A Family Trip From Centrair! LEGOLAND® Japan Resort And SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

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Today we introduce LEGOLAND®Japan Resort and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, two special spots in Nagoya that the whole family can enjoy. Both are easily accessible by bus from Centrair Airport. A visit there will surely be a memorable experience!

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The Nagoya area is blessed with many attractive sightseeing spots including Nagoya Castle, selected as one of the top 100 castles in Japan, and Takeshima Island, known as a place of scenic beauty.

However, when thinking of a place to go with your restless and easily bored children, it's not uncommon to spend time racking your brains.

At times like this, two places worth visiting are LEGOLAND® Japan Resort, where you can enjoy the popular LEGO® brick toys, and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, which has displays of actual trains.

They have many displays and activities for adults and children, so both of these places are perfect for family excursions!

These sightseeing spots are easily accessible by highway bus from Centrair Airport (Chubu Centrair International Airport). Since LEGOLAND® Japan Resort and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park are only five minutes away from each other on foot, we recommend going to both places rather than just one or the other.

In today's article we'll introduce a one night - two day tour for parents and kids, in which they can enjoy the exciting world of trains and LEGO® bricks.

Day One:
10:00 AM - From Centrair to LEGOLAND® Japan Resort

Highway buses headed for Kinjofuto Station, the entrance to LEGOLAND® Japan Resort, leave from Centrair Airport (Chubu Centrair International Airport) once every hour. Tickets are 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children, and the one-way trip from the airport to the station takes about forty minutes.

For further details please see the JR Tokai Expressway Bus Company homepage.

Visitors with luggage can store their bags in the coin lockers inside Kinjofuto Station. For those who plan on staying at the LEGOLAND® Japan Hotel, we recommend asking the hotel ahead of time to look after your luggage.

Also, every day at 12:05 and 16:45, buses leave Centrair Airport for the main gate at LEGOLAND® Japan Resort. So you can plan your flight arrival time to Japan with one of these bus departure times. Bus tickets are 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children.

10:40 - Arrive at LEGOLAND® Japan Resort!


The first place to visit is LEGOLAND® Japan Resort, a famous amusement park filled with colorful and unique attractions, all thanks to LEGO® bricks.

In April of 2018, an aquarium called SEA LIFE Nagoya and LEGOLAND® Japan Hotel both opened for business, so recently the resort has has been receiving lots of attention!

Admission to LEGOLAND® Japan starts from 6,200 yen for adults, and 4,700 yen for children. Tickets for SEA LIFE Nagoya start from 1,700 yen for adults, and 1,300 yen for children.

For those guests who'd like to see visit both LEGOLAND® Japan and SEA LIFE Nagoya, a convenient combo one day pass is available, starting at 6,600 yen for adults and 5,200 yen for children.

Now let's go to the recommended attractions at LEGOLAND® Japan.

11:00 - LEGO® Factory Tour: See How LEGO® Bricks Are Made


Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

The most popular attraction at LEGOLAND® Japan is the LEGO® Factory Tour. Here parents and children can get a close-up view of how the LEGO® bricks are made and used.

At the conclusion of the tour, children receive a factory made LEGO® brick present, so no doubt they'll be happy about this!

12:00 - Even Babies Can Have Fun at Duplo® Play!


Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

At LEGOLAND® Japan, there's also a play area for babies up to three years of age. Duplo® Play has large size LEGO® bricks and is characterized by its floor which is made from a soft material.

So even babies who have just started walking can safely play here.

13:00 - Let's Eat Food Items Modeled After LEGO® Bricks!


Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

Many of the food items served in this amusement park are modeled on the LEGO® bricks (see photo above).

For example, there are french fries in the shape of LEGO® bricks (450 yen and up with tax), hot dogs with a LEGO® brick-shaped bun (550 yen and up with tax), a LEGO® brick case filled with Pino ice cream (ten pieces, 1,200 yen and up with tax), and so on.

It's nice knowing that all items come in just the right amount, so that children will be able to finish their meal.

14:00 - Famous Japanese Sights Recreated with LEGO® Bricks!


Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

At Miniland, visitors can look at ten Japanese landmarks recreated in miniature size, constructed out of LEGO® bricks. Asakusa's Kaminarimon, Hyogo prefecture's Himeji Castle, and many other famous sightseeing spots have been constructed with an astounding total of more than ten million LEGO® bricks!

If you see all ten landmarks, it feels just like you've traveled throughout the whole of Japan!

15:00 - Heartlake Shop: Stocked with Cute Items Just for Girls!


Photo courtesy of: ©2018 The LEGO Group.

On the amusement park grounds, there's also a shop just for girls. It's called Heartlake Shop, and with its cute interior, it feels just like you've stepped into a fairytale world.

The store shelves are lined with a variety of items, including stuffed animals, and LEGO® Disney Prince™️ goods, the result of a collaboration between LEGOLAND® Japan and the Disney company.

We recommend coming here to look for some good souvenirs!

15:30 - SEA LIFE Nagoya: Experience the Ocean Floor

樂高樂園Sea Life

Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

SEA LIFE Nagoya, just one minute on foot from LEGOLAND® Japan's main gate, is an aquarium featuring one hundred different varieties of sea life and two thousand creatures, including fish, a coral reef, and jellyfish.

There's also a sunken ship and dragon's palace, special theme-inspired water tanks where fish are swimming around, so you won't get tired of watching no matter how long you stay there!

樂高樂園Sea life互動

Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

One attraction you should definitely visit at SEA LIFE Nagoya is Amazing Creation.

In this interactive exhibit, children can draw and color their own fish and then have it projected onto a kind of digital ocean in a large water tank. They can even feed their creation, so this is will certainly be a memorable experience for them!

