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Mobal: Wi-Fi & SIM with English Support and Easy Application

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Mobal is a convenient internet service for visitors to Japan and those working or studying here long term. The company offers reasonably priced SIM cards and pocket Wi-Fi routers. Plus, if you purchase a SIM card and pocket Wi-Fi set, you'll get 10% off your Wi-Fi!


Mobal SIM&Wi-Fi Offer Many Advantages

When people visit Japan or stay here long term, one of their chief concerns is connecting to the Internet. There are countless services for smartphones and pocket Wi-Fi routers in Japan, so deciding which one to choose can be quite a dilemma.

We recommend Mobal for those who want to:

- use a service with English support.
- use both SIM and pocket Wi-Fi at a reasonable price.
- get a Japanese phone number.
- receive the SIM and Wi-Fi in their country before arriving in Japan.
- use a service with an easy application process.
- be part of a service that contributes to a sustainable society.

You can also receive a discount when signing up for Mobal's SIM card (includes telephone number) and pocket Wi-Fi router together.

This article introduces Mobal's various plans along with the advantages and disadvantages of using their services.

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The Company Providing Mobal's Services

Mobell Communications Limited―which features a brand called Mobal―is a UK-based telecom company established in 1989. It currently has offices in both the United States and Japan. Mobal offers SIM cards, pocket Wi-Fi routers, and cell phone rentals for overseas use.

Mobal is also known for contributing to various charities. They donate a portion of their profits to support educational programs and job creation in the African country of Malawi. Additionally, they are involved with projects and businesses that provide community assistance.

Now, let's take a closer look at some of Mobal's services!

Mobal's SIM Cards: Starting at 1,650 Yen per Month!


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Mobal offers SIM cards suitable for long-term stays and short-term trips.

SIM Cards for Long-Term Stays

There are four different plans for medium and long-term stays exceeding three months.

    Monthly Data Useage Monthly Fee (After Tax)
  • 1 GB
  • 1,650 yen
  • 5 GB
  • 3,190 yen
  • 10 GB
  • 3,630 yen
  • 30 GB
  • 4,378 yen

*An initial fee is required to purchase a SIM card (2,970 yen after tax).
*For phone and SMS: domestic calls are 44 yen per minute, and domestic texts are 33 yen per message. Fees for international calls and text messaging depend on the region.

Mobal SIM cards use a network belonging to SoftBank, one of Japan's major telecom carriers. The service can be used in most areas of Japan. If you use up your entire monthly data allocation, you'll get reduced speeds (up to 200Kbps). But rest assured that you'll still be able to use the Internet.

There are many instances in Japan where you'll need a phone number. One example is when conducting administrative procedures and work contracts. Therefore, a phone number is essential during your stay.

With that in mind, signing up with Mobal for a Long-Term SIM card is handy because it allows you to get a Japanese phone number.

SIM Cards for Short-Term Stays

On the other hand, the following plans are SIM cards for travelers on short-term visits.

    Duration Data Useage Fee (after tax) Use of Phone & SMS
  • 8 Days
  • 3 GB per day 4,730 yen No
  • 16 Days
  • 3 GB per day 6,490 yen No
  • 31 Days
  • 3 GB per day 7,920 yen No
  • 30 Days
  • 7 GB per month* 7,920 yen Yes
  • 60 Days
  • 7 GB per month* 12,870 yen Yes
  • 90 Days
  • 7 GB per month* 17,820 yen Yes

*Your monthly data usage is reset on the first day of every month. For example, when you purchase a 30-Day SIM Card plan on October 20 and use it until November 19, you can actually use 14 GB.

8-Day, 16-Day, and 31-Day Plans are a bargain because you can use up to 3 GB per day. Additionally, you can continue using the Internet (restricted speed) after exceeding the specified data amount.

Also, 30-Day, 60-Day, and 90-Day Plans include a Japanese phone number.

Attractive Features Unique to Mobal SIM Cards

In Japan, there are also companies with SIM cards offering more data usage at lower prices than Mobal.

However, signing up with these companies can be challenging because they usually require a Japanese bank account, and the application form is often in Japanese only.

On the other hand, Mobal users can pay with a debit card, credit card, or PayPal, making the application simple and easy. They also offer customer support in English.

In addition, Mobal can ship your SIM card wherever you live in Japan and internationallyfree of charge. You'll receive your SIM card before leaving your country and be connected and ready to go upon landing in Japan.

If you have a SIM-free unlocked smartphone, Mobal SIM cards can be used on most models.
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Mobal Pocket Wi-Fi Router Offers Large Data Capacity!


Picture courtesy of Mobal

Having lots of data capacity when working or studying in Japan is important. For these people, we recommend a Mobal Pocket Wi-Fi Router.

Mobal offers a 100 GB pocket Wi-Fi router (*) for a reasonable monthly fee of 4,980 yen (after tax*). Other Japanese pocket Wi-Fi routers offering similar data capacities have monthly fees of 7,000 to 8,000 yen. Therefore, Mobal's pocket Wi-Fi router is an absolute bargain!

With a pocket Wi-Fi router, if you use up your monthly data allowance of 100 GB, the speed slows down to a maximum of 384Kbps. This means you can still smoothly send SNS text messages.

Like the SIM card, a Mobal pocket Wi-Fi router can be shipped to your overseas address free of charge, and there's also English support.

When you sign up for a pocket Wi-Fi router with a SIM card (includes Japanese phone number), you'll get 10% off your pocket Wi-Fi fee. See the link below for details.

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*There is an initial cost required to purchase a device (6,980 yen after tax).

What Kind of People Is Mobal Best Suited for?

In recent years, Japanese cell phone plans have become more inexpensive. Cheap SIM cards offer several plans with monthly fees under 3,000 yen and 20 GB data capacity.

However, more often than not, the application form for these services is only in Japanese with complicated procedures. If you prefer using a cheaper SIM card even if the application is difficult, then do check out Mobal.

Mobal Short-Term SIM cards have 8-Day, 16-Day, and 31-Day plans. But Mobal pocket Wi-Fi also has plans calculated on a day-to-day basis. This service can be cheaper for short-term stays in Japan.

Therefore, Mobal is the best option for a simple, no-hassle application process. Alternatively, it's ideal for people interested in using a SIM card and Wi-Fi together. Plus, it's perfect for those who want English support services and place value on charitable contributions.

Using today's article as a reference, please choose the Internet service that best matches your travel style!

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Click here for Mobal Wi-Fi! Get 10% OFF with a Wi-Fi & SIM card set!

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