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[Tokyo/Kabukiza] You can only see the performances in February! Sake barrel/doll/pick/photo

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We bring you rare information that can only be seen at Kabukiza until this month (February)!

Latest update :

① Stacked barrels [Location: Entrance]

Sake barrels are stacked up in front of Kabukiza!

This is called ``Tsumimo'' and is a lucky charm that originates from the Edo period, when gifts from customers to actors were piled up in front of theaters.

The white part that looks like a picture is written in kanji as ``Oiri''.
The wish is for ``good customer attendance'' and ``many customer visits.''

② Ichiban Taiko no Hachi [Location: 2nd floor of the theater]

``Ichiban Taiko'' is a drum that was beaten before the beginning of a play during the Edo period (1603-1868).
On the 2nd of this month, the first day of the "Saruwaka Festival" held to mark the 400th anniversary of the beginning of Edo Kabuki, the sound of drums resounded at the Kabuki-za Theater for the first time in seven years!

You can see the precious plectrums used at that time up close! It also has Japanese-style, auspicious decorations.

③Saruwaka doll [Location: 2nd floor of the theater]

In 1624, Kanzaburo Saruwaka built the first Kabuki playhouse in Edo (present-day Tokyo) with permission from the Shogunate and performed performances there.
You can also see the precious Saruwaka dolls that have been handed down in the Kanzaburo family for over 300 years.

On the left is "Saruwaka". He will appear in this month's evening performance "Saruwaka Edo no Yagura"!

④ Memorable stage photo of Kanzaburo Nakamura, the 18th generation [Location: 2nd floor of the theater]

"Saruwaka Kanzaburo" introduced in "Saruwaka Doll". ``Saruwaka Kanzaburo'' later changed his name to ``Nakamura Kanzaburo''.
In memory of Kanzaburo Nakamura the 18th, who passed away 12 years ago, we are exhibiting photographs related to him.

Past stage photos are displayed as a large panel, allowing you to take a close look at the details of facial expressions and costumes!

Enjoy looking at the photos! Please see it in theaters.

⑤? ? ?

What is this beautiful picture? !
A scene from this month's performance is depicted.

The location is here!

…Let's look for it at the venue! !

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KABUKI by Shochiku

Lots of valuable exhibits that can only be seen now

You don't often get a chance to see so many exhibits at the Kabukiza theater at once.

By viewing the exhibition and then appreciating it, you will deepen your understanding and feel closer to Kabuki♪

Please come and see this opportunity!

February Kabukiza performance information

[Date and time]

February 2nd (Friday) - 26th (Monday), 2024 (Closed) 13th (Tuesday), 20th (Tuesday)

Afternoon session 11am~

① New version song festival Bunnozaki Village 11:00-12:15

Break 35 minutes

② Fishing woman 12:50-1:22

Break 20 minutes

③ Basket fishing bottle Hanamachi drunken awakening 1:42-3:40

Evening session: 4:30 p.m.

①Saruwaka Edo's first turret 4:30-5:00

Break 20 minutes

②Yoshitsune Senbonzakura Sushiya 5:20-7:00

Break 35 minutes

③Renjishi 7:35-8:27

*Single-act seats also available

[Language support]

・English earphone guide available for rental

・Free flyer available (synopsis)

[Ticket information]

Ticket purchase page (Japanese)

Ticket purchase page (English)

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