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[RENEW/2023 will be held] Come, young people, to the city of manufacturing.

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A manufacturing event representing Fukui. It has been decided that "RENEW", an experiential manufacturing market where you can "see, learn, and experience" that is held only once a year, will be held again this year. In order to create a sustainable production area, we will be holding the event loca...

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[RENEW/2023 event overview]

・Date: October 6th (Friday) to October 8th (Sunday), 2023
・Venue: All areas of Sabae City, Echizen City, and Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture

The Echizen Sabae area (all of Sabae City, Echizen City, and Echizen Town) in Fukui Prefecture is a major manufacturing hub. Traditional crafts such as Echizen lacquerware, Echizen washi paper, Echizen cutlery, Echizen chest of drawers, and Echizen ware, as well as local industries such as eyeglasses and textiles, are all concentrated within a 10km radius.

In addition, Echizen Sabae's craftsmanship continues to inherit techniques while adapting to the times, and more than 30 factory shops have recently opened. An increasing number of young people are moving to production areas to take part in manufacturing, and a new wind is blowing. Please come and experience the excitement generated by manufacturing. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.

RENEW/2023 event overview

This year, in addition to the usual workshop tours and workshops, we are planning to hold a variety of fun content such as expositions and talk events.

We will release the information decided at this time as soon as possible.


1. Workshop tour
The Echizen Sabae area in Fukui Prefecture has produced a wide variety of products such as lacquerware and washi paper for many years. During the RENEW period, you can freely enter and exit more than 80 workshops and shops. The appeal of RENEW is that you can see actual work in the workshop and communicate directly with the craftsmen who have been involved in making the products. Come experience the passion of our craftsmen.

2. Workshop
One of the real pleasures of RENEW is the workshops held by each company with their own unique ideas. This is a valuable opportunity to experience techniques while listening to explanations from craftsmen. Enjoy hands-on crafting activities such as lacquer painting, paper making, and making original glasses.


RENEW TRAVEL STAND is a drink stand where you can enjoy drinks with local products and discuss how to get around RENEW and the workshops you want to visit. The staff will talk to you about the workshops and craftsmen who make the products that serve drinks, and recommend the workshop that suits you. Why not stop by and find some tips to make your trip more enjoyable?

4. Local food

Fukui is also proud of its delicious food culture. Restaurants that are rooted in each region are also a major component of RENEW. Please enjoy Fukui's food to your heart's content, from flavors loved by locals to unknown new products that make use of local specialties.

5. Town/People/Work

"Town/People/Job -Localism Expo Fukui-" is a shop-style exposition that introduces socially significant activities under keywords such as "manufacturing, food, education, welfare, community, IT, and disaster prevention." Why not reconsider the future of the region and the way we live while listening to the thoughts and stories of those involved from all over the country?

・Date: Friday, October 6, 2023 / 13:00-20:00
Saturday, October 7th / 10:00-18:00
Sunday, October 8th / 10:00-16:00

・Venue: Urushi no Sato Kaikan Industrial Promotion Exchange Hall (40-1-2 Nishibukuro-cho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture)

・Admission: 500 yen (free for high school students and under)

・Participating companies: Please check the page below.

Please find more information here:

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This is Fukui, a place of "creation". Fukui is a place where you can see, hear, and experience the craftsmanship of a production area that has maintained traditional techniques while also adapting to the changing times. We hope that through encountering the people and objects directly at manufacturing sites, the process of manufacturing become more personal for travelers.

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