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The former Okuni family ``Tetsujuro'', a nationally registered cultural property, is now a rental accommodation facility! I went to the opening ceremony/Fukusaki Town

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The former small nation... or more accurately, the former Ogunie The main building of the nationally registered cultural property, the former Ogunie (Fukusaki Town), will have its grand opening as a lodging facility on February 17th. Prior to the opening, a ceremony was held to which related parties...

Latest update :

The name of the inn is "Tetsujuro"
The name comes from Oguni Tetsujuro, who became a village headman during the Edo period and was executed in place of a farmer during the Bantan Uprising in 1871 (Meiji 4).

``Looking back, about 20 years ago, Nagayamon was damaged in a typhoon and the roof tiles were blown off, and when we thought we were going to destroy it (Okuniya), we consulted the Board of Education and decided to have it designated as a registered culture. Why don't you turn it into a fortune?'' If I'm going to leave it behind, I have to make use of it. ” says Mr. Yamada, the owner of the former Oguniya.

The catchphrase for the inn has been decided as ``Himeji Castle's inner parlor''.

The idea is to enhance experience programs such as tea, kimono dressing, and flower decorations for inbound customers and customers who come to see Himeji Castle.

Afterwards, we toured the inn while receiving explanations of each room. Everyone was very interested in the tour.
Light snacks can be enjoyed in the kitchen. Stylish home appliances based on black.

I want to use this! !

The garden seen from inside the room will soothe you...<br>
The garden seen from inside the room will soothe you...
Sleep soundly with warm indirect lighting<br>
Sleep soundly with warm indirect lighting
Gourd-shaped bathtub<br>
Gourd-shaped bathtub

After completing the tour, we all had a toast!
We had a great time with delicious food and conversation.

Accommodation - National Registered Tangible Cultural Property Old Oguni House (Oguni Tetsujuro Birthplace)

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