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Now is the time to go on a journey to learn from the region and nature. 8 recommended spots in Minamisanriku Town!

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Minamisanriku Town in Miyagi Prefecture is often chosen as a destination for school trips and study trips. We have summarized the things you can actually do and the attractions!

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Why Minamisanriku Town is chosen to learn from its land

The area was damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and many people come here to learn from past experiences in Japan, where natural disasters frequently occur. Immediately after the earthquake, Minamisanriku Town began working as storyteller guides, passing on their experiences and lessons to prepare for disasters that could happen at any time.
In addition, an increasing number of schools are showing an interest not only in the earthquake, but also in the many initiatives that have started since then, and that they have been interested in it since before the earthquake, and are requesting to experience it. There are experiences that can only be provided by a town that is close to forests and the sea, such as fishing and forestry, and has people who have overcome the earthquake disaster and are dealing with nature.

This video was produced by Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi Prefecture, and Co., Ltd. as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' ``Regional Information Dissemination Using Video Content'' demonstration project, and is posted with permission to use the video.

①Great East Japan Earthquake Memorial Museum “Minamisanriku 311 Memorial”

Japan is a country where natural disasters occur frequently. That's why we have facilities to pass down those experiences and use them for the next time.
Minamisanriku 311 Memorial will be completed in 2022 and is the last of the traditional facilities built after the earthquake.
A distinctive feature of the program is a learning program that allows participants to review disaster prevention through dialogue while watching videos based on testimonies from residents. It's not just sad, it's an opportunity to take natural disasters and disaster prevention into your own hands.
The building was designed by architect Kengo Kuma and is made from local Minamisanriku cedar.

②Learning from the sea program

This is a program to learn about fishing, which is the core industry of Minamisanriku. Board a fishing boat normally used by fishermen and take a tour around the bay. In addition, students will learn about the work of fishermen and the structure of aquaculture through a picture-story show about the aquaculture industry, a tour of fish handling, rope work, and more.
For students who are not familiar with the work of fishermen, riding on a boat and seeing how fishermen work has become a new and very popular activity.

Program to learn from the sea

In addition, the Togura district of Minamisanriku Town was the first in Japan to obtain ASC certification, and we receive many requests from schools and other organizations interested in environmental issues for lectures on such initiatives. The decision to reduce the oyster fishing grounds to one-third after the earthquake and choose a path to coexist with nature, and the subsequent efforts, are not limited to marine environmental issues, but there is much to learn from them.

③Enjoy seafood with glitter bowl

In Minamisanriku Town, you can enjoy ``Kirakira-don'' made with seasonal ingredients.
This is Minamisanriku Town's famous rice bowl, where you can feel the four seasons with a generous amount of seasonal seafood. At each store, please enjoy the unique flavors that are carefully selected not only for the toppings of the rice bowl, but also for the small side dishes.

Sparkling rice bowl

④ Program to learn from the mountains

In Minamisanriku Town, in October 2015, the Minamisanriku Forest Management Council obtained forest management certification under the international FSC certification system, taking a major step towards continuing sustainable forestry. Additionally, the Minamisanriku Town Hall Main Building, which was newly built on a hill in September 2017, is the first public facility in Japan to receive FSC® overall project certification.
Minamisanriku Town offers a program for schools and companies to go into FSC-certified forests and learn what certification means.

Program to learn from mountains

⑤Making spoons and forks

In Minamisanriku Town, we are holding a hands-on experience in making spoons and forks using branches from thinned wood in the town, as a way to communicate issues such as the use of forestry. Before you know it, both children and adults are focused on this task. You will be able to create your one and only My Fork and My Spoon in the world. Even after you get home, you'll be able to remember about the tree issue and use it as a conversation starter.

Making spoons and forks

⑥ Kiriko making experience

Minamisanriku Town has faced various natural disasters throughout its long history. During natural disasters, it was sometimes impossible to prepare the rice cakes and sake that are usually offered to the gods. At such times, ``Kiriko'' is a form of rice cake or sake made on paper and used to pray to the gods and display it on the altar.
When you face a piece of paper and make kiriko at a shrine, you will feel like your mind will become sharper.
Would you like to experience the unique culture of the Sanriku region?

Learning Kiriko from Mr. Kudo of Kaminoyama Hachiman Shrine

⑦ School building accommodation Sansankan (accommodation facility)

An accommodation facility built by renovating a closed elementary school.
As it was originally a school, the accommodation ranges from spacious rooms to single-use rooms.

The accommodation is attractive not only for its facilities but also for its food. Because our school accepts many students, we are able to accommodate vegan, halal, and vegetarian options as long as you let us know when making a reservation in advance.

School building inn Sansankan

⑧ Private lodging experience

Minamisanriku Town accepts students to experience homestay with local families. There are various occupations such as farmers and fishermen who accept them.

In each family, friendships are fostered by sitting around the table, cooking together, doing the dishes, and even among friends.

The time spent at home became so intense that on the final day, some students cried because they were sad to say goodbye.

Private lodging experience

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The Minamisanriku Town Tourist Association operates a tourist information center, the Minamisanriku 311 Memorial which is a facility to pass on the earthquake disaster, and the Kamiwarizaki Campsite located in besides the sea. We also coordinate the acceptance of educational trips such as school trips and corporate training. Please come to a town where you can learn "living with nature" in an hour and a half by car from Sendai Station.

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