[Himeji City] Nekobiyaka, a black cat-only cat cafe near Himeji Station

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There are many different types of cats, including calico cats, mackerel cats, brown cats, hachiwari cats, kijineko cats, and white cats, but there is a cat cafe in Himeji that specializes in black cats. Its name is "Nekobiyaka". This is a shop where 11 black cats live.

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Nekobiyaka's entrance<br>
Nekobiyaka's entrance

11 black cats

When you look up from the road, you can catch a glimpse of a black cat.<br>
When you look up from the road, you can catch a glimpse of a black cat.

Nekobiyaka is a cat cafe specializing in black cats located on the second floor along National Route 2, 200m north of JR Himeji Station. When you enter the store, you will find yourself in a wonderland of black cats. Black cats are relaxing all over the room.

Step into a black cat wonderland<br>
Step into a black cat wonderland

No hugging, no flash, no videos allowed. It's OK to take pictures, and it's also OK for cats to climb onto your lap. This is a cafe where a large number of unspecified customers come, so it's a normal rule considering the stress on cats.

Kuroneko-san who is enrolled in Nekobiyaka-san<br>
Kuroneko-san who is enrolled in Nekobiyaka-san

Since they are all black cats, you have no idea which one is who at first. That's why Nekobiyaka matches the color of the cloth collars to each cat's name.

Midori, Oren Samurai, Momohiko, Akaho, Murasaki, Aono, Chami, Kinkan, Ginnan, Shirayuki, Kuroda Kanbei. They have the same color, but each has a unique face, body, and personality.

Difficult to distinguish, but unique

Midori suddenly gets on my lap<br>
Midori suddenly gets on my lap

Actually, this is my third time visiting here. Midori-san is the first person to come to me every time. When I sit on the chair by the window, he immediately climbs into my lap. Born on August 16, 2012, she is the oldest Nekobiyaka.

By the way, the next day, August 17th, is Black Cat Appreciation Day. This movement is said to have its roots in a movement started by an American man. In memory of her daughter, who loved black cats, the anniversary of her death was designated as ``Black Cat Appreciation Day,'' a day to pray for the happiness of black cats around the world.

Black cats relaxing freely<br>
Black cats relaxing freely
Ginnan-chan came down from the counter<br>
Ginnan-chan came down from the counter
Murasaki next to the bookshelf<br>
Murasaki next to the bookshelf
The counter is covered with black cats<br>
The counter is covered with black cats

Nekobiyaka was created about 12 years ago. It seems that the black cat wasn't there at first. One day, they rescued four black cat siblings from a public health center, and they were well-received by customers, which led to the cafe gradually becoming a black cat cafe.

They also run another hidden cat cafe in the suburbs, and it seems that all the cats other than Kuroneko are there.

Midori from inside the box<br>
Midori from inside the box

Black cats have long been considered lucky cats in Japan.

When it comes to black cats, there seems to be some prejudice that they are considered unlucky or scary. I have also heard that even if a pet is rescued, it is difficult to find a foster parent because it doesn't look good in photos.

However, I get the impression that there are a lot of black cat fans among cat lovers. If you take a good photo of them, they look better in photos than other coat colors, and the idea that black cats are unlucky is a superstition that came mainly from Europe, and in Japan they have been considered lucky cats for a long time. 

Is this cat relaxing by the window Kinkan-chan?<br>
Is this cat relaxing by the window Kinkan-chan?
There is also a theory that it was considered a lucky cat because they could see well even at night.<br>
There is also a theory that it was considered a lucky cat because they could see well even at night.
Kanbei Kuroda fits neatly in a round shape<br>
Kanbei Kuroda fits neatly in a round shape
Do you work at the counter?<br>
Do you work at the counter?

There are various theories about the relationship between a cat's coat color and personality, but it is generally said that black cats are gentle, friendly, and intelligent. Nekobiyaka's cats all seem to be living peacefully. I've never seen them run around, fight, or argue loudly.

Shirayuki-chan, I wonder if she's thinking while looking into the distance.<br>
Shirayuki-chan, I wonder if she's thinking while looking into the distance.
Who is below, Murasaki-chan?<br>
Who is below, Murasaki-chan?
Is the box calm? Chami-chan<br>
Is the box calm? Chami-chan

If you win, you're lucky, snack time

It was around noon on this day, but after a while it was time for a snack. The staff at the store handed out some tulle to the back of my hand, and I put it on the back of my hand and gave it to the cats. It's so cute how he comes up to me and puts his mouth close to me. The rough texture on the tongue also feels good.


What? Snack?

Snack time? Really?

Is everyone eating something?

Go get it!

Nekobiyaka has a calm and relaxing atmosphere. When I'm surrounded by Kuroneko, lucky cats, who are relaxing all over the room, I feel like my heart is filled with good fortune.

It was delicious

I want a little more

Nekobiyaka is located within easy walking distance from Himeji Station. Please come and visit at least once. Kuroneko with their rich personalities will welcome you.

(Writer Kojima)

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Basic Information

Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka -Black cat cm-

Address: 2F Mifune Building, 322 Ekimae-cho, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 090-6757-2810 (Store business hours only)

Business hours: 10:00-18:00 *Last entry is 1 hour before closing

Closed: Tuesday, Friday

Access: 5 minutes walk from Himeji Station

Parking: None

Click here for the official website

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