Niigata's Murakami City: Enjoy Fun Events, Sightseeing, and Local Cuisine!

Experience Tateyama in early spring! Tateyama taxi trip experience for a Taiwanese family by JOY Taku

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Tateyama City is located near the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, an 80-minute drive from Tokyo. It takes 2 hours by express bus from Shinjuku or Tokyo Station, so you can get there in no time and enjoy a day trip. Flowers start blooming in this area from early spring, and th...

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Experience a tour around Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture in early spring

This time's guests are the Tsai family from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who participated in the Tateyama Wakashio Marathon the day before.

I work for the Sports Development Bureau of Kaohsiung City, and last November I took care of a delegation that visited Taiwan, including Mayor Mori, who came from Tateyama City, which has a friendship agreement with the Kaohsiung Marathon. This time, we decided to do the opposite and experience the sightseeing taxi around Tateyama so that you can enjoy the sights of Tateyama.

Now, let's go on a trip around Tateyama in early spring with the Cai family!

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First, the sightseeing tour starts at 10am from the hotel. The biggest advantage of traveling by taxi is that you can start from wherever you want. The vehicle used this time is a universal design taxi, and the key point is that it is easy for anyone to get on and off the taxi.

We arrived at the strawberry picking center about 20 minutes after leaving the hotel.
It is said that Tateyama strawberries are presented to the imperial family.

Tateyama Strawberry Picking Center

After washing my red hands from the strawberries, I took a taxi for about 15 minutes.
Tateyama Castle can be seen on top of a small hill.

Shiroyama Park
Tateyama Castle

After enjoying the scenery, castle, and electric cart, it's time to head to the next sightseeing spot.
After about 15 minutes by taxi, you will see a long pier that juts out into Kagamigaura. At its base is a building with brightly colored illustrations.

Nagisa no eki Tateyama
Tateyama sunset pier

After enjoying the sightseeing base of Tateyama, it's time for lunch.
On this trip, we decided to take a 20-minute taxi ride south on the Boso Flower Line and have lunch while looking at the Izu Islands.

Fishing Port Restaurant Daibo

As you leave the perfect location and continue along the Boso Flower Line, you will begin to see a wide blue sky with no telephone poles or wires. Enjoy the highlights of the Boso Flower Line from the taxi window.

boso flower line

After enjoying the scenery of the rape blossoms and coastline for a while, let's experience Japanese culture.
It takes about 15 minutes by taxi to Awa Shrine, which is famous as the most prestigious shrine in the Boso area.

Awa Shrine

After a tour of the many sightseeing spots, the taxi will take you back to your hotel.

30 minutes all-you-can-eat at Tateyama Strawberry Picking Center

First, let's enjoy strawberry picking, a seasonal tradition. It is said that Tateyama strawberries are presented to the imperial family, so there is no doubt that they are delicious. Please enjoy comparing the two varieties, Akihime and Benihoppe.

It is said that the redder the fruit is, the sweeter it is. Who can find the sweetest strawberry? Find them wisely and fill your mouth with the sweet and sour taste of spring as much as you like. You cannot take it home, so please be careful to only take what you can eat on the spot. Children will be delighted with the unusual shape and large strawberries!

Are you all full?

Experience an electric cart at Tateyama Castle and Shiroyama Park, the symbols of the city!

On top of a small hill overlooking Tateyama Bay, there was once the residence of the Satomi clan, who ruled this area during the Sengoku period, and now the mock castle tower built in 1982 is the symbol of the town. , you can see it from far away.

Shiroyama Park, which surrounds the castle, is a popular spot for citizens to relax.

What awaits you in this park where you can enjoy seasonal flowers is either a staircase course to the top or a steep slope course of about 500m. By the way, there are canes available for rent at the bottom of the slope.

rest assured. This time's taxi is a special sightseeing plan "JOY Taku" that has an electric cart "JOY Cart" in the trunk. Guests will take turns driving electric carts as they aim for the top.

The product used here is NOAA Corporation's popular product ``JOY Cart.'' It's actually manufactured in Taiwan, and it's foldable and easy to handle. Since it is certified as an electric wheelchair type, it is attracting attention as an electric mobility device that can travel on the same sidewalks as pedestrians.

In particular, slopes and electric mobility are a great match. The motor moves powerfully forward, so you can climb up smoothly and easily without getting out of breath. There's no need to take a break. Many children dislike long hills, but thanks to electric carts they can climb up them in no time.

Now, we're nearing the top. How about fun mobility tourism?

Now, from the observation plaza, you can see this view of Tateyama city. Tateyama Bay, which stretches out below, is also called ``Kagamigaura'' because there are not many waves. This day is like a mirror. I was able to see the blue sky and Mt. Fuji covered in white snow. Because the sun sets over the ocean, Tateyama is recognized as a romantic "lover's paradise."

Take a commemorative photo with the heart!

