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[Tokyo/Nihonbashi] Also talked about in the media! Looks like a robot, but looks like a human inside! ? "Avatar robot cafe DAWN ver.β" where the avatar robot OriHime serves customers

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Nihonbashi, Tokyo is a place where long-established shops and skyscrapers coexist, and where various Japanese cultures, past and present, intersect. Why not experience a bit of the future in such a city? When you step into the store's glass exterior, you'll be greeted by a robot! This robot is not o...

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At first glance, it looks like a stylish cafe in the city, but this is more than just a stylish cafe. The employees at this cafe are not only on-site staff, but also employees in the form of robots. The robot is not operated by AI but by a ❝person❞ who lives far away.

Avatar robot cafe DAWN ver.β

Our cafe, 'Avatar Robot Cafe DAWN ver.β' This is a new era cafe that offers

Official site here

Inside the store

At the reception, a large OriHime, ``OriHime-D'', welcomes customers.

In the OriHime area, where admission is required, you can enjoy drinks served by OriHime-D, experience operating OriHime, and if the timing is right, enjoy coffee brewed by a telebarista (a robot that is operated by a remote control). can do.

For those who want to enjoy a leisurely meal while chatting with OriHime, we recommend the OriHime diner seats, which require advance reservations!

Click here to reserve OriHime diner seats


OriHime is a robot that is operated by humans, not AI.

Even if you find it difficult to go out due to disability, illness, nursing care, hospitalization, etc., you can still meet the people you want to see and go where you want to go.

This robot was created to fulfill the wish of ``I want to be with you even when we are apart.''


The person who works and operates OriHime is called a ❝pilot❞, and pilots operate OriHime using PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Although he was unable to go out due to various reasons such as being bedridden due to a physical disability, caring for a family member, or having a mental illness, he had a desire to ``participate in society and connect with people,'' and started a new project called ❝OriHime❞. I participate in society by using my body❞.

Click here for an introduction to OriHime pilots

DAWN's thoughts

Our store is a ``public permanent experimental store'' that studies new ways of working from home and participating in society for people who have difficulty leaving their homes due to disabilities or incurable diseases.

As people go through life, they never know when they will develop a condition called physical disability. As you get older, your body may no longer move as you want, and you may become bedridden.

When faced with such problems that everyone would face, will they be able to create options to stay connected to society? Our aim is to create such a "beyond bedridden".

Would you like to come and experience a future in which impossible things can be solved with technology?

store information

“Avatar robot cafe DAWN ver.β”

[Buisiness hours]11:00-19:00 (LO 18:30)

*Business hours may vary due to maintenance etc.

*Some services may change depending on the day of the week due to maintenance etc.

*Please check Official X for the latest business information.

[Closed]Thursday(Open if Thursday is a national holiday)

  [Address]3-8-3 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0023, Japan

Nihonbashi Life Science Building 3 1F

TEL : 03-3527-2136


[Nearest station]

●Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Kodenmacho Station 4 min. walk

●JR Sobu Line Shin-Nihonbashi Station (Exit 5)

●Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Mitsukoshimae station 7 min. walk

●JR Yamanote Line Kanda Station 10 min. walk

official site

<official X>@DAWNcafe2021<official Instagram>@dawncafe2021

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In 2021, it opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo as a permanent demonstration store operated by Ory Institute Co., Ltd.

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