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Traveling Safely: Facts On Japan's Drinkable Tap Water
  • Traveling Safely: Facts On Japan's Drinkable Tap Water

Traveling Safely: Facts On Japan's Drinkable Tap Water

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Does Japan's water taste different from your home country? Stay with us as we bring you information regarding this life-saving liquid.

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Hiromasa Uematsu

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Your water intake is important during your trip. A thirsty traveler will not be able to fully enjoy the sights, and could potentially make themselves very sick.

This article will provide basic information about Japan's water that you should know.

Japan's Tap Water is Potable


Japan's tap water is very drinkable. The national water infrastructure is reliable and purification facilities are well-maintained, so the tap water is of good quality and easy on the stomach.

If you're feeling parched, a glass of tap water can solve your problem for the moment.

Along with places such as Finland and Germany, Japan is one of only fifteen or so countries in the world with clean water.

Tap Water is Sold in Japan

Some readers may be thinking, "Even if the tap water is safe to drink, mineral water just tastes better, so there's no need to drink from the tap."

We would like to recommend that these readers give Tokyo water a try. Bottled Tokyo tap water is available for sale as well. This product was created for Tokyo PR purposes, so it can be purchased for around 100 yen.

In Tokyo itself, the bottled water is currently available at places like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building store, the Tokyo Omiyage Center inside Tokyo Station, and Ueno Onshi Park (as of 2014). It may be a little strange to pay money for tap water, but it is a fun little souvenir of Tokyo.

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