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Sala flowers at the flower temple "Oshoji". Feeling the impermanence of things and the changing seasons│Fukusaki Town

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Oushoji Temple (Fukusaki Town, Kanzaki District), which is known as Kansai Flower Temple No. 8 and where you can enjoy flowers throughout the year, is usually in peak bloom from mid-June to early July.

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Sala flowers are also called summer camellias.

At Oshoji Temple, also known as the ``Banshu Sala Temple,'' there used to be a large Sara tree that was over 300 years old, but in 1996, the tree died, and there are currently about 200 Sara trees that are its descendants. The remainder blooms neat white flowers.

All things impermanent “Sala Flower”

The sound of the bell of Gion Shosha echoes the impermanence of all things.
The color of the flowers of the Sala tree represents the principle of prosperity and failure.
It hasn't been long since anyone has been able to afford it, and it's just like a dream on a spring night. "The Tale of the Heike"

The word ``Shogyo Mujo'' is used to express that nothing in the world remains unchanged forever.

The Sala flower also appears in the story of Buddha's death, but it is known as an eternal flower that blooms in the morning and falls in the evening, lasting only for one day.

It's beautiful because it's impermanent

Why not feel the change of seasons while looking at the garden that is only available at this time of year?
(Garden admission fee is 500 yen (includes matcha and sweets) *200 yen for visiting the mountain only)

Japanese sweets “Sara”<br>
Japanese sweets “Sara”

Oshoji Temple

Oshoji Temple is said to have been founded by the Tenjiku high priest Hodo Sennin during the Hakuji era (more than 1,300 years ago). Behind the main hall and study hall is the ``Oshoji Temple Garden (early Edo period, prefecture-designated cultural property)'' which is a place of scenic beauty.

[Location] 1912 Takaoka, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo Prefecture
[TEL] 0790-22-1077

Oshoji Temple Home Page

Scenery of Oshoji Temple in June

During the Sara season, early summer flowers such as redwood, azalea, kyokanoko, loosestrife, and staghorn are in full bloom.

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