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How to Get to Hakata Station From Fukuoka Airport

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Travelers traveling into Fukuoka Airport can use various methods of transportation from taking the subway, bus, or taxi to easily get to Hakata Station, the heart of Fukuoka. Learn about the transportation costs and required time, as well as places to visit and hotels near Hakata Station.

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Easily Get to Hakata Station from Fukuoka Airport

How To Get To Hakata Station From Fukuoka Airport

Fukuoka City is considered the main gateway of Kyushu in southern Japan, as visitors coming here can go to Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and the rest of the regions on the island from here. Separated from Honshu, the main island of Japan, Fukuoka and the surrounding prefectures here are notably different than other parts of the country.

Visit Hakata, Fukuoka City's vibrant downtown area to encounter the unique culture and sightseeing here. Fukuoka Airport is very close to Hakata Station, a major station in the city.

This article introduces three different ways to get to Hakata Station from Fukuoka Airport by subway, bus, and taxi.

1. Subway - Required Time and Fare

How To Get To Hakata Station From Fukuoka Airport

For those who want to get to Hakata fast and for an inexpensive price, take the Fukuoka City Subway. The ride to the Hakata Station takes just five minutes. The fare is 260 yen for adults, and 130 yen for children of primary school age or under.

If you arrive at the domestic terminal, use the domestic terminal 2 escalators and elevators, and go to the underground level.

From the international terminal, take the free shuttle bus from bus stop no.1. Get off at the domestic terminal 2, which is the last stop. Go to the underground level, using the escalators and elevators.

Subway tickets can be bought at the ticket machine pictured above. If you already have an rechargeable IC card such as Suica, Pasmo, or Sugoca (Kyushu's IC card), you can use them to go through the ticket gate.

There are two stops, but since this station is the terminal station, trains heading for Hakata stop at both stops.

2. Bus - Required Time and Fare

How To Get To Hakata Station From Fukuoka Airport

Photo by FUKUOKA City

For those who want to get off at a specific destination for a reasonable price, take the bus. The ride to the Hakata bus terminal takes 15 minutes and the fare is 280 yen.

Buses headed for Hakata depart from bus stop no.1 of all the three domestic terminals.

There are two routes from the international terminal. The first route is to take the free bus to the domestic terminal, and switch buses. The second route is to board the bus headed for Hakata from the international terminal. In this case, go to the international terminal's bus stop no.2, and simply board a bus running on a regular route.

Be sure to buy tickets at this ticket machine.

3. Taxi - Required Time and Fare

Hakata Station

Photo by Pixta

For those who want to travel comfortably, have heavy luggage, or are worried about getting lost on their route, we recommend taking a taxi.

There is a taxi stand at all the three domestic terminals. For those using the international terminal, go to the taxi stand on the first floor.

If you are worried about speaking Japanese, go to the taxi concierge stand, where you will see employees in red uniforms.

The taxi concierge can speak English, Korean, and Chinese. They also offer overall sightseeing information. Their service counter, open from 9:30 to 18:30, is located inside domestic terminal 2, in front of the taxi stand. For further information, check their official site (Japanese).

The taxi fare to Hakata differs according to the traffic congestion and your destination, but the average fare is about 1,600 yen.

Travel from Fukuoka Airport to Central Fukuoka

In Japan, Fukuoka Airport is famous for its proximity to the downtown area, with the subway, trains, and buses taking less than twenty minutes in most cases. This makes traveling to and from the airport very convenient and stress-free, allowing travelers can further enjoy a trip around southern Japan.

Activities in Fukuoka

While in Fukuoka, make sure to shopping and sightseeing! Below are some of our recommended spots for activities in Fukuoka.

1. JR Hakata City

Rail Shrine

Photo by Pixta

Near JR Hakata Station, you will find a large commercial facility known as JR Hakata City. Here you'll find plenty of places to do some shopping and plenty of places to dine at.

Try some of Hakata's specialties like Hakata Ramen and mentaiko dishes, or variety of classic Japanese dishes like tempura, tonkatsu, and unagi- all available in this facility.

You can purchase souvenirs at shops like Hakata Meihingura Deitos Store and Hakata Meihingura Deitos Grocery Shop. There's even a rooftop garden called Tsubame no Mori Hiroba, where you can get an amazing panoramic view of Hakata City. Railway fans must visit the Railway Shrine, where you can pray for safe travels while checking out the Mini SL Tsubame locomotive train, which is a favorite train among children!

Address: Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Hakataeki Chuou Gai 1-1
Phone: 092-431-8484
Hours:10:00~22:00 (During winter: 10:00~21:00)
Access: About 3 minutes on foot from Hakata Station

2. Sumiyoshi Shrine

Sumiyoshi Shrine

Photo by Pixta
One of over 2,100 Sumiyoshi Shrines across Japan, the Sumiyoshi Shrine in Chikuzen Ichinomiya is said to have been build nearly 1800 years ago. This shrine, along with the Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka and the Sumiyoshi Shrine in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, are known as Japan's Three Major Sumiyoshi.

This shrine in Hakata has an architecture known as the Sumiyoshi-Zukuri, one of the oldest styles in the history of shrine architecture, and has been designated as a National Important Cultural Property.

Address: Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Sumiyoshi 3-1-51
Phone: 092-291-2670
Access: About 15 minutes on foot from Hakata Station

3. Kawabatadori Shopping Street

Kawabatadori Shopping Street

Photo by Pixta

Kawabatadori Shopping Street is Hakata's first commercial town, with a long history of over 130 years. The shopping street spans 400 meters and is home to over 130 shops, including restaurants and specialty stores. Many locals frequent the shopping street, and with it being easily accessible, it's become quite tourist-friendly with many souvenir shops.

