[Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture] Take a glass-bottom boat ride at Tatsukushi Marine Park to see the largest colony of coral reefs in Japan!

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At Minokoshi Bay, where you can take a glass boat, you can see the underwater world of Japan's first marine park, including Japan's largest coral reef colony, from inside the boat! In addition, the coral reef colony in Minokoshi Bay is one of the largest in Japan and has been designated as a natural...

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Tatsukushi Marine Park

Located within Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, Tatsukushi Bay, which forms a subtropical underwater landscape with corals and gorgeous fish, was designated as Japan's first marine park in 1970. *The law was revised in 2010, and it is now called "Tatsukushi Marine Park."

Tatsukushi Marine Park MAP

abandoned coast

It is said that 「Kobo Daishi KUKAI」 left this place behind because it was too difficult to walk along the coast, so it was given the name ``Minokoshi''.

The remaining coast is a sea-eroded plateau formed by sandstone being eroded by waves and wind.

We also offer guided tours with local guides.

[Details of the Minokoshi strange rock tour]

View from the observation deck

Leftover coastal spiral rock

Missing Coast Meotoiwa

Missing Bay Shikoro Coral Colony

Missing Coast Walk MAP

glass boat

Two companies operate glass boats at Tatsukushi Marine Park. The boarding fees for the two companies are the same. The operating routes are almost the same, but the departure and arrival locations of the ships are different. Please check each operating company's website for details.

Tatsukushi Underwater Tourism

●Regular holidays/Irregular holidays ●Required time: 30 to 50 minutes (Boarding [round trip] time only, time for walking along the beach left behind is required separately. After docking, the captain will confirm the walking time. )
●Meeting place/ Tatsukushi Underwater Sightseeing
●Reservation location: Tatsukushi Underwater Tourism Co., Ltd.
●TEL: 0880-85-1155

◎Caution*If the waves are high or after 3:30 pm, you may not be able to take a walk along the Minato beach.

Tatsukushi sightseeing steamship

●Required time: 30 minutes (Boarding [round trip] time only, time left for walking along the coast is separate...After docking, the captain will confirm the walking time.)
●Meeting place/ Tatsukushi sightseeing steamship
●Reservations for Tatsukushi Kanko Steamship
●TEL: 0880-85-0037

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The Hata region of Kochi Prefecture is located at the southwestern tip of Shikoku, and is a peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean, facing Tosa Bay to the east and Bungo Channel to the west. It is made up of three cities, two towns, and one village: Hara Village. It is a natural powerhouse rich in blessings, including the nationally famous Shimanto River and Cape Ashizuri, the blessings of the Kuroshio Current that flows along the coast, and the blessings of mountains that boast the largest area of ​​forests in the country.

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