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Azabudai Hills: A New Tokyo Landmark Opening November 2023

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Azabudai Hills is a large-scale commercial complex that includes the teamLab Borderless: Mori Building Digital Art Museum, shopping and dining facilities, and the Aman Resorts sister hotel brand JANU Tokyo. Read on to learn more about the features and highlights of this new facility.

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Azabudai Hills: Grand Opening in November 2023


Tokyo's Azabudai Hills, situated in the Toranomon - Azabudai area, is a complex that brings together amusement, shopping, and dining facilities. After many years of development, it will finally have its grand opening on November 24, 2023!

Azabudai Hills consists of the main building, the Mori JP Tower, and other components such as Residence A, Residence B, and Garden Plaza A to D, covering a vast area. It is designed to accommodate various functional facilities for urban living, including offices, residences, commercial spaces, cultural facilities, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

A Leisure Square Surrounded by Greenery

yoshitomo nara

©️DBOX for Mori Building Co., Ltd. - Azabudai Hills: Nara Yoshitomo "Tokyo's Forest Child" 2023
The area surrounding the facility building is home to abundant greenery with about 320 types of plants. They have created a vegetable and fruit garden, providing a breathing space within the urban jungle while enjoying the seasonal scenery.

Among them, in the approximately 6,000 square meters central square, there is a special large roof that resembles a floating cloud. Various activities will take place here, and you can also enjoy the art piece "Tokyo's Forest Child" by Yoshitomo Nara.

Dining Facilities at Azabudai Hills


In the greenery-filled Azabudai Hills, there are 150 shops and stores that bring together fashion, cuisine, beauty, culture, art, health, and more. For instance, in the underground space of the central square, there is a large 4,000 square meter AZABUDAI HILLS MARKET, offering a variety of carefully selected ingredients, desserts, baked goods, snacks, and diverse culinary delights.


In the Mori JP Tower's Plaza, multiple stylish, lifestyle, and dining establishments will be opened. Additionally, the Garden Plaza is planning to feature an open-air café and high-quality Japanese restaurants. Whether shopping or indulging in gourmet delights, it can all be experienced in a more comfortable manner.


ARABICA coffee shop will also open two branches here, one at the entrance connecting Shimbashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Azabudai Hills, and another on the fourth floor of the Mori JP Tower.

Introducing Hotel JANU TOKYO

azabudai JANU TOKYO

The sister brand of Aman Resorts, JANU TOKYO, is also preparing to make its debut at Azabudai Hills.

The hotel will feature 122 rooms, and from the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms, guests can enjoy views of Tokyo Tower and the urban landscape. Additionally, private balconies allow for an undisturbed appreciation of the vibrant day and night scenes of Tokyo.

Coming Soon:teamLab Borderless: Digital Art Museum in Mori Building


teamLab Microcosmoses - Jelly (tentative title) ©teamLab
In addition to the art installations and gallery exhibitions within Azabudai Hills, the teamLab Borderless: Mori Building Digital Art Museum is also scheduled to debut within Azabudai Hills in January 2024.

At that time, there will be even more unreleased or brand-new works to showcase, making it highly anticipated.

Azabudai Hills Information

Location: Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi 3-chome, Azabudai 1-chome, Toranomon 5-chome

Information and photo source: PR TIMES

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