Pictured here is the Hakata Machiya Furusatokan, close to Kawabatadori Shopping Street. This tourist spot consists of three charming Hakata townhouse buildings from the Meiji era, and inside you can see and experience traditional crafts. 

Address: Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Hakata-ku, Kamikawabatamachi 10
Phone: 092-281-6223
Hours: Varies by shop
Access: About 15 minutes on foot from Hakata Station

Hotels near Hakata Station

Looking to stay near Hakata Station?  There are plenty of hotels in the area, perfect for staying for business or a tourist trip. Many hotels are close to spots and attractions, below are a few of our recommended spots to stay:

Hotel Wing International Hakata Shinkansen

Having opened back in October 2017, Hotel Wing International Hakata Shinkansenguchiis a hotel close to various tourist spots, such as being located 900 meters from Shofukuji Temple, and  just 1.1 km from Tochoji Temple.

Not only is this hotel great access for using Shinkansen, but car rentals can also be arranged on site. Fukuoka Airport is about 2 km away from the hotel.

Fukuoka, Hakata-ku Hakataekihigashi 1-17-17


Only 3 minutes away from Hakata Station, Hotel Forza Hakata Station Hakata-Guchi offers travelers some very stylish rooms. 

You can access many spots nearby by like Hakata City just a quick 5-minute walk and Shofukuji Temple about 13 minutes away by foot. You can reach Fukuoka Airport by train in approximately 11 minutes.

Fukuoka, Hakataku Hakataekimae 2-1-15

Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station

This hotel was renovated back in 2019, the lodging offers direct access to the Chikushi Exit of Hakata Station and Hakata Subway Station.

For drivers, both Ohori Park and Fukuoka Tower are a 15-minute drive away. Shoppers can visit Canal City Hakata, just a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

Oriental Hotel Fukuoka Hakata Station
Fukuoka, Hakataeki Chuogai 4-23


What is the difference between Hakata and Fukuoka?

Hakata and Fukuoka are actually often used interchangeably, but there are some distinctions between the two terms. Historically, Hakata was an individual city and a center of commerce and trade in the region. On the other hand, Fukuoka is a broader municipal entity that includes the former city of Hakata and other areas. In 1889, the cities of Fukuoka and Hakata merged to form the modern city of Fukuoka. Hakata is located in the eastern part of Fukuoka, which is in the northern part of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four main islands. Hakata Station is a major transportation hub in the city of Fukuoka. It is a crucial railway station that serves as a gateway to the Kyushu region, connecting various parts of Kyushu and mainland Japan.
Ultimately, Hakata is a district within the city of Fukuoka and is often used to refer to the historical and cultural heart of the city, while Fukuoka encompasses the broader city and its surrounding areas.

What is the main station in Fukuoka?

The main station in Fukuoka is Hakata Station. Hakata Station is a major railway station located in the Hakata district of Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Hakata Station is a critical transportation hub for the region, serving as a gateway to and from other parts of Kyushu and mainland Japan. It is a central hub for various train services, including the Shinkansen (bullet trains) such as the Sanyo Shinkansen and Kyushu Shinkansen, as well as conventional railway lines operated by JR Kyushu.

How much is Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hakata?

The cost of a Shinkansen (bullet train) ticket from Tokyo to Hakata can vary depending on several factors such as the type of service, class of seating, time of booking, and any special discounts. Here are some general price ranges you may expect for a one-way Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Hakata: for a regular, non-reserved seat on the Shinkansen, the fare typically ranges from around 20,000 to 25,000 yen. If you opt for a reserved seat, the price can be higher, generally ranging from around 22,000 to 30,000 yen or more. The Green Car offers a higher level of comfort and service. Prices for Green Car seats from Tokyo to Hakata can range from approximately 30,000 to 40,000 yen or more. It's important to note that these prices are approximate and subject to change based on availability, seasonality, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. It is recommended to check the official website of JR (Japan Railways) for the most current and accurate ticket prices and to make reservations in advance, especially during peak travel periods.

How to get to Fukuoka Castle from Hakata Station?

To get to Fukuoka Castle from Hakata Station, you have several transportation options. Fukuoka Castle (also known as Maizuru Castle) is located in Maizuru Park in Fukuoka City. Here are a few ways to reach Fukuoka Castle from Hakata Station:
1. Bus: Take a bus from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Castle. You can use Fukuoka City's bus system to reach Maizuru Park. Look for buses heading towards "Maizuru Koen" (Maizuru Park) or buses that stop near the park.
2. Subway: You can take the Fukuoka City Subway from Hakata Station to Ohorikoen Station on the Kuko Line (Airport Line). From Ohorikoen Station, it is a short walk to Fukuoka Castle in Maizuru Park.
3. Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside Hakata Station. You can take a taxi directly to Fukuoka Castle. It's advisable to have the address written down or use GPS on your phone to guide the driver.
4. Walking: Fukuoka Castle is approximately 2 to 3 kilometers away from Hakata Station. If you enjoy walking and the weather is suitable, you can take a scenic stroll to the castle. Use a map or GPS to guide you along the way.
5. Bicycle: Fukuoka City has a bike-sharing system called Fukuoka City Cycle (Fukuoka City Rental Cycle). You can rent a bike and cycle from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Castle.
Make sure to check the most up-to-date transportation information or inquire at the station's information desk for the best route and mode of transportation based on your preferences and convenience.

How to get from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Airport?

The fastest and most efficient way to travel from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Airport, which is officially known as Fukuoka Airport (FUK), take the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko Line (Airport Line) directly from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Airport Station. The journey takes around 5-10 minutes. The subway is a convenient and efficient way to reach the airport.

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