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Convenience and Comfort at Haneda Airport Terminal 3

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Haneda Airport Terminal 3 offers travelers the chance to do duty-free shopping and to purchase discount train tickets for the Tokyo area. Let’s explore the terminal.

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Haneda International Airport is the only airport located within Tokyo. With Haneda being the gateway to Japan's capital, if you'll be using the airport, you'll be taking a train or bus right from the airport to get into the city. The train station at Haneda Airport is extremely convenient and offers several types of services that make it possible for travelers to enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free trip.

This article introduces some of the services available at the Haneda Airport Terminal 3, which travelers can make use of either upon their arrival in Japan or before their departure.

Using the Convenient Services of Haneda Airport Terminal 3

1. Upon Arrival into Haneda Airport
2. Before Your Departure from Haneda Airport

1. Upon Arrival into Haneda Airport

After any flight, the last thing you want is to lose precious time trying to find your way out of the airport. To make your entrance into Tokyo more smooth, after exiting the Arrivals Lobby, walk straight up for 30 meters and, on your right, you will see the Keikyu Tourist Information Center.

Keikyu Tourist Information Center - Your First Contact in Tokyo

Located on the 2nd floor of the airport, the Keikyu Tourist Information Center offers services daily from 7 AM to 10 PM. Thousands of passengers come and go through the airport each day, mainly from China, Taiwan, South Korea, and North America. Their most common question is regarding how to get to their accommodation.

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda Airport Terminal 3

The concierges at the Keikyu TIC are ready to welcome you with their smiles, offering the information you need. Besides Japanese, they also offer services in English, Mandarin, Korean, and Cantonese. It’s no wonder that the Japan National Tourism Organization awarded their services the highest rank.

In addition to route information on your first destination in Japan, feel free to ask the concierges for recommendations on sightseeing and dining places, as well as for advice on cash withdrawal or currency exchange. They will guide you to the nearest facilities.

WELCOME! Tokyo Subway Ticket

Keikyu offers three types of discount tickets which allow access into the city from Haneda Airport via the Keikyu Line and all the subway lines in Tokyo (Toei Subway + Tokyo Metro). These very convenient tickets are available in the 24, 48 and 72 hours variants.

By using the Keikyu Line, you'll be able to reach popular destinations in Tokyo such as Shinjuku (30 minutes with transfer), Asakusa (40 minutes, direct) and Ginza (35 minutes with transfer).

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda Airport Terminal 3

The red ticket is the one-way type while the blue ticket is the round-trip type. The 24-hour ticket costs 1,360 yen for adults and 680 yen for children, the 48-hour ticket costs 1,760 yen for adults and 880 yen for children, while the 72-hour ticket costs 2,030 yen for adults and 1,030 yen for children.

How to Buy and Use the WELCOME! Tokyo Subway Ticket

Present your passport at the Keikyu Tourist Information Center and buy a PASMO Passport (*The PASMO Passport costs 2,000 yen and includes a charge sum of 1,500 yen, which can be used to buy the Tokyo Subway Ticket.)

Select the type of ticket you wish to buy: the 24-hour ticket (1,360 yen), the 48-hour ticket (1,760 yen), or the 72-hour ticket (2,060 yen), and purchase it. (*You can use either cash or the sum that your PASMO Passport is charged with.)

This will give you quick access from Haneda Airport to Sengakuji Station. You can transfer from the Keikyu Line to any Tokyo subway line free of charge with this ticket. Please note that you cannot use this pass on JR (Japan Railway) train lines.

Baggage Delivery Service at the Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Arriving early into Tokyo and planning to go right away on a day trip but you don’t want to lose time dropping your luggage at your hotel? The solution for you is the service available on the right side of the Keikyu Tourist Information Center.

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda Airport Terminal 3

This low-priced baggage delivery service allows tourists to send per suitcase for 1716 yen to anywhere in the Kanto area (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa).

Send your heavy luggage before 11:00 a.m. to receive it at your hotel after 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., otherwise it will arrive the next day.

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda International Airport

As each train goes to a different destination, be sure to read the signboards well. If in doubt, ask a station staff. Have a safe and fun journey in Tokyo!

2. Before Your Departure from Haneda Airport

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda International Airport

If you're leaving Tokyo via the Haneda International Airport, once you step out of the Keikyu Line train, grab a free trolley for your luggage, show your ticket at the gate then take the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Wing airport HANEDA - Shopping, Dining and other Convenient Services

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda International Airport

Once you reach the 3rd floor, you will enter Wing airport HANEDA, an area with various shopping facilities, dining places, and other convenient services.

Shopping - Tax-Free Souvenirs

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda International Airport

Have you forgotten to buy souvenirs for your friends? Don't worry as there are three stores at Wing airport HANEDA where you can shop for gifts. The first one you will see when the elevator doors open is Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a popular drugstore that sells health and beauty products at regularly discounted prices.

Some of the Japanese-made products available at Matsumoto Kiyoshi that enjoy great popularity among foreign travelers include the Zeitaku Jelee (588 yen), a rich gel-like face pack that balances the moisture level of your skin leaving it feeling luxurious, or the bath salts called Roihi-Tsuboko (1058 yen), which are praised for their muscular pain-relieving effects.

Convenience And Comfort At Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

At Laox, you can buy various types of sweets which make great souvenirs for your loved ones. The top three products are Tokyo Banana (1429 yen), a custard cream-filled soft cake, Tokyo Cup de Cheesecake and other Japanese-style confectionery for about 500 yen per pack.

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda International Airport

The 7-Eleven convenience stores are so convenient that it’s hard to imagine life in Japan without them. The 7-Eleven store in Haneda Airport sells tax-free souvenirs.

Which Kit Kat would you choose? Exclusive only to Japan are flavors you may have never heard of, such as melon, wasabi and cherry blossom with green tea. These flavors are a reflection of Japan’s diverse and unique cuisine and would make great souvenirs from your trip.

The International Departures Lobby

Convenience and Comfort at Haneda International Airport

Wing airport HANEDA is a convenient place to do last-minute eating and shopping. Prices are reasonable and the shops cover all possible needs. If you still need to do more shopping or perhaps try other food, there are several other shopping facilities on the 4th and 5th floors.

Enjoy the Services of the Haneda Airport Terminal 3!

Upon arriving at Haneda Airport and before departure, do make use of the very convenient services offered by the Keikyu Tourist Information Center and the Haneda Airport Terminal 3. In addition to information useful for your trip, you can find here discount transportation tickets, use the baggage delivery service, and even dine or shop for souvenirs.

Make the most out of the time you spend in Tokyo with the services provided by the Haneda Airport Terminal 3.

WELCOME! Tokyo Subway Ticket
24 hours: Adults 1,360 yen, Children 680 yen
48 hours: Adults 1,760 yen, Children 880 yen
72 hours: Adults 2,060 yen, Children 1,030 yen

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