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Rakuten Card: Reviews, Credit Limit, Cash Advances, and More!

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The Rakuten Credit Card has more than 21 million members in Japan. Read on to learn what you'll need before applying, including reviews, credit limits, and more!

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Rakuten Card: The Must-Have Card with Great Value


Rakuten Card is a credit card provided by Rakuten Group, Inc., an e-commerce giant providing internet-based services in Japan.

This article will introduce what you should know about the Rakuten Card before applying. This includes credit rating, how the card is used, precautions, and more!

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Secret Behind Rakuten Card’s Popularity
  • 2. Rakuten Card's Ratings and Reviews
  • 3. How Rakuten Card Works and Card Limits
  • 4. Rakuten Card Precautions
  • 5. In Conclusion
  • The Secret Behind Rakuten Card’s Popularity

    Rakuten Card is popular among young adults and international residents in Japan. There are a few reasons why.

    The first is that the application can be completed online, and the majority of applicants pass the screening process without any issues.

    This card is convenient for those who want access to credit right away. Rakuten will issue your card promptly once the application is processed.

    The second is that cardholders can earn points at an excellent value while shopping, and there are no annual fees.

    You simply need to make purchases with your Rakuten Card to earn 1% of your total purchase in points.

    Additionally, you can earn points at a higher rate by shopping on Rakuten—an online retail platform—or any affiliated stores. This makes it possible to shop at an even better value!

    Easy Online Application! Apply for a Rakuten Card (Japanese)

    English application guide

    Rakuten Card's Ratings and Reviews


    As of November 2020, the number of Rakuten Card members has exceeded 21 million people. This is thanks to both credit card security provided by a major Japanese corporation, and a simple application process that enables more people to become cardholders.

    Below are some comments from actual Rakuten Card users.

    “The application is simple, and I was able to get a credit card even as a student.”

    “One point is equivalent to one yen, so it’s straightforward to use. It’s reasonable since I can use the points I earned to pay for my shopping.”

    “It’s great to be gifted 5,000 points as soon as you become a cardholder!”

    “I can earn even more points and use my card at a better value just by linking my Rakuten Card to Rakuten Ichiba (online shopping mall) or Rakuten Pay!”

    Since it’s easy to apply and earn points from shopping, the card is often recommended as an ideal credit card for first-time holders.

    How Rakuten Card Works and Card Limits


    Now, we’ll introduce how to make the most of your Rakuten Card.

    Paying with Credit and Card Limits

    Like many other credit cards, Rakuten Card can be used to pay with credit.

    The credit system makes it possible to defer payments when purchasing goods or a service based on the cardholder’s credit. Even if you don’t have cash on hand, you can make purchases with your card and pay that money back at a later date.

    With Rakuten Card, you cannot spend more than your initial credit limit. Credit limits are set during the screening process at the time of application, based on the applicant’s financial situation.

    Credit limits will also vary on the type of credit card. Rakuten Card—Rakuten’s basic card with no annual fee—has its highest credit limit set at 1 million yen. The Rakuten Gold Card with an annual fee of 2,220 yen has its limit set at 2 million yen. Meanwhile, the Rakuten Premium Card with an annual fee of 11,000 yen has the highest limit at 3 million yen.

    Card payments are typically withdrawn from your bank account. You can save your debit account information when applying for the Rakuten Card online. If you choose not to do so, then you will be sent bank transfer forms by mail.

    You must pay bank transfer fees when paying via a bank transfer form. For this reason, its best to register your debit account.

    Once you register your bank information, you’ll receive various benefits. This includes making cash advances, and accessing the Payment with Points service.

    Cash Advances and Limits

    Cardholders will gain access to the cash advance feature by registering their bank account with Rakuten Card. A cash advance allows you to borrow cash from your card issuer through your credit card.

    The cash advance features can also be set up when applying for your credit card. Additionally, you can choose to go through the procedure on Rakuten e-NAVI—the Rakuten Card member website—after applying.

    The cash advance limits range between 10,000 to 900,000 yen and will vary by cardholder.

    You can choose between two methods to pay back the cash advance. The first is a lump-sum payment where you repay the principal and interest in one payment the month following its use. The second is a revolving payment where a fixed amount is paid every month.

    Redeeming Your Reward Points

    Rakuten Points are earned in proportion to how much you spend with your Rakuten Card. There are tons of different ways to redeem your points. This includes using them towards shopping, or exchanging points for rewards at one point per yen.

    Rakuten Ichiba also runs a campaign that awards five times the points you earn every month on days that end in 5 or 0. Apply and shop on applicable days to earn more points!

    Rakuten Card Precautions


    While Rakuten Card is a convenient credit card to have, there are precautions to keep in mind. Below, we'll mention what to take into consideration before applying.

    You Can’t Have a Rakuten Bank Card Simultaneously

    You cannot have a Rakuten Bank Card and a Rakuten Card at the same time.

    A Rakuten Bank Card is a credit card issued by Rakuten Bank. This all-in-one card from Rakuten Bank has cash and credit features but cannot be used simultaneously with the Rakuten Card.

    If you already have one of these cards and wish to open an account with the other card instead, you must apply to change cards. Switching over from a Rakuten Card to a Rakuten Bank Card can be done via the Rakuten e-NAVI member website.

    No Credit Card Loans

    Normally, Rakuten Card doesn’t offer credit card loans.

    On the other hand, Rakuten Bank Card does have a card loan feature. If you’re planning to utilize credit card loans, it’d be better to apply for a Rakuten Bank Card.

    In Conclusion

    Rakuten Card can be used alongside Rakuten Ichiba or when opening an account with Rakuten Bank.

    This credit card is ideal for those who apply for the first time for a credit card in Japan.

    Want to shop online with a credit card or make a cash advance? Consider getting a Rakuten Card. You can easily apply online from the link below. Use this English application guide for reference.

    Easy Online Application! Apply for a Rakuten Card (Japanese)

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