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Let's Visit A Japanese Supermarket! A Basic Guide

Let's Visit A Japanese Supermarket! A Basic Guide

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Japanese supermarkets have a surprising variety of products. To a first timer it might be somewhat overwhelming, but here we explain what you can expect to find and how to pay for your products at the cash register.

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Look for Souvenirs at Japanese Supermarkets


One of the advantages of shopping at a supermarket is that the prices on average tend to be cheaper than those of convenience stores. For example, many famous products like KitKat and Pocky are cheaper if you buy them in the larger packages sold in supermarkets instead. This value pack of matcha flavored KitKats is only 264 yen.


Kid-favorite snacks known as dagashi, which are loved by the kids of all ages, are also sold here. These Umaibo (a crispy cheese puff-like snack stick), are just 10 yen each.


You can also find more traditional Japanese confectionery like daifuku and dango sold in supermarkets as well. In general they tend to cost about 100 yen per piece.

How to Pay at the Counter


After you’ve shopped to your heart’s content, it’s time to head to the cashier to pay. Place your basket on the counter, and the clerk will scan each of your items and place them in another basket. In most supermarkets you can by either cash or card, however some smaller chains or mom and pop shops may not accept credit cards. If you aren’t sure, check the registers in advance.

Nowadays, many shops are trying to go green, so plastic shopping bags will cost about 5 yen a piece at the majority of supermarkets.

See How the Locals Shop - Check Out a Japanese Supermarkets!

Has your interest in Japanese supermarkets been piqued? I hope so! Try visiting one the next time you’re in Japan, you won’t regret it - who knows, you might even find the very souvenir or dish you were looking for.

Oh, but don’t forget - in Japan you can’t drink or purchase alcohol unless you are 20 years of age or older. You will probably be asked for idea, so make sure to have your passport or photo ID on hand if you’d like to buy something like that.


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Ito Yokado in Oimachi
Address: Tokyo, Shinagawa, Oimachi 1-3-6
Open: 10:00-23:00
Closed: No fixed holidays
Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi "Seven Spot"(membership registration is needed)
Credit cards: VISA, Master Card etc.
Languages: Japanese
Nearest Station: Oimachi Station (JR and Tokyu Oimachi line)
Access: in front of the West Exit of Oimachi Station
Telephone: 03-3777-6611

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