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Kame Sushi In Osaka - Enjoy High-Quality Sushi And Chat With The Locals

Kame Sushi In Osaka - Enjoy High-Quality Sushi And Chat With The Locals

Translated by Chiara Mischke

Written by KN June

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Kame Sushi in Osaka is a unique sushi restaurant where you can enjoy fresh sushi and the cozy atmosphere of a Japanese bar at the same time. Relax with a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy delicious sushi while interacting with the locals.

When thinking of sushi, most people would imagine two types of restaurants: either an upscale sushi restaurant or a conveyor belt sushi chain store. Kame Sushi in Osaka is neither.

At this unique store, you can enjoy high-quality sushi in the environment of a Japanese bar while bonding with the locals. Let's take a look.

Kame Sushi - Loved by the Locals

Kamesushi in Osaka

Kame Sushi opened in 1954 and consists of two shops facing one another. Their unique concept is combining the freshest high-quality sushi with the atmosphere of a Japanese bar.

In the evening you can witness many locals in their suits unwinding after work with a glass of their favorite beverage and a selection of sushi and sashimi. The customers are sitting around the bar and strangers are chatting with each other.

Kame sushi in Osaka

Kame Sushi is well-known by the locals for their high-quality sushi and while some people come here to drink their after-work beer with some sushi on the side, others come just for the delicious sushi.

Will You Try Something New or Pick Your Favorites?

Kamesushi in Osaka

All the fresh ingredients of the day are on display in a refrigerated glass showcase that stretches around the bar. This way you can order by simply pointing at what you would like to try. Maybe you can even find something on display which you've never tried before.

Kamesushi in Osaka

If you don't feel the need to be adventurous, you can also ask them for their English menu and pick your favorites from there. This is especially recommended if you are on a budget as the sushi at Kame Sushi is a little higher priced than at your average sushi restaurant.

Kamesushi in Osaka

However, don't let the higher price scare you, as the quality reflects the price and the sushi you will be served is amazingly fresh and melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. All the items are hand-picked from the local fish market on the same day to guarantee quality and freshness.

The "Omakase" Option - Leave It Up to the Chef

Kamesushi in Osaka

Omakase literally means "I leave it up to you". This isn't an option in every restaurant but at Kame Sushi it is welcome. If you choose this option, be aware that there is no fixed price for it, so if you are on a budget, this isn't recommended. It also isn't recommended if you have dietary restrictions or are a picky eater.

Omakase is a great way for the chef to showcase the best items on the menu, so it is another great way to discover new flavors if you don't know exactly what to pick and choose.

Kamesushi in Osaka

If you choose to leave it up to the chef, your Omakase selection will most probably be different from that of other people in the shop. The chef tries to adjust the selection to the client who orders. Most Japanese people are well aware that the preferences of Japanese customers are different from the ones of customers from overseas.

For example, it is commonly assumed that many customers from overseas don't like sea urchin or anything that still has eyes or legs such as whole shrimps. That might not be true in your case, so if there is something on the menu you really want to try, do let the staff know when you order.

Enjoy Excellent Sushi and Connect With the Locals

Osaka people are well known for being very talkative and friendly. Kame Sushi provides the perfect environment to meet new people in its casual atmosphere.

Strangers might start talking to you about their recommended items or generally express their wish to communicate. Some of them might even try to communicate in English or try to help you out if you are struggling with your order.

Why not go to Kame Sushi to enjoy some fresh local sushi and make new friends in Osaka while you're there?

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