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[Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture] 2024 Shibazakura Festival to be held from April 5th (Fri) to May 6th (Mon, holiday)! Welcome to the spring-colored Chichibu

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Shibazakura bloom in the spring from April to May at Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu City. The entire Shibazakura Hill is usually covered in flowers from around mid-April, and the best viewing time is from early May until the Golden Week holidays. The flowering situation also depends on the weather. We...

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What is the Shibazakura Festival?

This event is held at Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, to coincide with the peak viewing season for the moss pinks.
Various events are held in the city, including the Chichibu Marche held within the park.
The average number of visitors during the period is about 10,000 per day.
This year it will be held from April 5th (Friday) to May 6th (Monday, holiday).
*The best time to see the moss pinks depends on the weather.

Check out the latest flowering information on Chichibu Tourism Navi

Check out "Hitsujiyama Park" in detail on Google Maps

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©Mochida Photography Office


The paid admission period changes depending on the best time to visit.
Scheduled for April 12th (Friday) to May 6th (Monday, holiday)
Opening hours are 8:00-17:00.
You can pay by cash or electronic money.
〇 Adults: 300 yen 〇 Groups (20 or more): 250 yen 〇 Junior high school students and younger: Free

Anyone who has been issued a physical disability certificate, a medical education certificate, or a mental health and welfare certificate and presents this certificate at the ticket booth, along with their caregiver (up to one person), will be admitted free of charge.

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©Mochida Photography Office

Where is the parking lot?

Traffic restrictions are in place within Hitsujiyama Park. On weekends and during Golden Week, depending on the time of day, it is safer to park in the temporary parking lot or a paid parking lot near Seibu Chichibu Station and walk there instead of entering the park.
For more details, please see the PDF below.

See parking information in the PDF "Chichibu City Tourist Map"

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©Mochida Photography Office


The Shibazakura Festival is back again this year, and I'm personally looking forward to the Chichibu Marche, where a wide range of famous local shops will be lined up.
We have only summarized the main points, but if you would like to know more, please see the Chichibu Tourism Guide link below.

Find out more at "Chichibu Tourism Navi"

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©Mochida Photography Office

Ryokan Hiyoshi is located at the foot of Hitsujiyama Park. After checking out, guests can leave their luggage, park their car, and walk up the steep hill for 5-10 minutes to see the moss pinks. *Please note that luggage cannot be delivered or collected between 12:00 and 15:00.

"Himidori" is a 3-minute walk from Chichibu Shrine and is managed directly by the hotel. Their seasonal shaved ice is very popular during lunchtime.
For dinner, the menu changes completely and you can enjoy an Italian course meal at the chef's table.

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