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Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Senganen - One-of-a-Kind Cafe And Scenery!

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Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Senganen allows visitors to drink coffee at a registered Tangible Cultural Property. Come experience a cafe break in a unique, historic space while gazing at Sakurajima. Learn about the special design and why you should try this Starbucks.

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Kagoshima Senganen Starbucks - A Special Cafe

Sengan-en Starbucks

Kagoshima Prefecture is situated in the southern Kyushu area. Here, you’ll find a Starbucks that is fascinating café enthusiasts.

You can drink Starbucks anywhere in the world, however, you can only experience a combination of elegance, history, and tradition at this cafe. Without further ado, let’s visit the Starbucks together with the MATCHA editorial department.

A White, East-Meets-West House Surrounded by Nature

Sengan-en Starbucks

Although it may appear to be a simple Western-style house with a balcony, the roof tiles are Japanese. The exterior, a fusion between East and West, will catch your eye.

You wouldn’t think that this is a Starbucks store at first glance, but it is the location of Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Senganen. The building was constructed over 100 years ago and is also registered as Tangible Cultural Property.

Sengan-en Starbucks

This Starbuck location opened in 2017. Upon entering, you’ll see a spacious shop counter. The low lighting produces a calming ambiance.

Sengan-en Starbucks

Once you’ve received your coffee, search for a place to sit. There are seats on the first and second floor, including comfortable sofa seats on the first floor.

Sengan-en Starbucks

The second floor has bright lighting and an impressively high ceiling. The elegance of the space will make you want to sit and take your time enjoying your drink. However, it’s a waste to just drink coffee!

Be sure to survey the shop interior, paying attention to the lighting, windows, and walls. Even the finest details are designs inspired by traditional Kagoshima culture.

Local Motifs Hidden in the Design

Sengan-en Starbucks

First, when you pick up your coffee at the counter, look down at the paneling. The notched design is actually Kagoshima-related.


Picture from 8 Things To Do In Sengan-en, Kagoshima: Gardens And Samurai Houses

The design is inspired by Satsuma Kiriko. Satsuma Kiriko is a traditional Kagoshima craft that features layering various colored glass on top of clear glass that is then cut with patterns.

In the store, there are several decorations connected to Satsuma Kiriko.

Sengan-en Starbucks

One is the grid-shaped design on the first-floor ceiling. This design uses the shapes of Satsuma Kiriko as a motif.

Sengan-en Starbucks

The ceiling lights on the second floor are also in a grid shape inspired by Satsuma Kiriko.

You’ll also come across other regional touches throughout the store. Some examples include Kagoshima cedar used to make the large desk in the middle of the second floor. Look for the terrace bench in the garden in front of the building, which is made from welded tuff that is also produced in Kagoshima.

The 100-Year-Old Building is Filled with Detail, Too!

Sengan-en Starbucks

While experiencing the local Kagoshima culture, look for a corner on the first floor lined with monochrome pictures.

The small pictures displayed to the left and right depict the coffee process, starting from the seedling and ending at the roast. At the top is a large photograph which provides some historical content of the building.

Sengan-en Starbucks

This picture shows what the building once looked like.

This building was originally the property of the Shimazu family that governed the entire Kagoshima region during the Edo period. It was located in a city called Ichikikushikino in Kagoshima.

There were gold and silver mines in Ichikikushikino. This building was used as an office for the mines. The building was then completely dismantled and reconstructed in its current location.

Sengan-en Starbucks

A mark of the Shimazu family is at the entrance of Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Senganen. It is the circle with a cross inside on the roof of the building, which is the family crest of the Shimazus.


Picture from 8 Things To Do In Sengan-en, Kagoshima: Gardens And Samurai Houses

Next to Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Senganen is Senganen, where the Shimazu family’s former villa is located. Be sure to visit it as well!

The expansive Japanese garden and former Shimazu residence there will transport you to a world with dazzling history. There is also a Satsuma Kiriko factory and shop.

See a Symbol of Kagoshima From the Window!

Sengan-en Starbucks

Lastly, we will introduce where you should sit at Starbucks Coffee Kagoshima Senganen.

It is the window seat facing the sea on the second floor.

Sengan-en Starbucks

Sakurajima. Picture courtesy of K. P. V. B

Peer outside on a day with clear skies and you’ll see Sakurajima, an iconic natural fixture of Kagoshima!

Sakurajima is a well-loved presence for Kagoshima residents. Even now, you might be able to see smoke rising into the air as it is an active volcano.

A Coffee Break You Can’t Enjoy Anywhere Else

Sengan-en Starbucks

This is a historic structure, taken care of by the Shimazu family, that surrounds visitors with designs inspired by Kagoshima’s traditional Satsuma Kiriko glass, close by to Sakurajima.

This is a location on Kagoshima you can’t enjoy anywhere else in the world that will make your coffee all the more satisfying.

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