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[Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture] Annual event calendar

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90 minutes by car from Tokyo! No transfers from Shinjuku Station or Tokyo Station by express bus! Participate in an event at Tateyama City, a resort in Chiba!

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strawberry picking

You can enjoy strawberry picking in the warm Tateyama for a long period from early January to early May!

Tateyama Wakashio Marathon

A marathon event held on the last Sunday of January every year. Approximately 10,000 runners will run through the scenic Tateyama!

Best time to see rape blossoms

In the Heisaura area of ​​the Boso Flower Line, rape blossoms are at their best in late January every year.


Seasonal operation of high-speed jet boat

A high-speed jet boat will be operating between Tokyo, Tateyama, and Oshima in conjunction with the Izu Oshima Camellia Festival!

Mamono Taro Festival

The Taro Festival, which has been designated as a national important intangible folk cultural property, is a traditional event that has been passed down since ancient times in Momei, Kobe area.


Best time to see plums

Plum blossoms are in full bloom at Shiroyama Park's plum garden.


Best time to see cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Awa Shrine and Shiroyama Park, and the area is crowded with many visitors.


diamond fuji

You can see the phenomenon called ``Diamond Fuji,'' where the sun sets over the top of Mt. Fuji, all over the city.

Best time to see azaleas and azaleas

At Shiroyama Park, the approximately 6,400 azaleas and 3,800 azaleas are in full bloom.


Tateyama Wakashio Triathlon Tournament

The beautiful, crystal-clear sea around Okinoshima and the course within the Self-Defense Forces, which you don't usually run on, are attractive!


Opening of beach

Four beaches will be opened in Tateyama.

Tateyama Sea Town Festa

There will be events where you can experience sea kayaking and dinghies, see working boats up close, and feel the charm of the sea.

Sea firefly observation event

Let's collect and observe sea fireflies that live in sandy areas with clean water!


Tateyama Fireworks Festival

A fireworks festival held on August 8th every year. The highlight is the underwater fireworks exploding in the sea!

Fig picking experience

At Tateyama Pioneer Farm, we offer fig picking experiences from August to October.


Awa Province Priest Yawatan Town

It is the biggest festival in the Awa area, and is held every year on the Saturday and Sunday just before Respect for the Aged Day.

Fig sweets campaign

From September to mid-October, parfaits, sundaes, and sweets made with figs grown in Tateyama will be sold at restaurants in Tateyama, and fig agar will be provided to guests staying at accommodation facilities.


Best time to see autumn leaves

At Shiroyama Park, maples and ginkgo trees change color near the Japanese garden and children's playground from mid-November to early December.


Lettuce picking experience

At Anzai Farm, we offer lettuce picking experiences from early December to March.

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Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture is a city rich in nature, influenced by the Kuroshio Current, with a mild climate where flowers bloom even in winter, a varied coastline designated as Minamiboso Quasi-National Park, lush fields and mountains, and fresh seafood from the mountains. It's a town. It is also a town steeped in history and romance, with historic sites related to the Satomi clan, a feudal lord from the Sengoku period, who served as the model for Nanso Satomi Hakkenden. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxing and relaxing time in Tateyama, located at the southern tip of Chiba Prefecture, just 100 kilometers from Tokyo.

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