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Osaka Amazing Pass: Save Money While Exploring Osaka!

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The Osaka Amazing Pass covers transportation in Osaka and admission to some of the city's landmarks such as Osaka Castle and the Umeda Sky Building Observatory, as well as store discounts! This pass is ideal for visitors who want to maximize their savings.

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What pass combines savings for transport and attractions in Osaka and even retail discounts? It can only be the Osaka Amazing Pass!

Available as a one- or two-day pass, it is one of the most popular passes for savvy travelers looking to make their yen go further in Osaka. Read on to learn more about the cost-efficient Osaka Amazing Pass and how to use it.

Osaka Amazing Pass: Features and Benefits

The Osaka Amazing Pass - One Pass to Rule Them All in Kansai

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The Osaka Amazing Pass, priced at 13.45 US dollars on Klook, is a unique travel pass that combines transportation by subway, tram, and bus in Osaka with entry to attractions and retail discounts into a convenient pass for travelers.

The pass can be pre-purchased by visitors aiming to save money on their Osaka trip and is available in both one-day and two-day versions.

The Osaka Amazing Pass - One Pass to Rule Them All in Kansai

Photo courtesy of Klook

The Osaka Amazing Pass is a physical pass that covers transportation for one or two days in Osaka along with admission to more than 40 attractions in the city, including Osaka Water Bus, Osaka Castle, and the Umeda Sky Building.

The Osaka e-Pass is an electronic pass that does not cover transportation but offers the convenience of using the pass on one's smartphone. It covers admission to lesser-known attractions in Osaka such as the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum, the GLION MUSEUM, and more! Moreover, this pass is fully activated before use, eliminating the need to visit a location to exchange it for a physical pass.

Many visitors use the Osaka Amazing Pass and the Osaka e-Pass together!

Pass Highlight No. 1: Admission to Osaka Castle

The Osaka Amazing Pass - One Pass to Rule Them All in Kansai

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One of the Osaka landmarks covered by the Osaka Amazing Pass is Osaka Castle. This historical site harks back to the era when armored samurai battled for supremacy to rule Japan.

Today, the castle stands as a popular attraction for those seeking insight into Japan's traditional culture and the natural beauty of the surrounding park. Throughout autumn and spring, visitors can revel in the park’s exquisite seasonal flowers and trees, making it especially captivating during the cherry blossom season.

Inside the old castle keep, visitors discover a surprisingly modern interior, featuring an information center on the life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the three great generals of Sengoku-period Japan.

Pass Highlight No. 2: Legoland Discovery Center Osaka

The Osaka Amazing Pass - One Pass to Rule Them All in Kansai

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A newer attraction that is included on the Osaka Amazing Pass, the Legoland Discovery Center is an excellent family outing for both kids as well as the kids at heart.

Lego is a worldwide phenomenon that has inspired people to build and create, and in recent years, it has also become a way for adults to regain some peaceful "me time."

At the Legoland Discovery Center, visitors can witness an entire miniature replica of Osaka made entirely from Lego, as well as partake in building their own racers to test out on a specially designed course.

Finally, they can relax and enjoy the 4D cinematic experiences on offer, promising great fun for kids of all ages!

Pass Highlight No. 3: Admission to the Umeda Sky Building Observatory

The Osaka Amazing Pass - One Pass to Rule Them All in Kansai

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The arches of the escalator at Umeda Sky Building form a sort of portal that transports you to one of the most beautiful city skylines in Japan.

Rising 173 meters high, the building towers over the vibrant entertainment and business district of Umeda, offering a 360-degree open-air observation deck for fearless visitors.

But within the tower, there are also plenty of experiences to be had. Why not take a stroll through Japan in the 60s and relive a retro bygone era? Alternatively, if you're an art enthusiast, you'll find interest and excitement on the 27th floor where you can view the eclectic works of the modern artist Koji Kinutani.

Pass Highlight No. 4: Admission to the Tsutenkaku Tower

The Osaka Amazing Pass - One Pass to Rule Them All in Kansai

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Tsutenkaku Tower is Osaka's iconic broadcasting tower located in the heart of the Shinsekai district. Designed by the same architect as Tokyo Tower, Tsutenkaku has become an enduring symbol of Osaka for both visitors and locals.

With free entry to the tower on the Osaka Amazing Pass, it would be a shame not to ascend to the observation deck. From here, you can overlook the bustling Shinsekai district and perhaps even spot a great lunch or dinner spot from up there.

After enjoying the views from the top, you can make use of the Tower Slide from the third floor down to the basement, a thrilling 60-meter-long slide, included in the Osaka Amazing Pass.

Enjoy Osaka with the Convenient Osaka Amazing Pass!

Providing free and discounted entry to more than 40 popular attractions, unlimited rides on the Osaka Metro, and discounts on food, the Osaka Amazing Pass truly lives up to its name.

Whether you're seeking the full savings benefit of the physical pass or just a little wallet relief with the convenient QR version, there's plenty to gain from it! Therefore, ensure to obtain this pass in advance for your next trip to Osaka.

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