[Himeji City] Pudding specialty store “Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding” aims to become a new standard Himeji souvenir

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With a unique concept and a pudding with a super new texture, we sell puddings that are easy to make as souvenirs not only for people visiting Himeji Castle but also for people living in Himeji. We also have unique soft serve ice cream and cider.

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A super new texture pudding is born! Himeji Castle's famous "crunchy smooth pudding"

The store's interior is based on the warmth of wood and a refreshing ramune color, with a cheerful shout of "Welcome".

The concept behind this pudding is ``If there was a pudding shop in Himeji castle town, this pudding would be loved by the people of Himeji.'' Inside the store and on the paper bags, scenes from Himeji Castle Town, where the pudding shop is located, are drawn.

A fun illustration of a pudding shop and people eating pudding in a castle town.<br>
A fun illustration of a pudding shop and people eating pudding in a castle town.

``Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding'' sells puddings made with carefully selected ingredients from Hyogo Prefecture and all over the country. The main product is the ``Crunchy Smooth Shiro Pudding'' (480 yen), which is a specialty of Himeji Castle and has a brilliant idea.

This pudding is made with Yamabuki eggs grown in the mountains of Tamba, and has a thick, smooth texture. The recommended way to eat it is to eat about half of the pudding, then put it on top of a meringue candy shaped like a piece of Himeji Castle's pure white wall, or mix it inside the pudding. This pudding has a super new crunchy texture that you can enjoy twice.

It's a pudding that you'll want to share with others, so it's perfect as a souvenir.

There are a total of seven types of pudding available. ``Milk Pudding'' (460 yen), which uses rich milk that goes well with pudding, is truly pure white, as it was made with the aim of being the whitest pudding in Japan. This pudding has a rich flavor that conveys a sense of luxury.

Special tasting at the time of interview. In the foreground is Himeji Castle's famous


Special tasting at the time of interview. In the foreground is Himeji Castle's famous "crunchy smooth white pudding" and meringue sweets (right), inside is "hojicha pudding" and in the back is pure white "milk pudding"

The recommended product for foreign tourists visiting Himeji Castle is the ``Sake Hanayagu Otona no Pudding'' (460 yen). We hope you will enjoy it as a souvenir of your visit to Japan (please note that it contains alcohol).

We also have ``Fluffy egg pudding'' (480 yen), ``Hojicha pudding'' (480 yen) recommended by our staff, ``Coffee pudding'' with bittersweet taste (460 yen), and ``Coffee pudding'' (460 yen) that will make you want to close your eyes and eat it. There is "Tea Pudding" (460 yen). We also sell products that include these as a set. Of course, you can also purchase from 1 piece.

Not only the standard pudding, but also the “Zaku Zaku Pudding Soft”

``Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding'' is perfect as a souvenir, but it also empathizes with Himeji City's efforts to create a walkable town, and we hope that people can enjoy the pudding while taking a break on a bench on Otemae Street. Masu.

Therefore, what is perfect for the hot summer is the Himeji Castle specialty ``Zaku Zaku Pudding Soft'' (580 yen), which is a combination of the famous pudding and soft serve ice cream.

A cute dish with soft serve ice cream topped with the signature product, Himeji Castle's famous ``Crunchy Smooth Shiro Pudding''. You can eat it by mixing it with surprisingly rich soft serve ice cream or pudding, or enjoy the crunchy texture of meringue sweets.It's a great value, and it has a taste that makes you feel nostalgic.

They also have ``Shirasaki Cider'' (250 yen) and ``Shirasaki Cider Yuzu'' (280 yen), which uses yuzu from Hyogo Prefecture. This product is perfect for the hot summer.

From now on, they say, ``We will focus on developing new products that are unique to Himeji through interaction with local people,'' and in the fall, they plan to start selling new locally-based products. After that, they plan to release new products every season, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Thoughts behind “Himeji Castle Shiro Pudding”

“Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding” was launched by Daiki Kasuga, CEO of LightHouse Co., Ltd. (from Kobe City). He is a food professional who worked for a major food manufacturer and then worked for Japan's largest consulting firm, focusing on supporting food-related companies.

Utilizing his knowledge and past experience in the special refrigeration industry where he served as an executive officer, he established LightHouse Co., Ltd., a consulting company, in April 2023. Wanting to become a lighthouse that supports the startups of local companies (community-based companies), he decided to operate a store that would serve as a model for himself, and in just three months he launched Himeji Castle Ohizamoto Shiro Pudding. raised.

If we were going to do it in our hometown of Hyogo Prefecture, we would like to do it in Himeji, a tourist city that is attracting attention from overseas, so we are operating the store with an eye toward inbound tourism, such as English-speaking staff and POP production for foreign visitors.

Product development will be carried out by President Kasuga, a pastry chef, and a processing company.In the future, we plan to open stores in surrounding areas to support people who want to open their own stores, and move forward with the creation of a central kitchen. It's called.

``I think of ``Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding'' as a showroom for our consulting business,'' says President Kasuga. ``As a consultant, I want to help people who are struggling with store management,'' he said, ``In the future, I want to expand the concept of creating fun stores, not just pudding stores.''

We also have paper bags for souvenirs, and ``Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding'' is attracting attention as a new standard Himeji souvenir.

(Writer Takashi Tsukamoto)

*This article is information as of May 2023. Prices include tax. Product contents and prices may change.

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Pudding specialty store “Himeji Castle Ohimoto Shiro Pudding”

Address: 1st floor, Itayoshi Building, 68 Honmachi, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 078-341-1191 (main)

Business hours: 10:00-18:00

Regular holidays: Irregular holidays

Access: 11 minutes walk from JR Himeji Station, 2 minutes walk from Himeji Castle, 4 minutes walk from the sightseeing bus parking lot (Otemae Parking Lot), 1 minute walk from the Shinki Bus "Himeji Castle Otemon-mae (Westbound)" bus stop, 2 minutes walk from Himeji Castle Otemon-mae bus stop, 2 minutes walk from Himeji Castle Loop Bus "Himeji Castle Otemon-mae" bus stop, 4 minutes walk from Kokoen-mae/Otemae-dori bus stop.

Parking: None (use nearby parking lots)

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