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[Ako City] A sister store to “Nanki” along Sakoshi Daido, all stylish and nice

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The old folk house cafe ``Nonki'' and its sister shops ``Tsumugi'', a select shop selling ceramics and clothing made by artists, ``Nonki Picnic'', a takeout specialty shop in a renovated former barber shop, and second-hand goods shop ``Tsumugi''. There is a store called ``Furuki Tsune''.

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“Nanki” is an old folk house cafe popular for set meals and shaved ice.

The store is a stylishly renovated old folk house.<br>
The store is a stylishly renovated old folk house.

An old folk house cafe "Nanki" is located near Kidomon, the former entrance to Sakoshi. Masato Hashimoto and Megumi Hashimoto took over a townhouse that had been a geta shop in the late Taisho era from its previous tenant, self-built it with tatami flooring and repainted walls, and opened the store in 2010.

At first, while running a European antique goods store in Himeji, we sold similar goods here only on weekends, but due to requests from the local community, we closed the Himeji store a year later and opened the store in earnest. We started operating a cafe in .

“One soup and many dishes set meal” (1,320 yen)<br>
“One soup and many dishes set meal” (1,320 yen)

The most popular lunch menu at Annegi is the weekly ``One Juice and Many Vegetables Set Meal''. Each main dish comes with 3 side dishes.

For the rice, we use rice with reduced pesticides made by Megumi's family, and you can choose between brown rice with soybeans and black beans, or mixed grain rice.

Most of the vegetables are from our own gardens and nonki fields. The miso soup, made with miso made from organic soybeans, also has a hearty and gentle flavor.

The main dish of the day was ``Milano-style chicken cutlets.'' A plump chicken cutlet topped with rich sauce and Parmesan cheese. Sauteed beets are also served as a side dish. No matter when you go, it's a perfectly balanced set menu that uses plenty of seasonal vegetables.

“Whimsical Pasta” (1,320 yen)<br>
“Whimsical Pasta” (1,320 yen)

"Bolognese" is currently being offered as a "whimsical pasta." The sauce is extremely tasty and the volume is incredible. And this artistic arrangement. Even men should be satisfied.

In winter, Sakoshi's unique oyster-filled pastas, such as oyster peperoncini and carbonara, become available.


"Shaved ice (mango)" (800 yen)

Shaved ice is a popular summer menu item. All syrups are handmade. There are eight types in the lineup, including strawberry, mango, and Earl Grey, while banana milk and kiwi are characterized by their freshness, with syrup made every time you order.

Starting this year, a new menu that uses plenty of peaches from Ako has also been introduced.

Kou Hashimoto, in charge of cooking<br>
Kou Hashimoto, in charge of cooking

Niji Hashimoto, who has been in charge of cooking since last fall, is the eldest son of Masato and Ai. After graduating from culinary school, I trained at a French restaurant in Osaka and then returned to Sakoshi, where I was born and raised.

While inheriting Ai's idea of ​​a gentle mother's taste, we have gradually shifted to a set meal that combines a manly dynamic. ``There are combinations and ingredients that I would never have thought of, such as using pink grapefruit in Yu Lingji,'' says Ai.

I'm looking forward to seeing Niji-san's ``one soup and multi-vegetable set meal'' and pasta menu in the future.

basic information

warm wood

Address: 2022 Sakoshi, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 0791-25-4622

Business hours: 10:00-18:00

Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays)

Access: 17 minutes walk from JR Sakoshi Station, approximately 25 minutes from Wing Shinki "Banshu Ako Station", right after getting off at "Kidomon"

Parking lot: 10 spaces

SNS: Instagram , Facebook

The select shop “Boboku” is also fun.

Stylish fixtures such as showcases<br>
Stylish fixtures such as showcases

Tsumugi, which is also located along Sakoshi Daido, is a self-built townhouse from the early Showa period and opened in 2016.

In order to highlight the beauty of the old building, he washed and used old metal fittings and flooring, and worked with various people to paint the building. The items that were originally placed in ``Nenki'' were moved here, so the taste is the same. The main lineup is handmade works such as pottery and accessories made by artists.

The vessels are selected by Ai, and there are 5 to 6 permanent artists, including Shinichi Sugihara and Miho Otokita. ``I like things. I like things that look great and are practical when served with side dishes, but I also love things that make me think, ``I can't use this for anything, but I have a dream,'''' says Ai.

This dish, which looks great when served with side dishes, also appears in Atneki's set meals.


"yama-ni" brooch

Accessories and paintings are always popular.

In particular, resin accessories from ``yama-ni'' sell well because they are available in a wide variety and at reasonable prices.

In addition to clothes, there are also bags, socks, etc.<br>
In addition to clothes, there are also bags, socks, etc.

The second floor is a clothing corner. Domestic brands are the main products, and organic cotton cut-and-sew items are popular. Some fans come back to buy the same item multiple times in different colors.

Displays that make use of closets, alcoves, lintels, and old tools are also wonderful.

basic information

Tsumugi Address: 2061 Sakoshi, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 0791-25-4622

Business hours: 11:00-17:00

Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays (open on public holidays)

Access: 18 minutes walk from JR Sakoshi Station, about 25 minutes from Wing Shinki "Banshu Ako Station", 2 minutes walk from "Kidomon"

Parking lot: 10 spaces (shared with Danki)

SNS: Instagram , Facebook

"Nonki Picnic" where picnic is the keyword

Self-build former barber shop<br>
Self-build former barber shop

"Nonki Picnic", which opened in 2020, is a takeout specialty store. It has been beautifully renovated while retaining the vestiges of the former barber shop.

