[Tottori Prefecture] Enjoy the 475 (Yonago) parfait tour in Yonago City! 5 Recommended Parfaits You Must Try

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475 Parfait is a five-tiered parfait reminiscent of Yonago Castle Tower. Each shop has developed its own unique parfait.

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What is 475 (Yonago) Parfait?

How to read Japanese numbers This is a coined word made by combining the words 4 "yo", 7 "na", and 5 "go" and the word Yonago (yonago).
The food and beverage industry has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 475 Parfait was born when restaurant operators came together to create a new Yonago specialty during this unprecedented crisis, with the slogan, ``Turn a crisis into an opportunity!''

Enjoy a 5-layer parfait

475 Parfait is a five-tiered parfait reminiscent of Yonago Castle Tower. Each shop has developed its own unique parfait.

The classic fruit parfait!

A parfait made with seasonal fruits, ice cream from local Daisen Dairy Products, and pop candy from Mai Hoshizora. A parfait with a different flavor depending on the season.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Yonago Atrium Lounge

Store location ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Yonago 1F, 53-2 Kumecho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture


ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Yonago Atrium Lounge

The best cheese parfait!

A cheese parfait made with cream cheese and 100% honey from Japanese bees harvested in Mt. Daisen, which is said to be "phantom honey."

Smile Kitchen Non Cafe

Store location: 6-1-14 Maibara, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

☎ 0859-21-8700

Smile Kitchen Non Cafe

Japanese-style parfait with delicious matcha

Smooth matcha crème brûlée parfait using matcha from Daisen Town

NAGACHA Café 1801

Store location: 76-2 Iwakuracho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

☎ 0859-22-7602

NAGACHA Café 1801

Chocolate rich parfait

Accented with gateau chocolate ice cream, chocolate mint ice cream, and gently hidden strawberry ice cream♪

sunny side cafe

Store location: 2672-1 Ryosanyanagi, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

sunny side cafe

Meat parfait? !

The meat is inspired by Yonago Castle's stone walls and decorated with Tottori vegetables. The appearance of a stone wall that stands out by applying the sauce!

Akasaka Yakiniku Ushiya Tottori Yonago branch

Store location: Good One Kakuban Building 1F, 2-62 Kakubancho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture

☎ 0859-30-2991

Akasaka Yakiniku Ushiya Tottori Yonago branch

Sweets are also a memory of your trip when you come to Yonago City.

There are many delicious fruits and vegetables in the western part of Tottori Prefecture. 475 Parfait is available not only at cafes but also at hotels, izakayas, Italian restaurants, and confectionery shops (meat parfaits are also available at Yakiniku restaurants!). This year, we have added stores in Sakaiminato City and Hokuei Town, and a wide variety of 17 types of parfaits are waiting for you.

*The contents of the parfait may change depending on the season. Please check the homepage for details.

475 (Yonago) Parfait

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The center of the San'in tour. As befits a commercial city that represents the San'in region, it is the gateway to the San'in region, with convenient access to Sakaiminato City, which has well-developed expressway and railway land routes, and air and sea routes. In a prime location overlooking the national park Mt. Daisen and nestled on the Sea of ​​Japan, Kaike Onsen, one of the best in the San'in region, springs up, making it a bustling tourist resort that thrives on sports and leisure throughout the year. When traveling to the San'in region, start by visiting Yonago City. By linking it with the surrounding charming cities and towns, you should be able to comfortably fulfill various types of sightseeing, such as a trip to historical sites, a trip to gourmet food, and a trip to myths.

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