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Visit the spectacular scenery of the Oki Islands. Top 10 Spots to See in Shimane Prefecture's Oki Islands, UNESCO Global Geopark-designated Remote Islands

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Floating off the coast of Shimane Prefecture, Oki Islands are a hidden treasure on the Sea of Japan. They are filled with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable landscapes; perfect for your Instagram feed! Here are the 10 most Instagrammable places voted by our content team:

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1. Kuniga Coast (Nishinoshima Island, Nishinoshima Town)

Located on the western coast of Nishinoshima Island, Kuniga Coast is the home to Matengai Cliff and Tsūtenkyō Arch, which are 2 of the most iconic spots of Oki. The hiking track at Kuniga Coast will provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience the breathtaking views of the coast at first hand. To get the perfect picture of Matengai Cliff from top to bottom, hop on the sightseeing boat (external site)! You will also be able to see more photogenic spots along the coast!

2. Rōsoku-jima (Candle Island) (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town)

Rising 20 meters vertically out of the water, the sea stack is the icon of Dōgo. The stack gained its name because it looks like a candle lit by the sun when it sets and aligns with the rock. To witness the miraculous moment, join the sightseeing boat tour (external site)!  

3. Sekiheki (Red Cliff) (Chiburijima Island, Chibu Village)

The Red Cliff of Chiburijima Island is a must-visit spot. The red rock, oxidized lava rich in iron, gave this stunning cliff its name. Here you can enjoy the extraordinary landscape, learn about the geological features of the area and feel the power of the Earth. The view of Sekiheki from the lookout is breathtaking, but the view of the cliff from the water is strikingly memorable. Join the sunset cruise (external site) and catch the unforgettable sight of the cliff turn flaming red by the rays of the setting sun.   

4. Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town)

Approximately 60 minutes by car from Saigō Port, this 40 meters tall Japanese cedar tree is estimated to be 800 years old. The strangely-shaped drooping roots gained the tree its name. Serene and tranquil, this is a perfect location for forest bathing and embracing Oki’s nature.

5. Yui Maenosu Intertidal Shore Platform (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town)

Located on the western shore of Dōgo, this intertidal shore platform is a hidden gem of the Oki Islands. The shore platform is crafted by wind and sea erosion. The Oki version of “the Mirror of the Sky” appears when the tide is low and waves are calm. Since this shore platform is half hidden under the waves, make sure to plan ahead before heading out!
*If you are planning to venture on a walk on the platform, please bring along your marine shoes or sandals that you don’t mind getting wet. Don’t forget a towel to clean off your feet!
*Keep track of the tide and the weather.

6. Takuhi Shrine (Nishinoshima Island, Nishinoshima Town)

Half hidden inside a cave, the wooden shrine building of Takuhi Shrine, built in 1732, is the oldest in the Oki Islands. Since the shrine is located on Mount Takuhi, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Dōzen Islands, and catch a glimpse of mainland Japan on a clear day. The hike up to the shrine is short and enjoyable, and there are bamboo hiking sticks at the entrance of the hiking track as well for those who wish to use them. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on the Japanese pit vipers and hornets that live there!   

7. Nagu-saki Cape (Dōgo Island, Okinoshima Town)

Nagu-saki Cape is also located on the western shore of Dogō Island, and quite close to Yui Maenosu Intertical Shore Platform. Here you can enjoy a short walk from the carpark to the lighthouse and admire the beauty of the Dōzen Islands, which are visible in the distance. Since part of the walking trail is inside a pasture, closed shoes are highly recommended and make sure not to disturb the cows that are enjoying their time at the cape too!Due to the special landscape, it can be very windy at Nagu-saki Cape. Bring a windbreaker with you.  

8. Mt. Akahage (Chiburijima Island, Chibu Village)

The summit of Mt. Akahage, at 325 m, is the highest point of Chiburijima Island. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the island, and here is also the place where you can take a picture of all the 4 major islands of Oki! If the weather is fine, you can also catch the sight of mainland Japan.  

9. Akiya Coast (Nakanoshima Island, Ama Town)

Located on the north-eastern coast of Nakanoshima Island, the picturesque Heart Rock of Akiya Coast is another popular sightseeing spot. A short path from the carpark will lead you closer to the Heart Rock (inaccessible by foot), and while you are there, don’t miss out the opportunity to check out the red-coloured cliff, which contrasts beautifully against the blue sea!  

10. Saburō-iwa Rocks (Nakanoshima Island, Ama Town)

Literally meaning “Three Brothers”, Saburō-iwa Rocks are three sea stacks standing northeast of Hishiura Port. Popular with the islanders, they are named Tarō, Jirō and Saburō respectively. Since the “Three Brothers” are inaccessible by foot, to catch a better glimpse of them, hop on the underwater viewing boat (external site)! The 50-minute tour will not only bring you closer to the “Three Brothers”, but will also give you an opportunity to enjoy the landscape underwater!  

For more information about the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture, please visit our official English Website!  

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The Oki Islands are an archipelago located about 50 km north of the Shimane Peninsula, and consist of 180 large and small islands. There are four inhabited islands in total, and they are mainly divided into two areas: Dōzen and Dōgo. Dōzen consists of three islands, Nishinoshima (Nishinoshima Town), Nakanoshima (Ama Town), and Chiburijima (Chibu Village), while Dōgo consists of one island where Okinoshima Town is located. These four islands and the surrounding sea have been designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark for their geological heritage, landscapes, and unique culture of international importance. The Oki Islands Geopark Management Bureau is an organization established to protect the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark and pass it on to the next generation. English website: Oki-Toku Special Ticket Campaign Site (get your return ferry ticket for free!): Japanese website:

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