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Rakuten Card Guide: English Support, Payments, Renewals, and More!

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Rakuten Card is a credit card that international residents in Japan can easily apply for thanks to 24-hour English support. Read on for an informational guide on card renewals, payments, procedures when losing your card, and more!

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Rakuten Card Facts


Rakuten Card is a widely used credit card in Japan with more than 21 million cardholders.

It's also favored by overseas students and international residents in Japan for its reward points earned by using your card. There is no annual fee.

Rakuten Card is provided by Rakuten Group, Inc., an e-commerce giant in Japan. In recent years, Rakuten has gained popularity overseas through its sponsorship of FC Barcelona in the First Division of the Spanish Football League.

This article will give details on how to resolve issues that may occur when using the Rakuten Card, card renewals, and language support for international residents.

Easy Online Application! Apply for a Rakuten Card (Japanese)

Table of Contents

  • 1. Rakuten Card’s English Support
  • 2. How to Renew Your Rakuten Card
  • 3. Payment Due Date and Methods
  • 4. What to Do When Losing Your Card?
  • 5. Cancellation/Utilizing the Rakuten Card in Japan
  • Rakuten Card’s English Support


    Currently, the Rakuten Card application and Rakuten e-NAVI, a cardholder service website for checking your account, are only available in Japanese.

    However, the customer call center provides English support for inquiries over the phone.

    Contact the call center, and an English-speaking representative will return your call. Utilize this service if you’re not confident in using Japanese over the phone, or prefer assistance in English.

    The customer call center accepts both domestic and international calls.

    Contact numbers are listed below.

    Domestic: 0570-66-6910 (Weekends and holidays included, 9:30-17:30)
    International: 81-92-474-6287 (Weekends and holidays included, 9:30-17:30 JST)

    How to Renew Your Rakuten Card

    Most people are concerned with credit card renewals. As a cardholder, there are no renewal or in-person contact procedures after your Rakuten Card has expired.

    A new Rakuten Card will be sent to your registered address when your card is nearing its expiration date. This is typically mailed between the end of the month before your expiration month or the start of that same month.

    Changes in your registration information, such as your mailing and e-mail address, can be done via Rakuten e-NAVI: the cardholder website.

    Payment Due Date and Methods


    The payment due date and payment method should be kept in mind when using your credit card.

    Payment on the 27th of the Following Month

    Rakuten Card’s statement period closes at the end of every month. The payment date for that period is by the 27th of the following month (if the 27th falls on a business holiday, then payment is due the next business day).

    There are two payment methods available. You can choose to pay by bank transfer (automatic withdrawal) or at a convenience store.

    1. Bank Transfer Payment

    When paying by bank transfer, you need to register your bank account information on Rakuten e-NAVI during or after the credit card application process. You are not required to submit any documents.

    As a precaution, bank transfer payments cannot be changed to convenience store payments once selected. Keep this in mind when choosing bank payments as your payment method.

    2. Convenience Store Payment

    If you opt for convenience store payments, you can use the information terminals installed in convenience stores to pay.

    A ticket will be printed once you enter your payment number and phone number into the terminal. Take this ticket to the register to pay in cash.

    Payment numbers are sent by e-mail when using your credit card. Information on your payment due date will also be included in the same e-mail. You will be responsible for completing your payment by that date.

    Please be aware that once the payment due date passes, you cannot pay at a convenience store.

    Convenience Stores with Payment Terminals


    The convenience stores and terminals that support payments for Rakuten Card are listed below.

    Lawson (Loppi)
    FamilyMart (FamiPort)
    Seicomart (Club Station)

    FamilyMart’s FamiPort is available in six languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.

    Conviniently make payments in your native language!
    Easy Online Application! Apply for a Rakuten Card (Japanese)

    What to Do if You Lose Your Card?


    It's important to know beforehand how to handle a lost credit card.

    If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the designated phone line for lost or stolen cards to freeze your card. Contact Rakuten as soon as your card is missing to prevent any unauthorized usage.

    The dedicated numbers for lost or stolen cards are listed below.

    Domestic: 0120-86-6910 (24-hour reception)
    International: 81-92-474-9256 (24-hour reception)

    If you are calling from overseas, a collect call can be made at the front desk of your hotel.

    The process to reissue a new card is done via Rakuten e-NAVI. A new card generally takes between a week and ten days to be delivered to your registered address.

    How to Cancel Rakuten Card


    If you want to cancel your credit card, you must request a cancellation. Canceling a Rakuten Card is a simple procedure, so you won’t be hassled when you’re in a rush to fly home.

    Contact the Rakuten Card customer call center with your credit card on hand. Simply tell a representative that you wish to cancel your card.

    The customer call center numbers are listed below.

    Domestic: 0570-66-6910 (Weekends and holidays included, 9:30-17:30)
    International: 81-92-474-6287 (Weekends and holidays included, 9:30-17:30)

    English support is available around the clock, whether you’re in Japan or overseas. After contacting the call center, an English-speaking representative will return your call to assist you.

    If you wish to cancel a Rakuten Premium Card or Rakuten Gold Card, then call the number printed on the back of your card (9:30-17:30).

    Utilizing the Rakuten Card in Japan

    On the fence about which credit card to apply for in Japan? Then consider choosing the Rakuten Card! It offers many services, including English support for inquiries and payments that can be made at convenience stores without a bank account.

    Make your life in Japan more convenient by applying for the user-friendly Rakuten Card.

    Easy Online Application! Apply for a Rakuten Card (Japanese)

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