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[Convenient] When traveling with your precious baby, use the stroller rental service “babycal”

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We will introduce the situation of strollers in tourist spots and urban areas (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama, etc.), and introduce “babycal”, a stroller rental service that allows you to take your stroller with you wherever you go. There is no doubt that your trip will be more comfortable if you use...

Latest update :

Golden rules of travel: “Move light”

Stroller situation in urban areas and tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kyoto

Public transportation such as trains and buses are crowded regardless of weekdays or holidays.

Weekdays: Crowded with commuters from morning, evening to night

Holidays: Crowded with local residents and tourists from Japan and abroad

There are strollers that can only be used inside facilities and buildings, but they cannot be taken outside freely.

Many of the strollers for facilities are

・Cannot be freely taken outside the facility

・There is an age restriction for the target age under 2 years old

・Cannot be reserved in advance (cannot be rented during busy periods)

・Payment or deposit in Japanese yen is required

Isn't it tiring to bring a stroller from home to Japan?

...imagine leaving your home with a huge suitcase and a stroller.

Reservation/rental from the “babycal” website

Let's make good use of “babycal”.

New services starting in 2021

 If you use the stroller rental service “babycal” ,

・You can travel light and rent a stroller near your destination.

・If you rent it near your hotel, you can move around more comfortably during the day.

・Since payment is made with a registered credit card, there is no need to prepare Japanese yen.

・Available from 250 yen per hour for up to 7 days

Click here for service details<br>

Click here for service details

190 rental locations nationwide

Rentals are available near popular tourist destinations across Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Kyoto, Sapporo, and Okinawa (as of the date of posting)

Please check here if there is a rental place near your place of stay or destination.

Tokyo Toei Subway Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station<br>
Tokyo Toei Subway Oedo Line Ueno Okachimachi Station
At some JR East stations, rentals are available at manned ticket gates.<br>
At some JR East stations, rentals are available at manned ticket gates.

Rent an original Shinkansen stroller exclusive to “babycal”.

At some “babycal” stores, you can rent the “babycal” exclusive JR East Shinkansen E5 series Hayabusa stroller and double stroller created in collaboration with Combi. Please use it as a memory of your fun trip to Japan.

JR East Shinkansen E5 series Hayabusa model stroller combi<br>
JR East Shinkansen E5 series Hayabusa model stroller combi
Strollers made by the Japanese manufacturer Combi are used at many rental locations.<br>
Strollers made by the Japanese manufacturer Combi are used at many rental locations.

Strollers are carefully cleaned by the staff at the rental location.

Strollers used are cleaned and managed by staff.

If there is something wrong with the stroller, we have a system in place to stop borrowing the stroller.

Please rest assured that we provide a rental service that is hygienic and safe to use.

First, register as a free member and travel comfortably.

Please check here for details on how to use the service, and first register as a free member.

Click here for service details

Enjoy a comfortable and safe trip to Japan by using “babycal”.

We look forward to serving you and making your trip with your precious baby a memorable one.

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The web reservation stroller rental service "babycal" is a service operated by the JR East Group that allows you to easily rent strollers on the go. We have 190 locations nationwide, available from 1 hour to up to 7 days with reservations. It can be used in various situations such as going out, traveling, and taking a nap.

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