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[Sushi Hachimaru] An excellent sushi place where you can fully enjoy Kanazawa's seasonal ingredients.

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"Sushi Hachimaru" is in an excellent location, a 5-minute walk from Kanazawa Station. Nakamura-san, the owner of the popular izakaya "Hachimaru" group, offers delicious dishes made with plenty of local ingredients from the Hokuriku region at reasonable prices.

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Don't be overbearing, don't be pretentious, don't stretch your shoulders and elbows.

In recent years, it has become a style of sushi restaurants to focus on rarity regardless of price. We are thoroughly building our store. The toppings are carefully selected seasonal ingredients from local Kanazawa that the owner purchases every morning, and the sushi rice is made from Koshihikari rice produced in Noto, blended with Edomae red vinegar and rice vinegar. It has a good balance of toppings and sushi rice, and is easy to eat because it is small. Basically, it is a course meal, and it is nice to be able to have a dish using local ingredients in addition to sushi.

Inside the store, we have focused on comfort in each space so that you can enjoy your meal in any situation. If you sit at the spacious and spacious counter, it's just like a stage. You can't take your eyes off each movement of the craftsmen.

The private rooms are spacious and you can spend your private time without worrying about other customers. It's perfect for entertaining guests from afar, as well as dining with relatives and entertaining guests.

There are also a wide variety of sake that can be enjoyed with sushi, and more than 30 types of sake are always available. All of them are set lower than the general price.

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