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5 Osaka Sushi Restaurants For Every Budget

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Osaka is mainly known for okonomiyaki and takoyaki but you can find some great sushi options here as well. Conveyor belt sushi is even said to be invented in Osaka! In this article, we’ll introduce five sushi restaurants for every budget in Osaka.

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Osaka Sushi For Every Budget

Many people might think, “If I go to Japan, I want to eat sushi”? For this reason, we have compiled a list of sushi restaurants that can be found in the popular tourist spots of Osakaevery budget and taste.

Some people want to spend money and enjoy the best Japanese food, others are on a budget and want to experience Japanese food reasonably priced at a restaurant that even the Japanese casually go to.

Don't worry, you can have delicious sushi at these restaurants no matter how much money your travel budget allows you to spend.

120 Yen Per Plate! Go To Kaitenzushi For Reasonable Prices

Kaitenzushi is the kind of sushi restaurant where sushi revolves around the restaurant on a conveyor belt. You can choose your favorite dishes from the sushi that travel on the belt. It is recommended that you take the sushi one plate at a time so that you will be able to regulate the amount you can actually eat.

If the sushi that you want isn’t coming to your seat, you can also make a direct order to the chef. Most chefs will be able to make the sushi and you won't have to wait long. The charm of kaitenzushi is the reasonable price and the fact that you don't necessarily need to know Japanese to eat there.

1. Genrokuzushi Dotonbori: The Restaurant Kaitenzushi Originated From

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Picture courtesy of Genroku Sangyo Co.

This Genrokuzushi shop is the place where the concept of kaitenzushi originated. Believe it or not, the founder of the company is said to have thought of the idea when seing the conveyor belts at beer breweries.

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Photo courtesy of Genroku Sangyo Co.

Genrokuzushi is a chain restaurant with nine locations in Osaka and one location in the Hyogo Prefecture. The huge display of tuna sushi being made at the Dotonbori location is a famous photo spot. Isn't it impressive? You should at least consider taking a photo of the display in commemoration of your trip.

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Picture courtesy of Genroku Sangyo Co.

Sushi prices start from 125 yen per plate (excluding tax). With this reasonable price, you eat until you’re full and don't need to worry about the bill. Aside from standard sushi, such as tuna or seabream, there is also unique sushi made with ingredients such as dry-cured ham or sushi rolls made with salad.

If you can't eat wasabi, let the chef know beforehand and they will make your sushi without wasabi.

Definitely visit Genrokuzushi if you’re ever hungry in the Dotonbori area.

Genrokuzushi Dotonbori
Osaka, Osaka, Chuo, Dotonbori 1-6-9
Google Map

2. Kaitenzushi Ganko Eki Marché Shin-Osaka - Visit While You Wait For Your Train

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Picture courtesy of GANKO Food Service Co., LTD.

Kaitenzushi Ganko Eki Marché is located in Shin-Osaka Station. It’s the perfect restaurant for travelers that come to Osaka via bullet train. You can even eat here while you wait for your next train since it’s conveniently located inside the bullet train station.

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Picture courtesy of GANKO Food Service Co., Ltd.

You can eat at Kaitenzushi Ganko for 120 yen per plate (excluding tax). The prices differ depending on the color of the plate, so be sure to check the menu or ask the chef for prices. You can also watch the chefs as they make the sushi when you are sitting at the counter seats. Just by watching them will make you excited for your sushi.

The restaurant is not only found in the station but can also be found at the second basement of Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store and in Eki Marché Osaka immediately located outside JR Osaka Station.

This is a restaurant where you can easily go if you are in a hurry while waiting for your train or if you wish to have an enjoyable, budget-friendly meal with family and friends.