So when you visit LEGOLAND® Japan, by all means also stop in at SEA LIFE Nagoya.

18:00 - Check-In at LEGOLAND® Japan Hotel


Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

At LEGOLAND® Japan Hotel , guests can stay in rooms that make you feel like you've entered a special LEGO® brick world. Room amenities have a LEGO® brick design, so staying here will be a lot of fun! There are also rooms with bunk beds for children.

On the hotel premises there's also LEGO® brick playground equipment, so you can let the kids play any time you want during your stay!


Picture courtesy of ©2018 The LEGO Group.

The hotel also has an indoor pool filled with colorful LEGO® bricks floating on top. The water temperature is kept at thirty degrees, and the pool's depth is limited to sixty centimeters, so even small children can safely swim and play here.

Day Two:
10:00 - SCMAGLEV and Railway Park: For Parents and Kids!


SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, a museum just two minutes on foot from Kinjofuto Station, is a much talked about sightseeing spot in the Chubu region as well.

The Shinkansen Train Simulator N700 is a popular exhibit that offers you a driving simulation (*lottery system for users), and both children and adults can get hooked on and enjoy this experience!

Admission to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park is 1,000 yen for adults, 500 yen for students (elementary to high school), and 200 yen for pre-school children (3 years old and up).

Now let's head over to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park's recommended attraction, the Shinkansen Simulator.

11:00 - The Shinkansen Simulator: It's Just Like the Real Thing!


If you enter SCMAGLEV and Railway Park by 3:30 pm, you'll receive a simulator lottery ticket that gives you a chance to have a shinkansen or conventional train driving experience.

For those who'd like to have this experience, don't forget to put your ticket into the lottery ticket box! The lottery draw results will be posted on the electronic billboard, so please don't forget to check for your ticket number!


At the popular Shinkansen Simulator N700, an attendant will sit beside you and give you proper instructions on speed control timing and so on.

A special feature of this simulator is that as you're driving, you'll be able to see the same scenery as an actual shinkansen driver would, such as Tokyo Tower, Mount Fuji, and Lake Hamana.

When the simulator experience comes to a close, an image of a certificate of completion will show up on your driver screen, so be sure to take a commemorative photo of this!


With the Conventional Train Crew Simulator experience, participants will have the chance to open and close the train doors, and make an announcement at the time of departure.

If you can pronounce the fifty sounds in the Japanese language, then making the announcement won't be a problem at all!

With this experience, you'll get a feel for the actual duties carried out by a train conductor during their typical workday.

When the simulator experience ends, an image of a completion certificate will appear on the screen, just like it did aboard the shinkansen simulator.

12:00 - A Diorama Featuring a Day in the Life of Trains and Stations


The Greatest Railway Diorama Room at SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, considered to be one of the best in Japan, is also worth seeing! The railway area along the Tokaido Shinkansen Line during a twenty-four period has been recreated.

You can see things that one normally doesn't have the chance to see, such as special trains coming in to the station to do inspections and repairs after the final train of the day has arrived.

This behind the scenes kind of work also occurs during the normal operation of a train, and if you look closely, you can see other dramatic events unfolding on a daily basis in this diorama.

13:00 - Delica Station:
Buy a Bento Limited to SCMAGLEV and Railway Park Visitors

Dr. Yellow便當

Delica Station, a food stand selling bento boxes and drinks, is found at major stations along the JR Tokaido Shinkansen route, and they've opened a shop at SCMAGLEV and Railway Park also.

Here you can purchase SCMAGLEV and Railway Park's "Dr. Yellow lunch box" (photo above), a rare bento box lunch that can't be bought anywhere else. We also recommend taking the empty box home with you for a souvenir.


On the second floor, there are tables where visitors can enjoy a leisurely lunch. If the excitement from all the interesting exhibits has worn you down a bit, this is the ideal place to recharge your batteries!

14:00 - This Full Display of Actual Trains Will Get You Excited!


The main attraction at SCMAGLEV and Railway Park is the display on the first floor. Electric locomotives, the shinkansen, conventional trains, and other trains that were previously all in operation are lined up side by side, and their powerful presence will surprise you.

This is the perfect place for taking pictures to remember the day's experience by.

Dr. Yellow

Picture courtesy of SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

The most popular train in this exhibit might be a yellow colored shinkansen, nicknamed Doctor Yellow. This is a special train that's used for checking the traffic signal lights and the electric current along the shinkansen route, so having the chance to view it up close is a rare opportunity.

Some visitors have said that just looking at it makes for a happy experience. But if you come here to this museum, you can see Doctor Yellow anytime you want!

15:00 - A Resting Spot for Parents and Children


At the museum's kid corner, there's a space reserved for breast-feeding and diaper changing, and it's equipped with a child-sized toilet as well. There's also a model train display, so while the kids are having fun with the trains, you can take a well deserved break!

16:00 - Great as Souvenirs! Let's Buy Some Train Goods


Finally, don't forget to drop by the MUSEUM SHOP. You can pick up all sorts of interesting souvenirs, including toy trains, and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park's other unique items.

16:30 - The LEGOLAND® Japan Resort and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park Tour Comes to a Conclusion

In order to get to Nagoya from LEGOLAND® Japan Resort and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, it's best to hop aboard the Aonami Line at the nearest station, Kinjofuto Station. Trains leave this station four times every hour, and the one-way travel time to Nagoya is about 24 minutes.

LEGOLAND® Japan Resort / SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
- The Perfect Outing for Parents and Children!

Both LEGOLAND® Japan Resort and SCMAGLEV and Railway Park aren't simply places to play, but they also have numerous interactive exhibits where children can have an educational experience learning something new.

If you visit the Chubu region, these special places are just forty minutes away from Centrair Airport. So definitely try visiting this paradise area, which is ideal for family excursions!

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