll be able to find many convenient goods for your daily life such as made in Japan knives, nabe cooking pots and other kitchen products. The shop also has porcelain, dishes and other tableware items, and also useful goods such as a bath pail for when you take a Japanese bath and also a scrub brush.

These shops always carry commonly used items in the home, so you'll definitely be able to pick up some good things all at reasonable prices.

Kimono Shops


Japanese kimono shops carry kimonos, kimono obi belts and other kinds of Japanese clothing, that were traditionally worn in every day life by Japanese people many years ago. In the summer they usually have a good stock of yukata on hand, and in the winter they carry something called a hanten, a traditional Japanese padded short coat that's worn inside the home to fend off the winter cold.

Depending on the shop, some sell kimono accessories such as hand bags, zori (Japanese thonged sandals), and kanzashi, or ornamental hairpins. Other shops specialize in Japanese-style daily goods, while others not only sell kimono and yukata but also teach customers how to put them on properly. So with a little looking you might be able to find a high quality kimono or yukata, or perhaps even a Japanese-style miscellaneous item, all which make perfect souvenirs.

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In addition to all the above mentioned shops, the shotengai also has shops selling homemade tofu, shops selling okaki (traditional snack made from glutinous rice) and senbei, shops handling miso paste and tsukemono products, as well as shops selling katsuobushi and kombu seaweed (for making dashi soup stock). There are also stationery shops, book stores and so on. The kinds of shops lining a shotengai can differ somewhat from place to place. So when you first go to a shotengai you'll be filled with a sense of anticipation, wondering what kind of pleasant surprises lie in store for you!

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