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[New product] Original soft serve ice cream from "PAPAN GA PAN"

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"PAPAN GA PAN" is a French toast specialty store with an impressive panda character. Starting with the opening of the Kanazawa store in 2021, stores have opened in Tokyo, Saitama, Fukuoka, Ibaraki, etc., and pop-up shops are also being developed all over the country.

Latest update :

A new menu appeared at the same store on 8/3 (Thursday). The lineup includes the store's original soft serve "Original Vanilla", which mixes the flavor of French toast, and topping flavors such as "vanilla chocolate", "vanilla caramel", "vanilla matcha", and "vanilla strawberry". Both cones and cups are available. This soft-serve ice cream, which looks cute, has a fluffy texture with plenty of air, and is characterized by a surprisingly smooth melting in the mouth. Let's survive this hot summer with new software!

[New product]・Original soft ice cream 450 yen (cone/cup) *500 yen with topping flavor (chocolate, caramel, matcha, strawberry)

■ Papangapan Kanazawa store

Address: 1-414 Fujiekita, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Phone number/076-213-7667

Business hours/11:00-19:00

No regular holiday

Parking lot/5 cars

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