Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!


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Purchase the Greater Tokyo Pass, available from April 2018, and tour Tokyo and the surrounding areas conveniently! It can be used on 12 railway lines in eastern Japan and many bus lines in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama.

Are you familiar with the tingling feeling of excitement when thinking about a trip to Tokyo? It is not at all surprising to see people who plan to journey alone staring at the transit map, checking out all the places they intend to visit and the means to get there beforehand.

But if we are to choose one thing that surprises everyone when they see the transportation map of Tokyo, we would definitely have to mention how complicated it looks! In the Kanto Region, which includes not only Tokyo but six surrounding prefectures as well, other than JR, formerly a national railway, there are more than 10 private railways run by various corporations, whose railroads are all marked on Tokyo’s transit map.

When sightseeing through Tokyo and its surrounding areas, it is quite usual to have to change trains, even railroad companies when necessary. Thanks to the recent increase of street signs and maps written in English, visitors from abroad don’t seem to have that much trouble figuring out the train-changing routine and tricks. Nonetheless, there is one thing related to the whole train-changing process which keeps troubling many people – buying tickets when one has to change trains.

Some buy the tickets by inserting both the transit station and the station of the final destination, some buy additional tickets along the way while transiting – it wouldn’t be a wonder if some people worry about that process before they even set foot in Japan.

However, as of this spring, you will be able to buy a free pass (a discount ticket) and say goodbye to your worries!

The name of this free pass is Greater Tokyo Pass and it will be on sale from April 1st, 2018! In this article, we will give you insights on its features and merits, as well as on the ways to buy this extremely efficient ticket and how to use it. We hope that it will make your travel and sightseeing in Tokyo and the surrounding area all the more enjoyable and time-saving, making all the hassle of buying the transfer tickets disappear.

Ride All You Want for 3 Days! The Greater Tokyo Pass

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

Greater Tokyo Pass is the name of a free pass (all-you-can-ride ticket) issued through the cooperation of 12 private railways of the Kanto Region. It allows you to ride without restrictions on any of the 12 private railways of Kanto (except JR), during the three days after the purchase, and to freely use the buses operated by the aforementioned railway companies while in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama.

The fare is 7,200 yen (after tax) for adults, and 3,600 yen (after tax) for children. The idea behind its creation is to allow visitors to actively enjoy as many of the tourist attractions around Tokyo as possible, making it quite a useful and economic means of traveling!

Of course, the best feature of this traveling method is that by using one free pass, you are able to ride the trains and buses to your own account for three days, switching between the linked transit lines. It is really convenient for visiting many famous spots such as Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Kawagoe, also known as Little Edo, as you are liberated of the complicated and troublesome process of buying different tickets for different railway companies!

Train Lines You Can Use with the Greater Tokyo Pass

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

Picture from Nikko - Aizuwakamatsu: A 2-Day Samurai Course For The History Books
*A separate fee is required in order to ride limited express trains.

There are 12 lines you can use with the Greater Tokyo Pass: Tobu Line, Keio Line, Keikyu Line, Keisei Line, Odakyu Line, Tokyu Line, Tokyo Metro, Toei Subway, Yokohama Municipal Subway, Minato-Mirai Line, Sotetsu Line, and Tokyo Sakura Tramway (Toden Arakawa Line).

Not only that, but with the Greater Tokyo Pass, you can also use 52 bus lines in the Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama areas as much as you’d like, and get the best of the sightseeing attractions of this area. It is a wonderful and useful way to move around the area for three days using only this one ticket!

How and Where to Buy the Greater Tokyo Pass

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

Picture from Convenience And Comfort At Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

First, let us inform you about what you’re probably interested in the most – how and where you can purchase the Greater Tokyo Pass.

How to Purchase the Greater Tokyo Pass

The Greater Tokyo Pass is intended for travelers who came to Japan from other countries. That means the residents of Japan cannot use it.

The purchase method is not complicated at all – all you have to do is go up to the train station counter which sells the Greater Tokyo Pass, show your passport, finish the payment and just sign on the back of the ticket.

It is a superb opportunity to ride the private railways of the Kanto Region without limitations by following a simple procedure, so this ticket is a real lifesaver for all those who plan to travel by train for three days or more!

But even those who don’t plan on spending that much time on the road, and who expect their traveling to last up to two days the most, can still economically benefit by using this free pass ticket, depending on the places they intend to visit while on the road.

Where to Purchase the Greater Tokyo Pass

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

Check out the places where you can buy the Greater Tokyo Pass on the list down below.

Narita Airport

- Keisei Line Narita Airport Station/Terminal 2-3 Station - SKYLINER & KEISEI INFORMATION CENTER

- Keisei Line Narita Airport Station/Terminal 2-3 Station Liner Counter

- Keisei Line Narita Airport Terminal Building Arrivals Counter

Haneda Airport

- Keikyu Line Haneda Airport International Terminal Station - Keikyu Tourist Information Center

- Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station Ticket Gate


- Tobu Line Asakusa Station - Tobu Tourist Information Center Asakusa

- Ikebukuro Station Underground 1F - Tobu Tourist Information Center Ikebukuro

Since you can find the counters selling this free pass at both Narita and Haneda Airports, as well as at about 35 other places around Tokyo, all easily accessible, you are able to purchase one for yourself as soon as you step foot in Japan, and to just head straight to your favorite tourist attractions without much detouring!

Important Information on the Greater Tokyo Pass

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

Picture from Only 30 Minutes From Tokyo! Find Luck In Love At Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

Here are some points we would like you to pay attention to when using the Greater Tokyo Pass.

How to Use the Greater Tokyo Pass

When using this free pass, you have to show it to the staff in charge found at the (manned) ticket gates. Passing the automatic gate is not possible with this ticket, so don’t forget to show it to the personnel beforehand.

What to Pay Attention to

Greater Tokyo Pass is valid for use during a period of three days starting on the day of the purchase. Please bear in mind that, should the time of the purchase be during the night, that night of the purchase will also be accounted for as day one.

It is also not possible to use the admission-paid limited express train, as well as to reserve a seat on a train with this one ticket. For that purpose, you might be charged separately. People who want to use the Greater Tokyo Pass only and take advantage of its numerous merits should try to use the 12 aforementioned lines only, and ride the regular trains offered by them.

Visit Tokyo, Hakone, Nikko, and Many More with the Greater Tokyo Pass!

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

TOKYO SKYTREE®, as seen from the Sumida Park

Greater Tokyo Pass - Travel By Train All You Want For 3 Days!

The wisteria flowers in the Ashikaga Flower Park

Greater Tokyo Pass enables you to ride numerous trains and buses and admire a large number of attractions of the Kanto as it covers not only Tokyo but the surrounding area as well.

Some of the countless spots and attractions Japan is proud of are right in this area, including the TOKYO SKYTREE®, the new landmark of Tokyo, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, the world heritage site in Tochigi, Ashikaga Flower Park with all its beautiful wisteria flowers, Kawagoe, a city that still preserves the charm of the olden days, or Hakone, the famous site of picturesque landscape and hot springs in Kanagawa Prefecture, and many, many more.

Use the Greater Tokyo Pass to your liking – make the best of this great offer according to your preferred tourist attractions and goals!

Check out our other article titled “Using The Greater Tokyo Pass To Visit Tokyo, Nikko And Kawagoe”, to get insights on how to use the Greater Tokyo Pass to its full potential and tour many famous spots of the Kanto Region.

To those who wish to visit many well-known tourist attractions as efficiently as possible, we suggest to make the best out of our introduction of this useful ticket and just prepare for your trip!

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Greater Tokyo Pass Official Website:

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