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Coupon Included! Top Foods At Lawson - Save On Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

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LAWSON, a Japanese convenience store chain, is very popular for its delicious sweets, freshly-brewed coffee, sandwiches, and other original products. Read to find out must-try Lawson products and to obtain an exclusive coupon for you to use!

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Lawson – A Major Convenience Store in Japan

You’ll often see convenience stores in the streets when you come to Japan. Whether it be food, snacks, late-night shopping, a convenience store will have everything you need at your fingertips.

LAWSON (Lawson) is one of Japan’s three largest convenience store chains. The chain releases new products every season that often become very popular. This article introduces the most recommended products at Lawson to try when in Japan!

The High-Quality Uchi Café Sweets Series

Lawson’s desserts are as delicious as what you can find at a specialty confectionery store. Their sweets are so popular that even GODIVA, the famous chocolatier, does collaborations with Lawson. Below are some of the most popular products.

The Very Adorable CUPKE


Melty, Creamy Strawberry Shortcake: 315 yen with tax

The CUPCKE is a popular cake that comes in four flavors (strawberry cake, tiramisu, Mont blanc, and chocolate) in an easy-to-eat size. This product is perfect for anyone who just wants a small bite of something sweet.

The cup fits nicely in one hand and has an adorable design. It makes a great treat for yourself after a day of working hard.

The Popular BASCHEE


BASCHEE: 215 yen with tax
BASCHEE is inspired by cheesecake from the Basque Country in Spain. It is small but very delicious. Around one million cakes sold over a span of just three days after the product was posted online.

This product continues to be popular and frequently sells out at many Lawson locations. Other convenience stores have even begun selling similar products.


BASCHEE is said to be most delicious when eaten after cooling it in the refrigerator. Once it’s taken out of the refrigerator, you can enjoy the rich flavors of the slightly-chilled cake. Be sure to try it when in Japan!

Lawson's Iconic Premium Roll Cake!


The premium roll cake at Lawson started being sold in 2009. It is now one of the most popular products at the store, available at a reasonable price and featuring a reliably delicious flavor.

premium roll cake at lawson

Premium Roll Cake: 150 yen with tax
The cream in the center and the surrounding sponge cake go amazingly well together. It also has a neat appearance and will look like you bought it at a confectionery shop once you put it on a plate.

Lawson Fried Chicken

lawson fried chicken

L Chiki Salt, L Chiki Spicy: 180 yen each

Convenience store fried chicken is a well-known snack to many. Each convenience store will have chicken with a unique texture. L Chiki, Lawson’s fried chicken brand, comes in either salt or spicy. The smell of the piping hot chicken along with its crispy texture is irresistible. Limited-time fried chicken is also sometimes sold at the store.

karaage kun lawson

Regular flavor, 214 yen with tax
Karaage Kun is bite-sized fried chicken that comes in adorable packaging. This delicious fried chicken started being sold at Lawson in 1986, and has became and remained one of the store's most popular items. If you made a line of all the Karaage Kun that has been sold over the past 34 years, it would be longer than 600,000 kilometers (about 37,282 miles) and stand as tall as 150,000 Mt. Fujis.

There are several varieties of Karaage Kun to choose from, including seasonal and limited-edition selections. This is a must-try snack in Japan!

MACHI Café’s Lattes

MACHI Café Café Latte

Medium Café Latte: 170 yen with tax
Don't forget to see the cafe menu at Lawson! At other convenience stores, customers have to make their coffee themselves after being ringed up, but Lawson has their employee make your coffee for you.

Milk used in the café latte is 100% unpasteurized milk and the coffee uses beans from Brazil. The balance between the milk and coffee is exquisite.

Have This for Breakfast! The Sandwich Series

Egg Sandwich

egg sandwich lawson

Egg Sandwich: 228 yen with tax

When you visit Japan, what type of breakfast are you thinking of eating? In addition to eating out at restaurants, we also recommend the sandwiches sold in convenience stores. Lawson’s Egg Sandwich (pictured above) is filed with eggs and nutrition!

Mandarin Orange Mixed Sandwich

mandarin orange mixed sandwich

Mandarin Orange Mixed Sandwich: 397 yen with tax

If you love both sweet things and fruit, then the fruit sandwiches will draw your eye. The Mandarin Orange Mixed Sandwich is packed with whole mandarin oranges and kiwis. Yogurt cream surrounds the fruit and complements the refreshing citrusy flavors well.

The Limited-Edition Chestnut Custard and Sweet Potato Sandwich by HATTENDO

hattendo special

Chestnut Custard & Sweet Potato Sandwich by HATTENDO: 320 yen with tax

HATTENDO is a custard cream bun shop from Hiroshima that is also very famous in Taiwan. They have collaborated with Lawson to create these sweet sandwiches. Their strawberry sandwiches, fitting for the season, and Chestnut Custard & Sweet Potato Sandwich by HATTENDO for the autumn are very popular products.

Warning: Deliciously Addictive! Devil’s Rice Ball

Devil’s Rice Ball

Devil’s Rice Ball: 110 yen with tax

The Devil’s Rice Ball is onigiri that features a tanuki (raccoon dog) dressed as a demon on its black packaging. It is popular for its you’ll eat continuously without stopping. Bread and other products are also included in this Devil series.

Different Types of Lawson

Lawson is best-known for its blue and white signs, but the company also operates separate convenience stores with similar names.

Lawson Store 100


Lawson Store 100 has its store name printed in green letters. What makes it different from the typical convenience store is the fact that they carry perishable foods and meat, and most of products are sold at 100 yen. It is a popular choice with many students and housewives.


natural lawson

Stores with magenta signs are NATURAL LAWSON locations. This convenience store mainly carries beauty and health-conscious products. Many products like their low-calorie bento boxes with high-quality ingredients, salads, and more are sold only at NATURAL LAWSON. This store is immensely popular among customers who want to incorporate more vegetables into their diet.

This store doesn’t have as many locations as other Lawson stores, but definitely head inside if you happen to see one!

Visit Lawson in Japan!

Lawson divides its stores by several different concepts and offers customers unique products not found at other convenient stores. As a creator of many trendy products, what kind of product will Lawson make popular next? Visit for yourself to find out.

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