Tateyama and Tateyama Sunset Pier, a popular sightseeing base, ``Beach Station''

First, go to Minato Oasis “Nagisa no Eki” Tateyama. This site has a local product store, ``Tateyama Sea Marche,'' a restaurant, ``Tateyama Nagisa Shokudo,'' and a mini aquarium, ``Seaside Plaza.'' From the observation deck on the second floor, you can see ships that have arrived at the port, views of Kagamigaura, and the ocean. You can relax and enjoy watching the sun set and the sunset.

First, learn about fish at the mini aquarium ``Seaside Hiroba.'' Although the space is not large, you can enjoy the various fish that live in Tateyama Bay.

Hey, who are you? What I'm saying is "It looks delicious" (lol)

If you time it right, you can even observe the feeding process here. On this day, we also had a special experience feeding dried shrimp. It was fun to see the fish flocking to us. Furthermore, this aquarium is actually an amazing aquarium that artificially reproduces the ebb and flow of the tide.

Next, let's take a look at the product store "Tateyama Umi no Marche." You can enjoy shopping for freshly harvested local vegetables as well as sweets that are popular with gourmets. It's also a good idea to buy alcohol and snacks and enjoy them at the hotel.

Now that you're here, let's take a walk around Tateyama Sunset Pier, which is said to be the longest pier in Japan. It is a beloved spot where citizens gather to watch the sunset in the evening, and in the middle of the pier there is a popular character statue called ``Blue Flame,'' which is based on the blue light emitted by sea fireflies during their courtship behavior. It is the best photo spot in the ``Lover's Sanctuary'', so please come and see it by walking along the pier.

Let's experience mobility with an electric cart at this pier as well. It can be said that it is a special experience that can be enjoyed only because it is a "JOY Taku". A new sensation of driving at 6km/h while enjoying the sea breeze. We arrived at "Blue Flame" in no time.

Take a commemorative photo while touching the Blue Flame!

Now that you're hungry, let's head to the restaurant for lunch.

Freshly caught seafood, Fishing Port Restaurant Daibo

Well, if you go along the road that extends from the Boso Flower Line toward the sea, you will find a nice restaurant.

Daibo is a very popular restaurant where you can enjoy freshly caught local fish that day. First of all, this location overlooks the sea. You can enjoy the taste and the spectacular view at the same time. We were blessed with good weather that day, so we had lunch on the terrace while enjoying the sea view.

If the season is nice, it would be great to enjoy Hamayaki BBQ on the terrace. We also have children's lunches available.
Seafood bowls, sashimi set meals, and kakiage bowls are popular here, but it can be hard to decide which one to order.

Let's have it then!

Everyone seems happy when they're eating. Does it suit the taste of the Tsai family?
When you think of Tateyama, you think of fish. No matter what season you visit, you'll be able to find delicious seafood dishes.

There is a grassy field in front of the store, so children who have finished eating early can play with electric carts. There is no age limit, but please have a parent or guardian by your side.

The Pacific Ocean stretches out beyond the rocky area in front of you, and depending on the weather, you can even see Izu Oshima, Miyakejima, and Mt. Fuji.

Drive along the Boso Flower Line where rape blossoms are in full bloom

The road I had been driving on before the meal started to look different. The telephone poles and wires disappeared from the area, and the road became clearer. It feels great to drive on a road that stretches in a straight line.

As the name Flower Line suggests, it's the perfect day for a drive, with rape blossoms blooming on both sides.

It is a very popular road for motorcyclists and cyclists, and many runners ran on it during the Tateyama Wakashio Marathon the previous day, but I wonder how many of them had time to see the flowers.

Visit the prestigious Awa Shrine

The last place we visited was Awa Shrine, which is famous for its history and formality. Tenta Gyoku no Mikoto, the god who created all of Japan's industries, is enshrined here. It is said to be beneficial not only for prosperous business and prosperity, but also for praying for victory.

The approach to this shrine is said to be popular in spring as it is lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees. Take a deep breath in front of the torii gate, bow once, and enter the shrine grounds. First, wash your hands and mouth with water. Let's pray with a cleansed mind and body and a refreshing feeling.

Here, we were able to hear a special story from Mr. Chief Priest. Even stories about the origin of shrines and Shinto stories that are unfamiliar to foreigners convey the value of special places. I would especially like to know about benefits.

Now that you understand the benefits, let's pray. When visiting a shrine, there is an etiquette of bowing twice, clapping twice, and bowing once. What kind of wishes did you all make?

It is said that the sacred tree did not budge even in the face of a typhoon. It's a space where you can feel power.
How about buying an amulet before you go home? It's also a good idea to try fortune-telling for the year with an omikuji.

Take a taxi to your hotel

It took us about 6 hours to tour around Tateyama in a chartered taxi, but what were your impressions of Tateyama? We enjoyed the sunlight and the warm scenery of flowers and tropical trees, which was hard to believe for late January.

The tourist season has already begun in Tateyama, a resort area close to Tokyo. You can even take a day trip from Tokyo, so come and see the fresh seafood and spectacular views. I won't let you lose anything.

Leave your local transportation to a friendly taxi driver. If you let us know in advance where you want to go, you can tour more efficiently, so we recommend consulting and making reservations in advance. Please come visit Tateyama with your friends and family.

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