Connected to Haneda Airport! 4 Top Things to Experience at GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch When You Travel

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If you arrive at the airport and want to get a SIM first, or want to make a sightseeing plan with our staff for Tokyo and the rest of Japan, or have a little time to spare until your bus arrives, come visit us at our store!

Latest update :

A new commercial facility has opened directly connected to Haneda Airport's Terminal 3 since January 2023.

This facility features a hotel, a natural hot spring, shopping options, and restaurants. It's a highly recommended spot for those with spare time after their arrival at Haneda Airport.

Within this Airport Garden, you will find our store, GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch.

In this article, we would like to introduce four things you can experience at GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch!

Let's Buy a Mobile SIM Card!

The first thing you need to get when you arrive in Japan is a prepaid SIM card to use during your trip.

While you can purchase SIM cards from vending machines or airport counters, they typically offer limited plans or charge high prices for larger data amounts.

That's why we recommend considering a GTN mobile SIM.

*This is a mobile SIM plan currently available.<br>
*This is a mobile SIM plan currently available.


    Get the 30GB data plan for 3,000 yen (tax included) valid for 7 days.
    If you're staying longer or traveling with others, choose the 135GB plan (90-day duration).
    We also have a plan with a phone number for vacationers visiting Japan.

You can purchase a SIM card that aligns with your travel plans.

Additionally, GTN provides an eSIM plan that can be activated instantly, making it a highly convenient option if you prefer not to use a physical SIM card.

Once you've purchased the SIM card, our staff will assist you in setting up the APN settings, eliminating any concerns on your part. When you arrive at Haneda, we recommend purchasing your SIM card from the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Branch.

Let's Rent a Wi-Fi!

When traveling with your family, renting a pocket Wi-Fi is a convenient option to share with everyone. At our store, you can easily rent a pocket Wi-Fi with a generous data capacity at a daily rate!


    Only 550 yen (tax included) per day.
    Enjoy 10GB of data over a 3-day period (if you exceed the limit, the network speed will slow down).
    Pick up and return the device at our store located in Haneda Airport.

*You can also choose to mail the device back for an additional 550 yen (tax included) (no need to visit the store again).

Let's Plan Your Trip (Book Tours/Hotels, Get Train Passes)

If you want to explore Japan and experience its beautiful scenery, like the ocean and mountains, but you're not sure where to go, or if you're looking for suggestions for tours and popular places in Tokyo, visit GTN and our staff will help you plan your trip.


    Get discounted Seibu Railway tickets on the spot.
    Book a Sunrise Tour anywhere in Japan right away (depending on availability).
    Reserve a hotel or other accommodations instantly.

Discover Tokyo's Sightseeing and Event Information!

Explore the latest events and attractions in Tokyo and nearby areas. We provide event brochures and original area maps with all the details you need. For those who want to make the most of their time around Haneda Airport, we offer guided routes that allow you to explore the area within a short timeframe. Discover your next destination with us!


    Stay informed about this month's events in Tokyo and nearby areas.
    We have abundant information about the Haneda Airport vicinity.
    Our friendly staff recommends our original maps, which highlight various sightseeing spots.

Charge Your Smartphone and Electronic Devices

Need to charge your phone while shopping at the Haneda Airport Garden Store?

You can conveniently charge your phone and other electronic devices for free at our store. Feel free to stop by!

Rental Space

For visitors to Haneda Airport Garden who require a space for business purposes, we have rental space available.

Whether you have an impromptu meeting or need a workspace, please visit our store when the need arises!

Get a special gift when you visit us! Right now, we're giving away an original GTN clear file and sticker. Just mention that you saw our article in MATCHA to our staff. We can't wait to see you at our store!

How to access GTN Haneda Airport Garden store

To learn more about how to get to the GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store, please see the following article.

For more detailed directions from Haneda Sando to the GTN Haneda Airport Garden store, please refer to the video below.

Basic Information

    Business Hours: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    Phone: 03-6822-3033

*Please visit the Haneda Airport Garden website for updated information on any changes to business hours, temporary closures, or other modifications.

How to Get There

(1) Keikyu Line: 1-minute direct connection from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station

(2) Tokyo Monorail: 1-minute direct connection from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 station

(3) From Haneda Airport T3: Approx. 5-minute walk

We regularly post recommendations about places to visit and culinary delightson GTN Haneda Airport Garden Store's Instagram page, so don’t forget to check it out!

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