Kaitenzushi Ganko Eki Marché Shin-Osaka
Osaka, Osaka, Yodogawa, Nishi-Nakajima 5-16-1 inside Eki Marché Shin-Osaka
Google Map

About 4000 Yen Budget? Reasonable Non-Rotating Sushi

3. Kame Sushi Main Shop - A Cozy Restaurant Where The Locals Gather

Reasonable? Slightly Expensive? Let's Go To A Sushi Restaurant That Matches Your Budget In Osaka

We recommend Kame Sushi to those who think, “I want to enjoy alcohol together with fresh sushi!”. Here customers enjoy conversations with neighboring customers as they drink beer or shochu (distilled Japanese liquor). This restaurant is a cozy place loved by the locals.

Must Eats In Japan! 5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

You will find sushi toppings placed inside the glass case at the front of the counter. You can order either by looking at the English menu or point at a topping from inside the glass case that you’re interested in. Prices will vary depending on the type of sushi. One plate consisting of two pieces of sushi ranges from 400 to 700 yen. You can also order a combination platter in accordance with your budget.

You can not only eat sushi here but also sashimi (raw sliced fish). The sashimi is very fresh and of high quality due to the restaurant staff visiting the fish market every morning and being supplied with carefully selected ingredients.

The restaurant’s great location of being just a three minute walk from the Osaka station is another appealing factor.

For details, please read “Kame Sushi In Osaka – Enjoy High-Quality Sushi And Chat With The Locals”.

4. Ganso Bucchigiri Sushi Uoshin Honten - Surprisingly Huge Toppings!

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Photo courtesy of Ajibil Group

Ganso Bucchigiri Sushi Uoshin is famous for the huge, overflowing toppings on their sushi. Their sushi is more than three times the size of a normal serving. The delicious taste of the sushi will spread as it fills your mouth.

5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Overflowing Ikura (Salmon Roe) Nigiri. 450 yen per piece excluding tax (Photo courtesy of Ajibil Group)

Just like many conveyed belt restaurants, their concept is “Look and be surprised by our attentive sushi-making process, then eat and be content”. You will first be surprised at the huge size of the toppings. There is no doubt that you will be satisfied by eating sushi that is packed with magnificent handpicked fresh fish and seafood.

In addition to a la carte dishes, a lunch set called Bucchigiri Teishoku (1000 yen plus tax) and the Omiyage Sushi (Set one: 900 yen, Set two: 1300 yen, both without tax), which you can bring home to eat, are also available at Ganso Bucchigiri Sushi Uoshin.

Ganso Bucchigiri Sushi
Osaka, Osaka, Kita, Doyamacho 5-4
Google Map

The Lunch Course Starting At 2800 Yen - High-Quality Edo-Style Sushi

5. Sushi Chiharu: A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Must Eats In Japan! 5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Lunch Course (2800 yen plus tax)

Sushi Chiharu is a restaurant that has become widely talked about after appearing in Michelin Guide Kyoto – Osaka 2018 eleven months following its opening.

Only counter seats are available at this restaurant where the chef will make your sushi right in front of you. The restaurant was created from the thought of wanting to convey the craft and tradition of Edo-style sushi through condensing the flavors of seafood by pickling and simmering it in sauce rather than consuming it raw. The sushi at this restaurant is very fresh and each sushi exudes a unique fragrance when brought to your mouth.


You can spend a relaxing time watching the sushi being made as a result of the comforting background music played inside and the slow movements of the chef. Your meal will be prepared piece by piece for you within an hour making this a very special hour of your day.

Lunch comes with nine pieces of nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi) and miso soup for 2800 yen. A 3500 yen course and a 7000 yen course are available at night.

Overseas travelers can rest assured as the chef can speak English. If you have any allergies or dislikes, let the chef know beforehand and he will respond accordingly.

Must Eats In Japan! 5 Sushi Restaurants In Osaka At Different Price Points

Seats are limited to seven seats on the first floor and six seats on the second floor, so we recommend making a reservation beforehand. Reservations can be made through phone or through the official website.

For details, please read “Sushi Chiharu – Traditional Osaka Sushi In A Relaxing Atmosphere”.

Enjoy Delicious Sushi in Osaka!

There are many great sushi restaurants in Osaka. Feel free choose a sushi restaurant based on your own traveling budget. We hope that you can make wonderful memories and discoveries during your trip to Japan with some delicious sushi.

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