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HAKUBAVALLEY, hot springs, sounds and fireworks

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We will introduce the outline, schedule, and how to enjoy the event [Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival], which is close to the HAKUBAVALLEY ski resort and can only be experienced in a cold, snowy country.

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What is the Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival?

[Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival] is held every Saturday in February at Omachi Onsen Village in the Hakuba Valley region of Japan.

This is an attractive event that can be enjoyed especially during this coldest season of the year.

In the cold winter, the air is clear, you can see the night view and starry sky in the distance, and you can hear the sounds. This event is a great chance to experience it for yourself!

The fireworks make a powerful sound, as if competing with winter fireworks and Japanese drums, and the colors of the fireworks are vivid and very beautiful.

February 2024 dates

In 2024, it will be held every Saturday in February as usual.

The content of the event differs on each date. On the first day of the event, February 3rd, we will also hold a local traditional event called Dondoyaki.

Dondo-yaki is an event in which lucky charms used during the New Year are collected and burned to pray for good health.

*Okiage means to purify items that are filled with feelings and cannot be thrown away by burning them after offering a prayer.

The combination of snow and fire is sure to soothe you.

At this event's [Dondo-yaki] event, messages from message candles that visitors wrote their wishes at last year's event will also be cooked. The message can be prayed at Sengokuji Temple in Omachi Onsen Village. Messages will also be accepted on message candles at the venue for all dates (participation is free). If you see one, please write down your sincere wishes.

2024 Omachi Onsenkyo Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival Schedule

●Saturday, February 3rd

・Message Candle 19:30~・Sankuro (Dondoyaki) 20:00~・Tsugaru Shamisen 20:10~

・Omachi Yabusame Taiko drum performance 20:30~ ・Fireworks display 20:45~

●Saturday, February 10th

・Shinano Matsukawa Hibiki Taiko 20:00~ ・Fireworks launch 20:45~・◎Message candle

●February 17th (Sat) ・Genryu Mima Taiko 20:00~ ・Fireworks display 20:45~ ◎Message candle

●Saturday, February 24th

・Shinano Matsukawa Hibiki Taiko Drum 20:00~ ・Fireworks launch 20:45~ ◎Message candle

Event venue and directions from Shinano-Omachi Station

The event venue will be in and around the Omachi Onsen Tourism Association parking lot in Omachi Onsenkyo.

Now, I will introduce the access to Omachi Onsenkyo, the event venue.

Please refer to the following for directions to Shinano-Omachi Station from each direction (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya).

① Route bus

Take the Ogizawa Line bus to Omachi Onsenkyo.

The Ogizawa Line bus stop at Shinano-Omachi Station is shown in the photo below.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office on the left side of the photo. When the store is closed, you can also purchase on the bus. The bus stop is the one with the roof on the right side of the photo. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes and costs 540 yen for adults and 270 yen for children.

Please see the URL below for the bus timetable.

②Free shuttle bus to Kashimayari Ski Resort and Jigatake Ski Resort (winter only)

Those using the ski resort can also use this bus.


If there are no taxis in front of Shinano Omachi Station, please call one.

The ride takes approximately 10 minutes and costs approximately 3,000 yen per car.

・Alps Daiichi Kotsu TEL 0261-22-0720

・Alpico Taxi TEL 0261-23-2323

※★From Nagano Station (for those using the Hokuriku Shinkansen) to Omachi Onsenkyo★

If you come from Nagano Station, you can go to Omachi Onsenkyo without changing trains, which is very convenient.

Please use the limited express bus Raicho Liner. (Travel time 1 hour 20 minutes)

How to enjoy this event

I think that the main character of the Dream Fireworks and Sound Festival is, above all else, the sound.

The sound of Japanese drums goes well with the colorful fireworks that shoot up into the clear winter night sky. And then there's the sound.

Enjoy the powerful sound performance.

Hot springs are the best way to warm up your cold body after an event. Enjoy the event at your leisure while staying at Omachi Onsenkyo, where many hot spring inns are located.

If you're lucky enough to have snow and experience snow, it's sure to become an even more unforgettable memory.

Kamakuras made of snow appear every year, so you can get a feel for the snow country. Candlelight creates a magical space.

*Kamakura is a type of kamakura that has been passed down in areas with a lot of snow, and is made by collecting snow and cutting holes into it.

Notes on enjoying the event

This is an event under the winter night sky. Please be careful about what you wear.

We recommend wearing layers of down coats or ski wear. Although it has a nice atmosphere, we do not recommend wearing the inn's yukata.

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Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, is a mountainous city surrounded by mountains, with an urban area as high as 700 meters above sea level, where you can still feel the culture of the time when it flourished as a post town long ago. Shinano Omachi is characterized by its impressive view of the Northern Alps from the city, proximity to magnificent nature, and the ability to walk around the historic town while feeling nature. It is a small city with a population of just under 30,000, and is often referred to by tourists as ``Shinano Omachi,'' the name of Omachi City's main station. Shinano Omachi is also at the foot of the ``Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route,'' a mountain sightseeing route where you can walk through the world-famous ``Snowy Otani in spring'' and ``Kurobe Dam Sightseeing Water Release'' in summer, and welcomes close to 1 million visitors a year. It is also a city where We also have a large number of visitors visiting the Northern Alps, a series of mountains with an altitude of 3,000m, as well as visitors enjoying water activities, camping, and saunas at Lake Aoki, Lake Nakatsuna, and Lake Kizaki in Shinano Omachi, where the water is beautiful. Masu. Shinano Omachi is located in the northwestern part of Nagano Prefecture, with Nagano City to the east, Toyama Prefecture to the west, Matsumoto City to the south, and Hakuba Village to the north, making it even more convenient to use as a base for your travels. We want people all over the world to know about this city, which has so many charms, such as local foods such as soba, game meat, and wild vegetables that can only be found in areas close to nature, sake, local beer, and coffee made with delicious water, day-trip hot springs, and hot spring inns. I think. We would appreciate it if you could share your attractions with us by using #shinanoomachi. thank you.

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