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"TheMana Village", the treasure of Cape Ashizuri, the southernmost tip of Shikoku - A superb resort experience that combines superb views and comfort

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At the luxury resort "TheMana Village" located in Ashizuri, Kochi Prefecture, why not experience the superb view of the southernmost tip of Shikoku and the ultimate healing experience? We promise you a comfortable stay in harmony with the rich nature, along with dishes that make the most of local in...

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A spectacular view of Cape Ashizuri, the southernmost tip of Shikoku

Cape Ashizuri, the southernmost tip of Shikoku , protruding into the magnificent Pacific Ocean, is a national park (Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park) that has the majesty of a Japanese cape. The superb view of the mountains, the sea, and the precipitous cliffs boasts world-renowned beauty, such as being awarded two stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan. The 270-degree horizon from Ashizuri-misaki Observation Deck and the view of the Pacific Ocean from a height of about 80 meters are truly “dynamic”.

Ships coming and going on the sea use the Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse as an important landmark to counteract the chaotic currents caused by the Kuroshio current and the complex seafloor topography formed by uplift. These complex ocean currents bring a wide variety of sea blessings, and have supported the development of Ashizuri town since ancient times.

In addition, the climate is warm enough to support the growth of subtropical plants, and the blessings of the forest, such as not only citrus fruits but also various vegetables, have supported the people who live here for many years. I would like all visitors to experience these blessings.

*Photo provided by Tosashimizu Geopark Promotion Council

The southernmost resort in Shikoku "TheMana Village"

The thought behind the name "TheMana Village" .

This hotel, which is located by the sea in Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, which started operation in 2019, was named "The Mana Village" in March 2022. Zama means "great" or "extremely" in the western Kochi dialect, with the hope that you will be able to experience the rich blessings of the land and sea with all five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. I chose the word na.

The word "Mana" means "power of nature" or "goddess of the forest" in Hawaiian, and is the food that was offered to the gods in ancient times in Japan. It is reminiscent of "Mana"). Furthermore, the strong affection for our earth called "love" is also included.

In 2022, 2 suites, lobby, and exterior were renovated, and in 2023, 3 new suites and 5 Western-style rooms were renovated. The hotel plans to continue to evolve as a complex that offers new experiences each time you visit.

The suite rooms have private open-air baths and saunas, but of course , we are also proud of our hot springs with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean . Please heal the tiredness of your trip slowly under the starry sky.

We hope that your trip will be filled with "Zamana" memories.

Sophisticated lobby full of openness

In order to bring the power of nature closer, the simply decorated lobby offers the best experience for visitors. The welcome drink that is served upon arrival is a special treat to soothe away the fatigue of your journey. The magnificent art work was originally created using Tosa Washi paper, imagining the sea and sky of Ashizuri. Even when the weather isn't great, it's fun to add color from the heart to this monochrome canvas to create the colors of the earth.

The Café attached to the lobby offers coffee, craft beer, original cocktails, juices made with citrus fruits, and more, all of which you can drink for free during your stay .

The Mana Village lobby is open to customers of the adjacent Italian restaurant, Azzurrissimo, as well as to cafe patrons. In the lobby, which is open to locals, events such as tea ceremony experiences and art exhibitions by local students are held depending on the timing.

Exquisite meals using ingredients from Kochi

For dinner, you can choose between Japanese kaiseki or Italian.

At the Japanese-style Tosa Kaiseki, you can enjoy appetizers and meat dishes such as bonito tataki that are prepared in front of you in the live kitchen. This is the only place in western Kochi Prefecture where you can see this straw-grilled tataki right in front of you . Please taste the straw-grilled tataki made with traditional methods with natural salt and homemade ponzu sauce.

Italian dinners are also served at the on-site restaurant "Azzurrissimo", which offers traditional Italian cuisine that makes use of Kochi ingredients. Please also refer to this article.
``Azzurrissimo'', the ultimate in Italian cuisine made with ingredients grown in the sea and mountains of Ashizuri, Shikoku

The presentation will leave you with the impression that you are enjoying Kochi's food culture rather than Western food, and it will be etched in your memory for a long time.

You can also choose between Japanese and Western breakfasts, so you can spend several nights without getting bored.


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