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Mt. Fuji in Spring and More! 8 Cherry Blossom Tours near Tokyo 2024

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There are plenty of places around Tokyo where you can enjoy early cherry blossoms and lovely spring scenery. We introduce eight exciting spring tours around Tokyo, from Mount Fuji to the early cherry blossom paradise of Kawazu, Hakone, Kawagoe, and more!

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Spring Day Trips around Tokyo

The earliest cherry blossoms appear in February in the areas south of Tokyo! In March, we have the peak of the cherry blossom season, but the colorful spring scenery can be enjoyed through April and May if we count the fabulous flower festivals held around Mount Fuji and the Tokyo area.

We introduce 8 flower-themed spring tours around Tokyo, which make perfect day trips! Most of these tours are conducted by chartered bus, so you won't need to worry about access and convenience.

8 Cherry Blossom and Spring Tours around Tokyo

1. Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms in Kawazu and Hot Springs
2. Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi, and Owakudani Valley in Spring
3. Mt. Fuji Classic Day Trip from Tokyo
4. Mt. Fuji Shibazakura Festival
5. Cherry Blossom Tour of Gongendo Park and Kawagoe
6. Ashikaga Flower Park and Watarase Cherry Blossom Tour
7. Atami Plum Garden, Izu Shaboten Zoo, and Mt. Omuro
8. Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, Ryuganbuchi, and Iwamotoyama Park

1. Day Trip: Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms in Kawazu and Hot Springs

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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On this one-day tour departing from Tokyo, visitors can relish all the delights of the early blooming cherry blossoms known as Kawazu-zakura.

The Izu Peninsula, located southwest of Tokyo, is renowned for some of the earliest blooming blossoms in eastern Japan, making it a great area to visit to avoid the peak season crowds.

This trip encompasses the sights of the town of Kawazu and includes a stop at Shuzenji Temple. After a day of walking and admiring the blooms, why not unwind at the Shuzenji Takitei Hotel with a relaxing dip in the hot springs?

This excursion is certain to satisfy nature and tradition enthusiasts, as well as visitors who relish unforgettable vistas and scenic walks.

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2. Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi, and Owakudani Day Tour from Tokyo

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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What better way to spend your time in Japan than to visit a famous world heritage site and witness the spectacular cherry blossoms along the way? This trip around Mt. Fuji is certain to provide you with the very best that the mountain and its surroundings have to offer.

You will be transported via air-conditioned coach to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, which is nearly 2 kilometers above sea level. From this breathtaking vantage point, you can indulge in a buffet lunch if you opt for the lunch package.

Subsequently, you will traverse the stunning scenery of Hakone's Owakudani Valley. This remarkable area feels like stepping into another world as you marvel at the geothermal features of the region.

You will also visit several classical Japanese gardens that are interspersed in and around Lake Ashi, offering you the chance to witness the awe-inspiring cherry blossoms as a splendid finale to a wonderful day.

3. Mt. Fuji Classic Day Tour from Tokyo

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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On this classic tour of Mt. Fuji, participants start in much the same way as the previous tour, with a journey up to the 5th station to behold the spectacular slopes of Japan’s most revered mountain.

Following that, you will partake in a unique matcha experience by the shores of Lake Kawaguchi and indulge in the delights that come with a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Visitors can savor the foamy and creamy brew while enjoying small desserts alongside it! What could be a better pairing than creamy, rich matcha and the sight of cherry blossoms?

Lastly, visitors can head to the famous cherry blossom spot Oshino Hakkai—a traditional village that is lined with sakura trees and features eight distinct ponds that collect meltwater from Mt. Fuji. Witnessing the petals delicately fall into the sparkling ponds is a true delight!

4. Mt. Fuji Shibazakura Festival: Lake Kawaguchi Spring Bus Tour

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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Scroll through any Instagram feed using hashtags related to Japan, and you’re likely to encounter iconic posts that showcase the beauty of Mt. Fuji. This trip will enable you to capture all of those iconic moments for yourself!

Commencing at Oishi Park, you will witness the most picturesque depiction of Mt. Fuji framed by delicate spring flowers. The soft white of the blossoms perfectly complements the majestic snow cap of the mountain.

