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Anniversary concierge will support your celebration! Anniversary inn “Genji-koh”

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``Genji-koh'', where you can enjoy seafood and the ocean front, is also an ``anniversary inn''. Why the anniversary? What will you do for me?

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Why an anniversary inn?

First of all, why is Genji-koh an anniversary inn? That's because our inn is one of the inns in the group called "Anniversary Inn Kaiei RYOKANS." So, why is Kaiei RYOKANS an anniversary inn?

Nowadays, it has become commonplace to use hotels and inns for anniversaries. However, in the olden days, sightseeing and company pleasure trips were the norm. At that time, our group of inns recognized that ``anniversaries are part of the purpose of travel,'' and registered the trademark ``Anniversary Inns.''

What kind of celebration do you have?

As an anniversary inn, our staff will do their best to support your celebration. Regardless of whether you are a day-tripper or staying overnight, we offer complimentary sekihan (sekihan) and a souvenir photo to guests who come to celebrate. In addition, guests celebrating their birthday will be treated to a special dessert plate made by the hotel. Of course, for customers who come to celebrate milestones such as their 60th birthday, it is natural to rent out chanchanko! Not only that, but many people have been moved to tears by our group's original small surprise celebrations. What was that little surprise? Ah, sorry, I was stopped by the manager next to me.

anniversary concierge

For those who thought that photos and dessert plates were commonplace. Of course, it's not just an anniversary inn. Our hotel has an ``anniversary concierge.'' What is that? In other words, it is the anniversary version of the concierge at the hotel. We will give a phone call to customers who have applied for accommodation under the Anniversary Concierge Plan, ask them about their celebration, and suggest what kind of celebration and hospitality they can provide within their budget.

Anniversary concierge suggestion hospitality

So, what kind of hospitality do they actually provide? For our customers, we mainly provide information on cakes, bouquets, champagne towers, and room decorations. But not only that, the other day, to commemorate our grandchild's sleepover, we created original garlands and towel cakes to decorate the hotel.

We communicate with customers many times via email or phone to decide on the timing of the cake, the color of the bouquet, and whether or not to include a message card. On the other hand, for customers who want to leave it to us, we can show off our skills. We will surprise you with words of congratulations and a drink with your name on it.

For the last guest who said he came because the Kenkichi Sugimoto Museum near our museum was closing, we surprised him by displaying a Kenkichi Sugimoto painting from our collection in his room. I still remember the look on a customer's face during dinner when he said, "I was so happy!"

There's no reason to celebrate anything special unless it's an anniversary concierge plan!

For customers other than those on the Anniversary Concierge Plan, of course we will do our best to support you in your celebrations! In the first place, anniversary concierges are staff members who want to provide the best hospitality for customers' celebrations, so they raise the level of awareness among the entire staff and develop new celebrations. For example, I learned how to create and serve cocktails with the wait staff to liven up the atmosphere. I once gave a red cocktail as a surprise gift to a person celebrating their 60th birthday, which made them happy. We also once had a male customer who was thinking of proposing a marriage proposal, so we arranged a meeting with him during dinner when the woman was not present, and provided him with a decorated private room for dessert, which made him very happy. Based on the belief that important anniversaries are a source of emotional support, our staff always strives to make celebrations more exciting.

Go to Genji-koh on your anniversary!

The examples listed here are just a few. Genji-koh's anniversary celebration is still evolving. Please come to Genji-koh for your anniversary.

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Through the deep and tranquil world of incense that reminds us of the hospitality and elegance of scent, Genji-koh is an inn that reminds you of the elegance of the era of The Tale of Genji. Our inn is Japan's first Japanese-style inn with a scent-themed theme. Awakening the forgotten peace of mind. You can feel the comfort of incense everywhere in your room and throughout the hotel.

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