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Budget-Friendly Snacks at Convenience Stores and Supermarkets

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Looking for quality gifts at a reasonable price? You can easily find them at convenience stores or supermarkets. If you're looking to give snacks to a large group of friends, keep your eyes peeled for these affordable yet attractive souvenirs!

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Find Cute Snacks at Great Prices!

Souvenir Sweets

Are you looking for souvenirs for a large group of people? Do you need a gift for someone on short notice? This article will feature budget-friendly snacks you can find at chain stores across Japan!

Special Souvenir

A snack with a message reading, "Thank you for everything."

When I borrow a book from a friend or ask for their advice, I like to return the favor with a small snack and a short message. Sometimes an expensive gift can make a recipient feel uncomfortable. A cute, affordable snack makes an ideal gift for these occasions.

This article will feature snacks you can purchase at convenience stores, supermarkets, or chain stores. Find the perfect gift for a family member or friend!

*Selections and prices may vary with store locations.

1. Look for Tasty Chocolates

THE chocolate

Meiji THE Chocolate for 238 yen (tax included)

With its stylish packaging, Meiji THE Chocolate (Japanese) stands out on the shelves of convenience stores and supermarkets. Called bean-to-bar chocolates, this confection is made by manufactures who control every step of the process from cacao beans to candy bar.

Each box is contains three separately wrapped bars of chocolate. This packaging makes sure that each bar stays fresh.

THE chocolate

The chocolate bars also have unique shapes and patterns. They are intended to help you enjoy the flavor in different ways. The small squares pictured above reduce the taste of bitterness and add smoothness to the texture, while the jagged square accentuates the chocolate's fragrance.

The four flavors use cacao beans from different areas of the world. Each brings out the natural fragrance and flavor of the chocolate.

Yokoi Chocolate

Coffee Beans Chocolate for 178 yen (tax included)

Pictured above, the Coffee Beans Chocolate by Yokoi Chocolate (Japanese) is sold exclusively at the convenience store chain Ministop. Each coffee bean is covered in high-quality chocolate known as couverture.

Upon opening the package, you will smell the fragrant coffee. The chocolate's refreshing taste and delicate sweetness is absolutely addictive.

2. Lawson's Sweets: Snag Snacks With Great Taste and Packaging

Roll Cakes

Premium Roll Cake for 150 yen (tax included)

Convenience store desserts have gained acclaim for being tasty and reasonably priced. Lawson, a popular convenience store chain, sells its own dessert brand called Uchi Café SWEETS. Filled with mousse-like whipped cream, the Premium Roll Cake is a best-seller among its selection of sweets!

Lawson's Stylish Packaging

From left: Mini Moonlight Cookies (108 yen), Bite-Size Chocolate Banana Chips (138 yen), Fried Potato Sticks Quattro Cheese Taste (138 yen). All prices include tax.

In 2020, Lawson redesigned their in-house brand by adding simple illustrations to their packaging. At the time, this rebranding effort was an unprecedented move for a convenience store.

In addition to snacks and desserts, frozen foods and drinks were also revamped with new designs. Packaged with stylish illustrations, these everyday snacks now make great gift options.

3. Surprise Someone With a Jumbo-Size Pack of Snacks!

Jumbo-Size Koala's March Cookies

Jumbo-size Tabekko Animal Biscuits and Koala's March cookies for 648 yen each (tax included)

If you want to surprise your friends with some tasty souvenirs, look for the jumbo-size versions of Japan's classic snacks Koala's March and Tabekko Animal Biscuits.

Koala's March Cookies

While the original snacks also make fun gifts, these jumbo-size packs are the perfect souvenir or surprise!

Koala's March Cookies

The snacks inside the boxes are individually packaged, so they are also great gifts for large groups.

Other supersized snacks include potato chips and Umaibo: a puffed corn stick that comes in unique flavors. The best places to find them are Village Vanguard and Don Quijote. Both discount chain stores have over 300 locations nationwide.

4. Kaldi Coffee Farm: Find an Array of Japanese-Flavored Snacks

Kaldi Coffee Farm

Kaldi Coffee Farm, often referred to as Kaldi, is a chain of import stores with over 400 locations nationwide. While it specializes in coffee beans and import goods, it also sells snacks that showcase Japanese ingredients.

Hojicha Chocolates

Japanese-Style "Wa" Chocolates, Roasted Green Tea flavor for 312 yen (tax included)

Pictured above, the Japanese-Style "Wa" Chocolate, Roasted Green Tea flavor is made by Moheji and sold exclusively at Kaldi. Moheji is a food manufacturer that uses quality ingredients from across Japan. The roasted green tea powder used to flavor the confection is also produced domestically.

The coffee sold at Kaldi can be bought in bulk or small, drip-coffee bags. Each bag is priced around 100 yen. As an added touch, each coffee variety is packaged with a unique design.

Personalize Your Gift With Wrapping Paper and Bags

Paper webpt Bags

Most stores, particularly convenience stores and supermarkets, do not offer custom gift wrapping. If you would like to personalize your gift, look for wrapping paper or gift bags at 100-yen shops. You can also purchase these at LOFT or Tokyu Hands, which are stores that specialize in stationery.

Fun, budget-friendly snacks make great gifts. Visit a variety of stores to find some of the affordable and attractive souvenirs featured above!

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