Following that, you will visit Fuji Motosuko Resort and behold the Shibazakura (moss phlox), vibrant pink and violet blossoms that form a floral lake as Mt. Fuji rises in the background.

The tour culminates in the spring highlight with a visit to Arakurayama Sengen Park for what is perhaps the most iconic shot of Mt. Fuji. Envision the striking vermilion Chureito Pagoda and the carpet of cherry blossoms beautifully framing the foreground of Mt. Fuji in perfect harmony!

5. Cherry Blossom Tour of Gongendo Park and Kawagoe

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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Loved for its historical townscapes, the city of Kawagoe offers a true trip back in time, allowing you to glimpse what parts of old Tokyo would have looked like.

This tour provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to don traditional Japanese clothing and immerse themselves in the charm of Kawagoe's streets. The historical district has quaint shops and modern stores that have been adapted to harmonize with the old Tokyo aesthetic.

The tour treats visitors to the best parts right up front with a self-guided stroll through the beautiful Gogendo Tsutsumi Park. Walking along the wooden boardwalk trail, the blanket of yellow rapeseed blossoms gives way to a row of beautiful pink cherry trees that form a tunnel beneath which visitors can walk.

Subsequently, you can pay a visit to Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine, dedicated to love of all kinds, where you can profess your love for this most magnificent of Japanese seasons!

6. Ashikaga Flower Park and Watarase Cherry Blossom Tour

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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Another exceptional option for witnessing cherry blossoms outside of Tokyo is the renowned Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture.

This tour covers numerous scenic locations in and around Ashikaga. Primarily offered in the spring, the tour allows visitors to revel in the full range of splendid natural beauty on display.

It commences with an all-you-can-eat strawberry tour before segueing into a delightful scenic train ride through railways bordered by gentle pink blossoms.

The true highlight of the tour is a visit to the famous Ashikaga Flower Park. A haven for nature enthusiasts, the park blooms with various types of flowers seasonally. The standout feature is the wisteria blooms, best viewed in May, which create exquisite hanging curtains of purple and pastel yellow through which visitors can pass!

7. Atami Plum Garden, Izu Shaboten Zoo, and Mt. Omuro

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

Photo by Pixta
One of the most spectacular botanical sights in spring is the plum blossoms, which mark the start of the season.

This day tour takes visitors to a beautiful plum garden in Atami. Spanning 44,000 square meters, the garden is brimming with gracefully twisting trees adorned with soft pink blossoms. Visitors can relish the festival from February through March during the spring season.

The tour then proceeds to a delightful zoo, where visitors can observe capybaras frolicking in the warm hot springs and savor the fragrance of vivid yellow yuzu citrus floating in the bath water.

This one-day tour offers a truly enjoyable experience for visitors all year round, but given the breathtaking pink hues of the plum blossoms around Izu in spring, visitors are ideally placed to visit these sites during that season.

8. Cherry Blossoms near Mt. Fuji! Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, Ryuganbuchi, and Iwamotoyama Park

 8 Cherry Blossom Tours around Mt Fuji

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The last tour on our list is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the traditional elements of Japan and how they harmonize with nature and the changing seasons.

Encompassing various sites in and around Mt. Fuji once again, visitors can behold cherry blossoms in numerous scenic settings, from imposing temple and shrine structures to more untouched, natural beauty.

For those who relish observing tradition blending with nature, the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha shrine is a must-see. Here, you can witness the construction of the earliest shrines in Japan, featuring traditional thatched roofs. The mottled brown of the roofs truly enhances the blossoms, allowing their splashes of pink to stand out vibrantly.

Another highlight is the stroll down the Urui River, where delicate yellow rapeseed blossoms line one side of the river, and cherry blossoms sprinkle their petals along the stone path by the water. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most exceptional places to visit on this list!

Enjoy Spring Scenery Around Tokyo!

Easy to access from Tokyo, Mt. Fuji is a great place to enjoy spring scenery from March until May. There are plenty of other beautiful locations near Tokyo in spring so why not give one of these eight tours a go? Each one of them is a chance to enjoy a trip that you won't soon forget!

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