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Food souvenirs to buy in Fukuoka. 13 souvenirs loved by locals, from standard items

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We've put together a list of souvenirs you should buy when you come to Fukuoka. We've collected classic seasonings loved by Fukuoka residents, items you can buy at supermarkets, limited edition items, and other items that you can easily buy or that are only available in Fukuoka.

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What is Fukuoka Prefecture?

Fukuoka Prefecture is located in the northern part of Kyushu and is the most populous prefecture in the region. Fukuoka City is the most populous city in Kyushu and the second most populous city in Western Japan after Osaka City.

Speaking of Fukuoka, it's all about food! Let's take a look at the appeal of souvenirs from Fukuoka, a city blessed with great food.

A typical Fukuoka souvenir


This is a classic tonkotsu ramen bag that is loved in Kyushu. It's also delicious when you add rice to the soup!


Menbei, a representative Fukuoka souvenir, is characterized by its spicy taste and the flavors of squid and octopus.


A famous Fukuoka confectionery consisting of a cylindrically baked cookie filled with coffee, vanilla, and other creams. It goes great with tea.

Hakata Torimon

Fukuoka's specialty Torimon has won a gold medal at the Monde Selection. The moist skin and sweet bean paste are exquisite!

Ito King

"Hakata Amabi." The pink warabimochi is made with Amaou strawberry juice from Fukuoka Prefecture, and has a juicy, fresh taste that makes it seem like you're eating a strawberry itself. *Limited time product

Available at supermarkets. A hidden Fukuoka souvenir

Manhattan in Fukuoka

The sweetness of the chocolate and the crispy texture of the dough are exquisite. Once you try it, you'll be hooked. Have all the people from Fukuoka tried it? Lol

Hakata Isso's special noodles, semi-dried ramen with special pork bone soup

This is a set of four meals from "Issou," a ramen shop in Hakata where there are always long lines. It can be used for various occasions, such as as a souvenir or for your own home. Recently, there are souvenirs from many popular ramen shops.

Rice cake

In fact, round mochi is the mainstream in Fukuoka. Mochi is also included in ozōni, a dish that is almost always eaten during the New Year. Mochi is also delicious just by grilling it and eating it with soy sauce. It might be interesting to buy some as a souvenir.

Pietro's Gift

Pietro products can also be purchased at supermarkets. If you come to Fukuoka, we hope you will visit the main store, Centrale, but if you can't, we hope you will at least buy some souvenirs at the supermarket. Please enjoy the taste of local food Pietro.

Please see this article for more information on Pietro. *Special coupons available

In fact, there are many products that are unique to Kyushu.

Calbee Potato Chips

We have Kyushu soy sauce products.

Suzukake Japanese sweets

Suzukake's Japanese sweets are delicate and elegant in design and taste, capturing the hearts of not only those accustomed to eating Japanese sweets, but also the younger generation.

Kuhara Honke Kayanoya Dashi

"Kayanoya Dashi" is the most popular Japanese-style dashi made using grilled flying fish, a dish popular in Kyushu.

Mentaiko from Wakae

The spicy cod roe from this restaurant is uncompromising, and is a favorite of Fukuoka residents.

Fukuoka is a treasure trove of food souvenirs. Come again and again, have fun, and discover new aspects of Fukuoka.

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Pietro is a company that originated in Fukuoka and was founded in 1980. Since opening its restaurant "Western Noodle Shop Pietro" in Tenjin, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture on December 9, 1980, it has developed innovative menus that overturn the concept of pasta. Meanwhile, the dressings served at the restaurant became an explosively popular item and are now enjoyed on the dinner tables of homes all over the country. If you are visiting Fukuoka, be sure to stop by Pietro, both for sightseeing and as a souvenir!!

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