As the name of the restaurant ``Picnic'' suggests, the concept is ``if you can come empty-handed and enjoy rice balls and sandwiches while looking out at the nearby sea.''

There is also an eat-in space<br>
There is also an eat-in space

There is also an eat-in space, so of course you can eat inside.

There are cheesecakes, scones, etc. in the refrigerator.<br>
There are cheesecakes, scones, etc. in the refrigerator.

``Nonki Picnic'', like ``Nonki'', offers a handmade menu using local products.

The ``Wanpaku Sandwich'' (380 yen) is a moist milk bread called ``Kakushoku'' from the local bakery ``nico,'' filled with homemade smoked chicken, a fried egg, and lettuce and other vegetables.

In addition, the ``Homemade Rice Ball'' (160 yen) is a salt ball made in collaboration with a local salt manufacturing company to create a salt concentration suitable for rice balls, as expected from a salt producing region. Of course, the rice is homemade rice.

In addition, all of the cheesecakes offered at Danki, including strawberry, matcha, black tea, and rum raisin, are manufactured at this store.

“Kouji smoothie (mango, strawberry)” (750 yen each)<br>
“Kouji smoothie (mango, strawberry)” (750 yen each)

Here is the new menu created after extensive research. "Kouji smoothie (mango, strawberry)".

A koji amazake smoothie made with homemade rice brought to the local sake brewery "Okuto Sake Brewery" in Sakoshi. This healthy, sugar-free smoothie comes in a cute take-out container.

A wide selection of products that are perfect as souvenirs<br>
A wide selection of products that are perfect as souvenirs

They have a wide variety of baked goods such as cookies and pound cakes, so it's a good idea to buy some as souvenirs.

There are many baskets etc.<br>
There are many baskets etc.

In addition to food, we also sell miscellaneous goods for enjoying a picnic, such as baskets and cooler bags that you can store your purchases in and carry around in style. It's close to the Sakoshi coast, so if you put it in this basket and take it with you, it's sure to be a stylish picnic.

basic information

nonki picnic Address: 2190 Sakoshi, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 0791-25-5444

Business hours: 11:00-17:00

Closed: Tuesday to Friday (open on public holidays)

Access: 21 minutes walk from JR Sakoshi Station, approximately 26 minutes from Wing Shinki "Banshu Ako Station", get off at "Sakoshi Port"

Parking: None (use free parking at Sakoshi)

SNS: Instagram

For affordable and cute antique miscellaneous goods, go to Koki Tsune.

The shop next to Aneki<br>
The shop next to Aneki

``Furukitsune'' is a shop that opened in 2022 next to the south side across the parking lot from Anneki. We handle old tableware, glass accessories, old tools, and furniture from Japan and abroad. The store has been set up to display and sell the collection of Masato Hashimoto, who is a qualified antiquarian.

Mr. Masato, who not only sells but also buys, has realized his long-held dream. This time, like the previous three stores, we are stylishly renovating an old folk house from the Taisho era. With some help from professionals, the store has been stylishly renovated and its products stand out.

The store name “Furukitsune” was named by Ai. The sister stores, ``Nonki'' and ``Tsumugi,'' have ``tree'' in their names, so they chose to use ``ki'' on purpose. Also, since we are dealing with old things, we call it ``Koki Tsune.''

As you can see at the entrance, the motif is a fox, and there are fox objects lined up inside the store.

Small plates etc. from 300 yen<br>
Small plates etc. from 300 yen

There are a variety of products lined up in the store, but the affordable tableware is popular among tourists. The main ones were those used in ordinary households from the Taisho to Showa eras.

It seems that many tourists choose and purchase tableware with a nostalgic taste, just like they would have at their grandmother's house.

Stylish use of accessories<br>
Stylish use of accessories

Glass vessels and accessories are popular among the younger generation. The glass bottles are especially popular.

There are also shaving cream containers that were used at barbershops in the past. The way you display it is also very stylish. It feels just right for decorating with a little green.

Everything is polished and clean<br>
Everything is polished and clean

There are also various wooden document cases that were kept at work in the past. There are also small pieces of furniture. All of them are beautifully polished, so you can use them immediately after purchasing them.

``I hope we can breathe life into old things and pass them on to the next generation... Depending on how you use them, you can use them stylishly,'' says Masato. ``We have a variety of different types of stores, so I think it's fun for people walking around town.Whether they buy or not, I'd be happy if people could go into the store and take a look around.'' Dear love.

Namki and its sister store were built by ourselves, diligently and steadily. The same atmosphere is common, and each location is characterized by a sense of comfort. The Hashimoto couple can be said to be the driving forces behind bringing Sakoshi to life as a popular tourist spot. It seems like there will be some movement in the future, so please keep an eye on it.

(Writer Utami)

*This article is information as of August 2023. Prices include tax. Product contents and prices may change.

basic information

Furukitsune Address: 2024 Sakoshi, Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 090-1240-7461

Business hours: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00-17:00

*Even on weekdays, if you call out to Aneki, he may open the door for you. Closed: Monday to Friday (open on public holidays)

Access: 17 minutes walk from JR Sakoshi Station, about 25 minutes from Wing Shinki "Banshu Ako Station", get off at "Kidomon"

Parking lot: 10 spaces (shared with Danki)

SNS: Instagram

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