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Enjoy Tasteful Matcha Parfaits At Salon Ginza Sabou

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Matcha (green tea), a taste representing Japan and loved by the world, is also very popular as a dessert. The Sabou parfait created by Salon Ginza Sabou is one of the most flavorful matcha sweets.

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Matcha is a Japanese flavor loved worldwide. A type of rich green tea, matcha has been served during special occasions and as a gesture of hospitality in Japan since the olden days. Nowadays, it is also a popular ingredient in ice creams and cakes, and matcha flavored sweets have become a standard in restaurants and shops all across Japan.

At Salon Ginza Sabou you can enjoy their very own interpretation of this flavor in the ‘Sabou Parfait’, a very trendy matcha flavored parfait. The parfait is served in a traditional masu (*1) cup, and is flavored with green tea inside and outside. It is a delight for both your eyes and tongue.

*1 Masu: a square wooden cup, formerly used as a measuring cup for liquids and crops.

Let's Eat a Sabou Parfait! A Hit Dessert Among Sweets Lovers!


1100 yen (before tax)


One of the most popular dishes at Salon Ginza Sabou is this Sabou parfait. Served in a masu, the matcha powder sprinkled on the surface of the parfait is reminiscent of a karesansui, a type of traditional Japanese garden that is sure to inspire a sense of Japanese elegance.


When you crack the white chocolate plate that covers the top of the parfait, you will see it is filled with matcha ice cream and matcha flavored mascarpone cream. As you keep eating, chunky chestnuts and hon-warabi-mochi (*2) will be discovered.

The first bite will be sweet thanks to the taste of the ice cream and mascarpone followed by the bitterness of the matcha powder. You will also enjoy a variety of textures such as crunchy white chocolate plate, fluffy mascarpone, and crispy rice puffs at the same time. It is such a satisfying dessert to eat!

*2 Hon-warabi-mochi: a kind of Japanese sweet made from gluten refined from the root of bracken-starch, water, and sugar.

Let's Taste the Rich Japanese Tea Acclaimed around the World!

これぞ日本! 和が詰まった抹茶パフェを食べよう「SALON GINZA SABOU」

From the left: Tsuki-no-kaori (800 yen, 60g), Kaze-no-shizuku (800 yen, 60g), Shunmin (600 yen, 100g), Yama-warau (850 yen, 80g), Aioi (1000 yen, 100g), Gyokukyou (3000 yen, 100g) [all prices before tax; photo courtesy of Salon Ginza Sabou]

We would like you to taste this Japanese tea made byTea Farm Inokura to accompany the Sabou Parfait. Tea Farm Inokura is located in Nara prefecture and grows a world renowned Japanese tea that has also been served at a cafe run by Bulgari, the Italian luxury brand.

There are four kinds of tea each with their own flavor: sencha green tea, houji tea, Japanese black tea, and Japanese oolong tea. If you like a less tangy tea then their roasted tea called Shunmin, a houji tea is our recommendation. And if you like a lighter flavor, then the karigane tea known as Yama-warau, a sencha green tea, is our choice.

You can drink these teas in the store, but you can also have them to go or buy the tea leaves to take with you as a souvenir.

Feeling Hungry? Try Japan’s No. 1 Most Delicious Onigiri

これぞ日本! 和が詰まった抹茶パフェを食べよう「SALON GINZA SABOU」

From 216 yen (before tax). Photo courtesy of Salon Ginza Sabou

Another highly recommended treat at Salon Ginza Sabou are their onigiri rice balls made from Yuki hotaka brand rice grown in Kawabamura, in Gunma prefecture. Only here can you enjoy this shiny aromatic rice cooked in a Japanese clay pot called 'donabe'; the sweetness of the rice on the outside are blending perfectly with the tasty combinations of miso-flavored salmon or meat, or seaweed inside.

During the 2017 Obento/Osozai Awards (Lunch Box and Side Dish Awards), where 52,000 nominees from around Japan competed, Salon Ginza Sabou’s original Special Sansho Onigiri (special chili pepper) took top prize. How about trying an award-winning onigiri while at this cafe as well?

The Best Souvenirs


There are a lot of great souvenirs from around Japan in the store to choose from too.

For example, a Japanese clay pot, which is actually the same used to make rice for the rice balls served in Salon Ginza Sabou, essential kitchen tools to cook Japanese cuisine, and small dishes that recently are very popular among lovers of cute items can be found here too. These made-in-Japan items are sure to make your cooking time fun.


Japanese sweets that go well with green tea are also recommended for those who like Japanese green tea. Senbei, wasanbon sugar (*3), okaki crackers, and yokan, are made in the traditional Japanese way.

*3 Wasanbon: a kind of sugar that has been traditionally made in Japan; known as a luxury Japanese sweet.

Salon Ginza Sabou Is Near Ginza Station


Salon Ginza Sabou is located on the 2nd floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza. It is directly connected to Ginza Station, making it a very convenient place to visit, especially on a rainy day. The shop itself is divided into three areas: one for shopping, for take-out, and cafe space as well. The take-out area is the easiest to spot.


There are 40 seats available in the spacious cafe, which are spread out in order to allow their customers to relax in peace. However, there are many customers who come here everyday to savor their teas and treats, so these seats are soon fully occupied. Please make sure to take advantage of the few seats available when you visit.


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