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[Ibaraki/Joso City/Tourism] Introducing Japan's largest aerial strawberry farm, Granberry Daichi!

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A new type of strawberry picking where you can harvest strawberries floating in the air while standing! There are suspended strawberry cultivation shelves, which are rare even in Japan, and they move up and down automatically. This is the largest strawberry farm in Japan that uses this method! Appro...

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First in Kanto! Experience lift-style strawberry picking at Granberry Daichi

Imagine a captivating scene in the 'Aerial Strawberry Garden' where strawberries seem to float in mid-air. What makes it even more unique is that the growing racks, where these strawberries hang, are suspended—a rare sight in Japan. Adding to the spectacle, these racks gracefully move up and down on their own.

Step into the largest strawberry orchard in Japan that employs this innovative method, where approximately 190,000 strawberries await. Delight in a 40-minute activity of all-you-can-eat strawberry picking!

【Basic information】1

Name:  Granberry Daichi

Address: 2383 Misakashindencho, Joso City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Access: 10 minutes walk from Mitsuma Station on the Joso Line

30 minutes from Joban Expressway Yuwara IC

2 minutes from Ken-O Expressway Joso IC

Contact Number:  0297-34-1514

WEB Granberry Daichi official website

Recommended points

Excellent access! 2 minutes from Ken-O Expressway Joso IC

The road is wide and can be enjoyed by strollers and wheelchairs.

Right next to the roadside station Joso!

Steps to experience the strawberry picking!


Payment must be made online in advance from the reservation site, and reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Click here to make a reservation (English)

Click here to make a reservation (Chinese)

Click here to make a reservation (Thai)


The reception will be in the building on the left. (We will not be able to accept your request if you do not have all of your companions.) Please present the screen you received via email when you made your reservation in advance at the reception desk. Strawberry picking experiences are offered every 30 minutes from 10am. Participation will close 15 minutes before the strawberry picking starts.


If you have already checked in by 10:15am, you will be guided to the 10:30am session/

If you check in after 10:16am, you will be guided to the 11:00am session.

You cannot specify the time of the session.

Please note that you may be guided to the next session earlier depending on the situation.

*In case of continuous inclement weather or disruptions due to snowfall, temporary closure may occur.


At reception, you will be given a wristband that is color-coded by time of day. After that, you will watch a video about precautions for strawberry picking. (About 3 minutes) Please arrive at the house you specified at reception 5 minutes before the start time.

*If you are late for the guide start time, your strawberry picking time will be shortened.

Strawberry picking starts!

The time limit is 40 minutes. If you have chance to try several types of strawberries, be sure to compare them and find your favorite!

Strawberry varieties

Granberry Daichi offers fresh strawberries with different sweetness depending on the variety. Be sure to come and try our sweet, perfectly ripe strawberries that are ripe to a bright red that you won't find anywhere else!


It has a good balance of sweetness and acidity, and the rich fruit juice fills your mouth with a gentle sweet aroma.


It has a strong sweetness and almost no acidity. Popular variety.

Yayoi Hime

It has a high sugar content and an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity.

Minori Koi

It has a strong aroma, elegant taste, and low acidity.


It features an elegant and refreshing scent. It has a low acidity and a gentle sweetness that makes it easy to eat.

Star night

It has a high sugar content and acidity, and the fruit is slightly hard.

Ibara kiss

It has a high sugar content, is well balanced with acidity, and has a rich flavor. It has a moderate hardness and a juicy texture.


It has a moderate texture, neither hard nor too soft, and is not too sour and has a sweetness.

After strawberry picking, take a break at a cafe

We have a space where you can eat and drink within the facility. We sell cakes, puddings, parfaits, soft serve ice cream, alcoholic beverages, etc. You can enjoy handmade sweets made with plenty of strawberries.

We also sell souvenirs at the direct sales store!

We sell directly ripe strawberries picked in the morning. Also, from around February, we will start selling fresh tomatoes and several types of cherry tomatoes grown at Ishige Farm. As for souvenirs, we sell cookies, bread, popcorn, strawberry tea, etc. all made from strawberries.

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