Japan's first golf irons from Ichikawa Town -Golf irons made by craftsmen-

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The first golf iron in Japan was made in Ichikawa Town, Hyogo Prefecture. Although it is a small town with a population of approximately 11,000 people, the technology and spirit that spare no effort and time to continue producing high-quality products continues to this day.

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Ichikawa town was the first town in Japan to make golf iron heads.

Ichikawa Town is located almost in the center of Hyogo Prefecture.

The clear Ichikawa River flows through the center of the town, reflecting the countryside and mountains.

Japan's first golf iron head was born in such a town in 1930.

Since then, golf club manufacturing has flourished in Ichikawa Town, and there are currently about 20 golf-related companies, and their products are not only domestically produced, but also exported overseas and are highly rated.

Kyoei Golf Industry's golf irons

Ms.Mika Mochizuki, Director of Kyoei Golf Industry Co., Ltd.

This time, we visited Kyoei Golf Industry Co., Ltd., which boasts a history of over 60 years in Ichikawa Town.

Based on the concept of ``I want you to have really good clubs,'' we continue to pass on tradition and technology, and our irons and wedges are loved by players not only in Japan but also overseas.

Perhaps one of the reasons why they are loved is because they are close to the players, not only with ready-made products, but also with made-to-order products and special orders for genuine products.

Thoughts put into the product

``Currently, there are fewer craftsmen who can manufacture products.To change this situation, I want to create a place where craftsmen can work with pride and be admired by those around them.Also, I want to protect the culture of the town. I want to go.”

All the craftsmen work with these words in mind. Today, I rely on the sensations in my fingertips that cannot be expressed by the numbers on the equipment, and sweat forms on my forehead.

You can watch how to make golf irons and purchase clubs.

You can tour the factory where these craftsmen make each item by hand and purchase the products.

Why not come and feel the red-hot iron, the flying sparks, and the atmosphere in the factory?

Although it is possible to provide support in English, please contact the factory in advance, regardless of whether Japanese or English support is available.

Kyoei Golf Industry Co., Ltd.

Postal code 679-2315

Address: 5 Nishikawabe, Ichikawa-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number 0790-26-2211

F A X 0790-26-1131

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