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5 Popular Ice Cream Treats You Can't Resist On A Hot Summer Day

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On a hot summer day, many Japanese people will stop by a convenience store to grab an ice cream treat. In this article we'll be introducing 5 well-loved products you'll want to try right away.

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Japan's summer is hot and humid. Many people will head to convenience stores to grab an ice cream bar to help cool down from the heat.

Today we'll be introducing some long-loved and cheap ice cream treats you'll be craving in summer.

1. Suika Bar

Suika Bar

The Suika Bar (Watermelon Bar) is an ice bar shaped like a slice of watermelon. It's a staple product during the summer, and it only costs 108 yen (with tax). The colorful design is especially popular among students.

Suika Bar

The red part contains watermelon juice and the seeds are made from chocolate. The green is of course the rind. The chocolate matches well with the red-colored ice. You'll be able to enjoy three different flavors in one bar.

2. Azuki Bar

Azuki Bar

Azuki (sweet red beans) are a key ingredient in many Japanese wagashi. The Azuki Bar uses the same ingredients as zenzai. Additive-free and with no artificial coloring, the treat is also nice on the body. The bar is 108 yen (with tax).

Azuki Bar

It might not be super colorful, but it has a flavor that you won't get tired of no matter how many times you eat it. You'll find lots of azuki pieces inside the bar which adds a unique texture. Refreshing and not too sweet, this one is great for those who aren't fans of super-sweet desserts.

The bar is harder than other ice bars, so you should be careful if you try to take a bite right away.

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