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Matcha Green Tea And Japanese Treats At Jikoin Temple's Garden In Nara

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Jikoin is a temple that is located away from the World Heritage Site, Horyuji in Nara. Learn how to enjoy some tea while gazing at one of Nara's top three gardens in the temple grounds.


What Is Jikoin Temple?

Jikoin Temple

Jikoin is a Zen Buddhist temple that follows the Rinzai school, located in Yamato Koriyama in Nara. It is a historical temple constructed in 1663 by Sadamasa Katagiri who once ruled the area. It is said that he had the temple built to pray for his father in his afterlife.

In addition to that, Sadamasa is also the founder of the Sekishu style tea ceremony. Therefore, Jikoin Temple is built like a large tea house.

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