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Osaka: 7 Excellent and Inexpensive Hotels in Dotonbori

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Osaka has several entertainment districts, with Dotonbori being the most famous for sightseeing. This article introduces 7 hotels where you can book a comfortable stay while reducing costs on your trip to Dotonbori!

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Stay at an Inexpensive Hotel Near Dotonbori

Dotonbori is one of the most bustling sightseeing destinations in Osaka. A stone’s throw away from Namba Station, the district is filled with landmarks like the widely known Glico sign. This is a place with incredible access to sightseeing destinations around Osaka.

Namba Photos

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In the Dotonbori area, there are many establishments where you can stay that are convenient and inexpensive. Choose from a wide selection of accommodations, including typical business and capsule hotels, guesthouses, and condominiums (apartments) that feel like home.

In this article, we’ve picked seven hotels in Dotonbori that ensure a comfortable stay while prioritizing low prices, transportation access to sightseeing spots, and excellent services.

1. Holiday Inn Osaka Namba: Recommended for Families with Kids

Children's Amenities

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Holiday Inn Osaka Namba (Japanese) is a business hotel in a great location just a minute’s walk away from Dotonbori. The hotel is especially easy for groups with children and families to use.

One great feature is their free breakfast service for children 12 years and under. The hotel also provides amenities for kids.

Connecting Room

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The hotel has free Wi-Fi. They also offer several features to make your stay more comfortable, like two different types of pillows in the bedroom.

Guest rooms are a standard size with a capacity of one to three guests. Large rooms and connecting rooms are also available with a capacity of four to five adults, so we also recommend this hotel for group travel.

Location 7 minutes on foot from Namba Station
Features Free breakfast for kids (12 and under), kids amenities
Check-in/out 15:00-24:00 / 11:00

2. Dormy Inn PREMIUM Namba: An Amazing Public Bath and Free Ramen Service

Large Public Bath

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Dormy Inn is a famous Japanese hotel chain. Dormy Inn PREMIUM Namba (Japanese), located about nine minutes on foot from Dotonbori, is a hotel where you can relax and relieve your travel fatigue in a public bath with natural hot springs and a sauna.

Guest Room

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The late-night yonaki soba (soy sauce ramen) is provided for free between 21:30-23:00 as part of their meal service and makes the perfect dinner. Breakfast is buffet-style, where guests can make their ideal seafood rice bowl topped with as much salmon roe and whitebait as they like on a bed of rice. We recommend this hotel for those interested in fully experiencing a bathhouse and tasty meal.

Location 5 minutes on foot from Nippombashi Station and Nagahoribashi Station
Recommended Features Public baths (natural hot spring & sauna), yonaki soba (late-night ramen) service
Check-in/out 15:00 / 11:00

3. Sotetsu Grand Fresa Osaka Namba: A Charming Breakfast Buffet and Amenities

Guest Room

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Sotetsu Grand Fresa Osaka Namba is a business hotel that is six minutes on foot straight down the street from the Dotonbori Shopping District, making it quite easy to find. The compact guest rooms specialize in giving comfort with an all-in-one air purifier with built-in humidifier, water filtration system, and all rooms furnished with a Simmons mattress. This makes it possible for guests to get a great night's rest!

7 Inexpensive Hotels in Dotonbori! Public Baths, Breakfast Buffets, and More!

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Breakfast is a buffet with an abundant selection of 60 Japanese and Western dishes. You can also choose what amenities you want, such as face wash, bath salts, and tea bags, according to your preferences.

Only cashless payments are accepted. Another great feature is the ability to smoothly gain access or leave your room through self check-in and check-out kiosks.

Location 2 minutes on foot from Nippombashi Station
Recommended Features Unlimited amenities, foreign currency exchange machine
Check-in/out 15:00 / 11:00

4. Hotel Trend Nishi-Shinsaibashi: A Convenient Location for Sightseeing and Shopping

Guest Room

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Hotel Trend Nishi-Shinsaibashiis in a convenient location for sightseeing just five minutes on foot from the Glico sign in Dotonbori. This hotel is where you can spend some quiet time while next to vibrant shopping and food spots, such as America-mura (American Village) and Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street.


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The simply-designed guest rooms are compact and clean with everything required for a comfortable stay. Some amenities, like toothbrushes, are available at the front desk, so guests only take what they need. Free Wi-Fi is also provided throughout the entire hotel.

Location 4 minutes on foot from Namba Station
Recommended Features Unlimited amenities, free Wi-Fi
Check-in/out 15:00-24:00 / 10:00

5. Apartment Hotel 11 Shinsaibashi Amemura: A Private Apartment Rental

Guest Room

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Apartment Hotel 11 Shinsaibashi Amemura (Japanese) is a condominium rental where you can stay overnight and feel like you’re at home. Please keep in mind that meals are not included. It is nestled in another part of the entertainment district five minutes on foot from Dotonbori. Two additional locations—Apartment Hotel 11 Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi II—are located nearby as affiliate hotels in the same style.


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If you want to make simple meals, we recommend this hotel since there is a kitchenette, microwave, and kitchenware in each guest room. Another attractive feature is that the bathrooms and restrooms are private to each guest room despite being a condominium.

Check-in and check-out only involves entering a PIN, which makes gaining access and leaving your room a smooth process when it's usually very hectic.

Location 5 minutes on foot from Namba Station
Recommended Features Express check-in & out, kitchenette
Check-in/out 16:00 / 10:00

6. Hostel Q: A Guesthouse with English Support Great for Long-Term Stays


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Hostel Q is a guesthouse we recommend if you want to stay in the Dotonbori area while keeping hotel expenses down. It’s right next to America-mura (American Village) which makes it great for sightseeing and shopping just three minutes on foot from Dotonbori.

Living room

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Available guest rooms are twin, single, and dormitory rooms. The toilets and bathrooms are communal. Free coffee and board game rental services are also available in the communal living room along with a kitchen, washing machine, and other appliances. This guesthouse is great for staying several nights.

Many international visitors stay at the guesthouse and the staff can provide assistance in English. In other words, the guesthouse will feel like home.

Location 4 minutes on foot from Namba Station
Recommended Features Communal kitchen, English support
Check-in/out 11:00-23:30 / 11:00

7. Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi: Relax at the Lounge and Sauna


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Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi (Japanese) is a capsule hotel in a great location merely three minutes on foot from the Glico sign in Dotonbori and five minutes on foot from Namba Station. While the guest rooms are confined spaces, you can keep costs down by staying here.


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Wi-Fi and electrical outlets are available in each guest room while the larger capsules are furnished with workspaces. The hotel has a full range of services, including an all-you-can-read manga lounge alongside a sauna and spa to relieve your fatigue. This ensures that guests will have a relaxing stay. Additionally, the hotel has guest rooms, a lounge, and shower rooms that are women-only. Solo female travelers or those traveling with friends can take advantage of these facilities with peace of mind.

Location 5 minutes on foot from Namba Station
Recommended Features Sauna, all-you-can-read manga service
Check-in/out 15:00-18:00 / 10:00

Enjoy a Comfortable, Inexpensive Stay in Dotonbori

We introduced seven of our most recommended hotels when staying in Dotonbori. Choose your favorite accommodation based on the facilities, services, and inexpensive prices and enjoy an affordable, pleasant trip!

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