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[Tokyo/ the Kabukiza Theatre] Tourist guide content for the Kabukiza Theatre area, , has launched!

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Introducing a free AR sightseeing guide around the Kabukiza Theatre using a smartphone app that you can experience from March 12th to March 31st, 2024!

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This is an AR tourist guide using a smartphone app that allows domestic and foreign tourists visiting the Kabukiza Theatre area to enjoy sightseeing around the Kabukiza Theatre area. Anyone can enjoy it for free during the period.

In addition, "Kabuki Nyantarou", who is active as a Kabuki’s Nyanbassoder (Ambassador), will also appear in this app, and with his cute movements, he will show you how to enjoy the Kabukiza Theatre, such as shopping and eating, and the charm of Kabuki. .
Since you can change the size and position of AR-produced items, you can also take photos of your own original memories.

When you come to the Kabukiza Theatre area, please enjoy the spatial production using AR.

Implementation overview

Implementation period

March 12th (Tuesday) – March 31st (Sunday), 2024
*The app may not work properly depending on the lighting environment, such as at night or on rainy days.

Place of implementation

This is carried out in four points.
All points can be visited in about 15 minutes, so please stop by.

Point 1 In front of the Kabukiza Theatre za Point 2 the Kabukiza Theatre za basement 2nd floor "the Kobikicho Square"
Point 3 the Kabukiza Theatre Tower 5th floor "the Kabukiza Gallery"
Point 4 Togeki Building 1st floor “the SHOCHIKU INFORMATION”

How to enjoy

① Download the app

First, download the AR/MR app "mARble".
When you launch the app at one of the four locations and hold your camera over the landmark image, you can enjoy on-screen text and audio guidance as well as an AR production themed around spring in Japan.


The size and position of AR production items can be changed. You can also take your own original photos with the size and placement of your choice.

Please take a photo to commemorate your visit.

③Information guide

By tapping the speaker mark on the screen, you can use voice and text guidance tailored to the location of the experiencer. In addition, by tapping the banner, you will be redirected to the web page regarding facility and performance information, where you can see more detailed information.


*To experience it, you need to download the AR/MR app "mARble". (Japanese/English available)

Click here for iOS version (free)

Click here for Android version (free)

Recommended environment

[iOS version] iOS 13 or higher/iPhone 8 or higher

[Android version] Android 13 or higher/ARCore compatible devices

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Shochiku Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive entertainment company whose main pillars are theater, video, and real estate businesses. Since our founding in 1895, we have inherited and developed the traditions of Japanese culture and contributed to world culture. In particular, we are deeply involved in Kabuki, a traditional Japanese performing art, and are the only private company responsible for its production and performance. We provide information on Kabuki performances to be performed at Kabukiza, Shinbashi Enbujo, Minamiza, and Osaka Shochikuza, as well as the charm of Kabuki in an easy-to-understand and timely manner.

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