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recommendation! 4 unique gourmet burger shops in Nagoya PART1

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Among hamburgers, high-quality hamburgers made with particular attention to ingredients and manufacturing methods are called gourmet burgers, and many people are attracted to them. What's appealing about it is that you can enjoy not only gourmet burgers but also its unique logo, interior design, and...

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This is a popular store that opened in 2006. Our juicy 100% Hida beef patties are handmade. The texture of the buns and fresh ingredients are the best combination.

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Layers is located south of Nagoya Castle. The name of the area around Layers means the area surrounded by the moat of Nagoya Castle.

We also recommend walking from Nagoya Station and Nagoya Castle to Layers.

Nagoya Castle "Buratamori Nagoya Edition" for reference when walking around the castle town


The concept of the restaurant is ``Hamburgers are meat dishes! "is. The hamburger is a 100% beef patty.

This American diner has an extensive menu of 25 types, including curry and nachos, and 40 types of beer from around the world. This is a restaurant where you can enjoy both day and night.

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The original patty is 100% beef. The patty is made with specially ordered Australian beef and Wagyu beef fat. You can also upgrade to a "superior patty" that contains high-quality meat. Another appealing feature is the homemade domestic wheat buns that are baked in the store's oven by the staff every morning.

There is a takeout and eat-in counter on the first floor. The second floor has an antique atmosphere.

The owner has experience living in Australia. Some staff can speak English.

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MEIHOKU burger

The famous hamburger is made with carefully selected ingredients and has an outstanding steak-like taste.

The patty is a blend of Japanese and Australian beef. The patty goes well with the original buns.

Specialty coffee beans are used for our original blended coffee.

The interior of the restaurant has an American atmosphere and is comfortable.

Weekday-only lunch set (hamburger, fries, and drink included) is a great deal! Takeout and delivery are also available.

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Kabuki and other performances are held at Misonoza, about 250 meters north of MEIHOKU BURGER.

In addition, there is Shirakawa Park, which is full of greenery, to the southeast from the store. Within the park is the Nagoya City Science Museum, where you can enjoy one of the world's largest planetariums. There is also the Nagoya City Museum of Art, designed by Kisho Kurokawa, a native of Nagoya. It is also recommended to enjoy exhibitions and other events.

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Nagoya is located in the Chubu region of Japan, and has a well-developed transportation network including Chubu Centrair International Airport, Shinkansen, and high-speed railways. Located in the center of the Golden Route, which connects Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and is popular with foreign visitors tourists, it is convenient for access from within Japan and overseas. In the past, many military commanders from this region were active. You can enjoy samurai culture at places such as Nagoya Castle and the Tokugawa Art Museum. You can also enjoy rich traditional culture, such as the heroic float festival, the beautiful Arimatsu Shibori, which has been recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site, and Nagoya's Japanese sweets that correspond to the tea culture. Additionally, industries in various fields have developed in Nagoya. You can learn about the history of manufacturing at places like the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. In addition, the unique local gourmet dish called ``Nagomeshi'' is popular. During your stay, you can enjoy a wide variety of food culture. Please come and visit Nagoya, where you can enjoy everything from various angles, including history, manufacturing, food, and traditional culture.

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