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Shining Cosmos Flowers at teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka This November

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This November the teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka will light up cosmos flowers in a sparkling, otherworldly display. Enter an entirely new world this fall - one which blends the natural with the digital.

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This November the renowned digital art collective teamLab will be lighting up the cosmos flowers of the Nagai Botanical Garden during an incredible and haunting display; Life is a Flickering Light Floating in the Dark - Cosmos.

This unique event will take place each night during the period that the flowers are blooming, which is expected to be from the beginning until the end of November.

See a Shining Show of Light and Nature at teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka

See Shining Cosmos Flowers at teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka

By daylight, Osaka's Nagai Botanical Garden is an expansive botanical garden featuring numerous plants, flowers, forests, and ponds.

At night the garden transforms into an incredible art display, created by the one and only teamLab. The digital art collective's project Digitized Nature aims to transform nature into art without damaging it in any way, via the use of light.

The result is a haunting and otherworldly space that blends the natural world with the digital seamlessly.

See Shining Cosmos Flowers at teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka

This year the garden will feature a unique seasonal event, Life is a Flickering Light Floating in the Dark - Cosmos. The seasonal cosmos flowers will transform each night into their own cosmos of light, enchanting visitors. The flowers generally only bloom until the end of November, so be sure not to miss out on visiting during this period.

Though the cosmos flowers usually only bloom for a short period, the teamLab exhibit is a permanent one, and there are many other incredible sights to enjoy in the garden. These include the brilliantly lit camelia gardens, which feature glowing, alien-like ovoid shapes.

See Shining Cosmos Flowers at teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka

The exhibits react to their surroundings and those within them, changing with the weather, seasons, and movements of the visitors.

The botanical garden itself is home to a vast ecosystem, including many species of wild birds and approximately one thousand types of trees. The area is particularly beautiful in fall, as the countless trees turn crimson red.

Be sure not to miss out on visiting this unique botanical garden experience this fall, and enter into a whole other world with the help of teamLab's incredible digital light displays.

teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka

Venue: Nagai Botanical Garden
Address: Osaka, Higashisumiyoshi Ward, 1-23 Nagaikoen
Hours: 18:00 - 21:45 (last entry 20:45) in November; 18:00 - 20:30 (last entry 20:30) in December
Fees: 1,800 yen for adults, 900 yen for those with disabilities and 600 yen for junior high school students and younger. A slight discount is available when tickets are purchased online.

Information and photo source: PR Times

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